House of Representatives Impeaches President Trump

-Well, you guys, it is just
six more days until Christmas. That’s right. I saw one of the biggest-selling
toys this year are L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. L.O.L. Surprise!
is very popular, mostly because that’s what
Nancy Pelosi said right before
she impeached Trump. It’s like, “L.O.L.! Surprise!” That’s right — the big story
is that President Trump was impeached last night. And the vote on the
first article of impeachment was 230-197. Yeah, which was basically
Trump’s blood pressure throughout the entire day. I saw that when last night’s
vote was official, someone in Congress clapped. And Nancy Pelosi
was not having it. Check out her expression when
she heard clapping. Yeah. That’s a high-school teacher
who said “phones off” and then heard… [ Ding ] Not having it. Of course,
Trump’s been all over Twitter. He even posted one Congressman’s impeachment ballot that said,
“Hell no.” Then Nancy Pelosi posted her
ballot that said, “Yas, Queen.” And in the middle of all
the drama yesterday, Trump sent members of Congress
a Christmas card. This is real. He sent members of Congress
a Christmas card that included a copy of
a six-page letter ranting about the impeachment
that he sent to Nancy Pelosi. This is real. Take a look. Wow! That’s like sending your family
Christmas letter with a transcript of your
argument from Thanksgiving. It’s like, “Oh, my gosh.
I think I had a point. I think I had a point
I had a couple drinks, but…” But this was nice. Along with The White House
Christmas cards, Trump included a note just for
the Democrats that said, “In lieu of a gift,
a generous donation of your personal information has
been made to Vladimir Putin.” That was very thoughtful.
-Sweet. Sweet of him. -But, today, Mitch McConnell
and Chuck Schumer met to discuss the rules of
the impeachment trial. They also held
a friendly competition over what could hang lower — McConnell’s neck or
Schumer’s glasses. I don’t know. Meanwhile, at the same time as
the impeachment vote, Trump held a rally in Michigan, and he spent some time talking
about Pete Buttigieg. But he couldn’t stop
pronouncing his name. This is real.
We did a mash cut of this. Check it out. This is real. -Who wants to watch
Butte-edge-edge? Butte-edge-edge.
Butte-edge-edge! Butte-edge-edge is leading.
Buttigieg. Boot-edge-edge. Edge-edge. Butte-edge-edge! -What? What is going on? -He sounds like a little kid
yelling a dirty word that he just learned. He’s like, “Poopy head, poopy
head, poopy head!” Earlier tonight, the sixth
Democratic debate was on PBS. And this is cool. Since it was on PBS, an expert
from “Antiques Roadshow” came out and appraised
Bernie Sanders. And there were just seven
candidates onstage tonight, so a lot of people are calling
the debate intimate. People call the debate small because there were just
seven people onstage. Then RadioShack was like, “Hey,
seven people is a lot people.” Some entertainment news. The movie “Cats”
is about to hit theaters. I’m excited for it,
’cause it’s the only movie where shining a laser pointer
at the screen makes all the characters
go crazy. Alright, here’s some good news. A 91-year-old grandpa
in Minnesota graduated from high school
earlier this month. 91, graduated high school,
after dropping out more than 70 years ago
to save his family’s farm. It’s an incredible story. So we actually
reached out to him, and he agreed to video-chat
with us today. Cliff, are you there?
-Yeah. What’s up? -What does it feel like to
graduate high school? -Who cares?
You’re not even my real dad. -I was just asking a question. -Well, I have a question. Why are you so stupid? -Cliff, you’re being very
disrespectful. I thought your story was cool,
so I wanted to speak with you. -Well, I have
three words for you. Bite my ass. -Alright, I’m going to have to
end this interview, alright? ‘Cause we’re
a family show, okay? -Well, good. More time for me
to play “Fortnite.” Peace out, dickhead. -Alright. Thank you.
Thank you very much, Cliff. Thank you. Alright, hey, come on. Get him off the screen.
-He just graduated high school? -Where is he
video-chatting from? It’s crazy. -He gave you the middle finger.
-He’s still there. Get him off! Come on, man. Come on, Cliff.
-That’s insane. -Chill out. Cliff, stop.
Come on. -Again! -Set the feed off.
Finally — Where is Cliff? Hey, Cliff —
Cliff, are you — Wait. Wait. No, no, no, no, no.
Higgins is there. Higgins is there! Alright.
You were there, as well? -I was visiting Cliff earlier. -And, finally, you guys, there’s
a lot going on in the news, but, right now, instead of me
just telling you about it, I thought it would be nice
to give you a chance to decide what we talk about. That’s right — it’s time for
“You Pick the Joke.” Here we go.
-♪ “You Pick the Joke” ♪ [ Laughs ]
♪ “You Pick the Joke” ♪ -Alright, here’s how it works. I’m going to show you
two news stories. Then you guys get to pick which
one we talk about. Okay? Here we go. Let’s take a look at
story number one. -Ford Motor Company announcing
that it will add 3,000 new jobs in metro Detroit factories to
ramp up car production. -Okay. Now here’s
story number two. -We got a Florida guy
that’s in trouble after he told police the wind blew a bag of cocaine
into his car. -Which story? One?
[ Indistinct shouting ] Two? Okay. Alright.
Good choice. That’s right — a guy claimed
that the wind blew some cocaine into his car. “The answer, my little friend,
is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing
in the wind.” [ Imitates gunfire ] Let’s do another pair
of stories. Once again,
you guys get to pick. Okay, here’s story number one. -China has scrapped a new round
of tariffs on U.S. goods. The two countries are pulling
back from a trade war that has rocked global markets. -Okay. Now here’s story…
[ Laughter ] I mean, they’re even cutting
the end of it off. -Yeah.
-You can’t even hear it. Well, let’s give it —
Here’s story number two. -An Alaskan dentist is
in court after video came out of him pulling out a patient’s
tooth while riding a hoverboard. [ Indistinct shouting ] -Two? Alright, two?
Alright, very good. Two. That’s right — a dentist was
riding a hoverboard during a tooth removal. It could have been worse.
Here’s the guy’s proctologist. Guys, that was
“You Pick the Joke.” We have a great show.


  • Fallon is so not funny. Trevor noah is way better

  • It wont pass in the Senate. He'll still be the President. A big waste of money impeaching him by the House

  • I like Cliff!!!

  • You used to be funny… now you are a political puppet!

  • You better hope the hell he gets re-elected otherwise you won't have any material for your show and ratings will go down, then you'll have to take a pay cut and you'll be praying he was back in office.

  • Glad I don't watch late night shit shows anymore, I get more sleep and feel a whole lot better. These guys are really not funny, hey everybody look at me trying to be somebody look at me look at me. Can't tell good jokes only know how to look like one. Oh yeah can't forget Sethy boy the clown, just put paint on that stupid face, wahla, instant clown.

  • So the amount of votes matched the number of democrats and republicans. Wow.

  • I had no idea Clinton was Impeached!

  • Librarian-at-Large

    The best segment of the live Impeachment reality is that it is not a show. If it was a show, Laurence Tribe wins best supporting intellectual by knowing all there is to know about constitutional law. He is among those pointy-headed lawyers Rep Collins mocked in his closing statements for GOP.

    Dr. Laurence Tribe is Harvard Law school Constitutional Law Dean. He is a former Prosecutor,Federal. He has a new book: To Impeach a President. New York Times Best Seller based on sales to common folk like me. The Democratic party did not buy up Professor Tribe's books.

    Professor and Dean, Dr. Tribe has earned all the honor and respect he receives. In his brilliance, Dr. Tribe observed that the House was not obligated to rush the Impeachment over to a Senate Majority leader who was promising repeatedly to "Dred Scott" the Impeachment.

    Apparently the Speaker of the House was listening and demanded partiality and fair rules before she would send the indictment to the Senate. Again she is correct and very "woke." Plus she older than the boomers and still the baddest ass in the room!

    For MItch McConnell to grandstand and affirm his partiality to a criminal before a public hearing to try said criminal is probably a crime.

    Schumer and Pelosi called Trump a Rogue and they are right. He is also a Pirate a Bandit, an Instigator and a Coward. Most of his supporters are deluded into believing that a crook who lies constantly, who steals from voters and anyone else who lets him is on the side of broke, poor people if they are white. If Trump loved poor white folks they would not be dying before everyone else. They would have jobs and futures and not be dying from opioids. Nor would they be kicked out of section 8 and SNAP. Or shot in their schools, clubs and the village square by gun-crazed home-grown enraged terrorists. Many will learn in 2020 that you can't eat and thrive off white supremacy in a world where over six or more billion are not white

    Trump loves money, Trump loves drama and fakery. HE WAS BORN TO BE "ON THE GRANDSTAND." Especially at funerals. It nearly killed him to STFU at senior President Bush's funeral. He fidgeted and pouted the entire time. Trump loves to bully and mess with people, especially dead ones. Trump sees the world as a game with only winners and losers. He plans to always win even if he has to blow up the world to prove it

    Trump never read or heard this: "Vengeance is mine Sayeth the Lord!" If he hears it, he go' think it's about Lord of the Rings or the Jungle!

  • Is that why they call it "blow"

  • It's going to be even more hilarious when the Senate Trial says he is not impeached and then he wins the next election.

  • my grandmam got a phd age 89. it's normal in decent civilized developed countries where education is free and universal and treated as an universal huuman right.

  • If you weren't a suck dick propaganda puppet or you would not have a show

  • Orange man bad. Haha! … lol

  • Pfft.. no they have NOT passed it to the Senate. Some constitutions scholar said Trump if this does not get passed .. and it was to be right away. This is the 1st time its NEVER been passed on. So Trump really is not impeached till then.

  • Pfft.. no they have NOT passed it to the Senate. Some constitutions scholar said Trump if this does not get passed .. and it was to be right away. This is the 1st time its NEVER been passed on. So Trump really is not impeached till then.

  • 🤣🤣 trump is hilarious


  • Always a delight! Love your tie!

  • Nancy so funny. I thought she was having a stroke.

  • Impeachment supporters are the "Benedict Arnold" of modern day"

  • Trump will be the only president in history to be impeached, then re-elected. Trump is a rockstar and the left hates him for it. The left wants their own rockstar president and they don’t have one and it’s driving them insane, literally…..

  • He hasn't been impeached until the old hag of the house actually turns the legal documents over to the senate.

  • 2020 then Pence 2024 with trump vice president🇺🇸🇺🇸 THE RED STORM

  • If you act like a punk bitch, a real mother fucker is gonna call you out. Nancy and the scumbag libs have acted like straight up punk bitches and Trump is calling it out on the regular, Trump is real real and ya’ll are fake ass wannabe posers.

  • Trump is NOT IMPEACHED until the articles are sent to the senate which Nancy isn’t doing. He’s not impeached as of right now

  • Looks like the dems forgot to wipe after the crap…

  • Treasonous Democrats, the corrupt complicit media and the top level partisan intel are trying to pick our presidents. If this isn't a coup , what is? And let's not forget Hollywood shills who get paid for the hit jobs on Trump

  • I’d take Trump over Pete and I don’t like Trump

  • This liberal dude is just a puppet is anyone with any sense watching this idiot

  • This is one of the worst videos i've ever seen

  • Well who knows, other than his own momma, how to say the name Bootajeg.
    Can't wait for 2020. I may need a larger glass for all the liberal snowflake tears. Esp after Trump wins again.
    And that is funny af Nancy hasn't released her Articles to the Senate yet. What an idiot. I don't blame her tho. No evidence is…NO EVIDENCE!

  • Trump supporters will have a nice gift for Democrats in November.

  • stunner1 stunner1

    Jimmy Fallon always late on news. Celebrity kiss ass.

  • Martin Morissette

    For Christmas, I wish that Jimmy Fallon was impeached from TV forever, because he is an unfunny, untalented idiot and a big waste of TV bandwidth that can for use for something way more interesting and better that this crappy TV show. Get lost Falloon, you are a disgrace.

  • And Pelosi is still holding on to the articles. Where are the jokes about that? Trump is not impeached as a matter of fact. Some people even believe Trump is no longer president! An uninformed audience laughs about its own ignorance. That is the real joke here.

  • This Pearce Brosnan says Dump has been good for the economy.It has had nothing to do with him.Obama got things rolling in the eight years he was President.

  • Laugh it up just like on election day then we got to sit back and watch all you losers cry bunch of babies he will win again then we can sit back and watch your party dwindle into the darkness you live in

  • leonard chiarini jr

    TRUMP 2020🇱🇷

  • going with vocal minority to look good

  • You’re another one. If you take politics out of your life you would have to crawl in a hole. Can’t you just entertain us with no political talk? Graham Norton could teach you a lot. Just entertain. Don’t piss off half the country because I don’t know anyone who watches you.

  • israel soto alicea


  • israel soto alicea


  • israel soto alicea


  • israel soto alicea

    666 comments coming soon Rev 11:11

  • Devil sucks,,!

  • If Pelosi refuses to send the Impeachment papers for trial because she can't get a quid pro quo on how she wants the Trial to run from the Senate then is Trump not impeached? lol, how funny!

  • Jimmy, another drunk face liberal elitist.

  • Failed to mention the part about Pelosi being afraid to face the consequences her foolish actions.Over the cliff we blindly go…
    They are calling Paul Pelosi Jr……..ohhh wait a minute. Rudy has ironclad what, Evidence

  • The majority of Americans are going to vote for Trump in a landslide in 2020. The Democratic Party will splinter immediately after that happens. Bye, bye losers.

  • Whops, not yet. Your a silly man.

  • I remember when Jimmy Fallon had funny jokes and not just rehashed Trump one-liners that come from his higher-ups politically left leaning executives.

  • Correction Jimmy. The House of Representatives has almost Impeached the President.

    Until the House submits its recommendation to the US Senate, the Immpeachment is not official.

    Dam Contitutional procedural requirements.

  • The mychem shirt was a nice touch

  • Boot the edge of dons ass!!

  • Lame you used to be funny

  • kristopher slaght

    Hey, shit for brains. He was not impeached. They voted to impeach him. It has to pass the senate

  • Quintessence Productions, LLC

    Trump 2020

  • Jimmy Fallon my 6 year old daughter likes you because you mentioned lol surprise and poopy head. She says you're funny….funny looking😂😂😂😂😂. Just kidding. She thinks you're funny and the old man too because "he talks funny" and "he said a bad word". 6 year olds are so adorable.

  • Late night shows have all evolved into stupidness. I’ll keep tuning into Johnny Carson.

  • Hello jimmy your show stinks

  • This is lame!

  • How obscure was the powerman 5000 poster in cliffs room? Lmao

  • Sad Fallon that they make you do political jokes. You are boring and not funny at all. I wonder if the money is worth being a Hollywood Schill?

  • Jimmy is a cuck and a shill

  • Jignesh Bhadrecha

    Miss your THANK YOU NOTES! #ChampagneJames

  • nancy pelosi has been caught for corrupting some people.


  • Jokes on you, joker

  • Lol I love cliff. !!

  • AND THE SENATE ??? TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SPI Life - South Padre Island Life

    Jimmy Fallon is #TrumpTriggered

  • Impeachment is a front to hide the bills being passed and signed by the congress and president.

  • I want a Fallon Tallon for Christmas?

  • Is this dude on cocaine??

  • trump has a unhealthy obsession to leave a legacy. well, now he has one. his name will never be heard without the word IMPEACHED beside it. tomorrow, and 300 years from now. congratuation, president trump.

  • The same Jimmy Fallon who played with Trumpy’s hair…

  • Dump that Dumb sack of potatoes we call Trump : Slay Trump to save the world

  • I’m pretty sure the republicans are actually the good guys. They want global warming cause it forces the Hebrew controlled liberals to bring me into the light.

  • 3:05 why did they cut that joke out??

  • He’s not impeached yet. They haven’t sent the articles over to the Senate. No impeachment. I guess abuse of power and obstruction of Congress is all BS. Too bad because we can already impeach all incoming president’s for obstruction of the 2020elections. All these new impeachment rules it’s going to be really easy to impeach every new president that we don’t like

  • All registered Democrats should pay for free healthcare and free education for illegals. I’m sure all Democrats would agree with this. Then maybe they won’t be so upset if Trump wins again in 2020. The Democrats can still pay for all the illegals to make them feel better

  • Boycott this biased garbage.

  • Trump looking red. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Patricia Wagner-Montminy


  • This guy is an idiot. Trump was not impeached. And it's obvious that this is propaganda to hide the corrupt demonrats. Mockingbird Media. 4 am talking points from CIA HQ to CIA operators ON TV.

  • Employment strong borders strong defense strong the dollar strong sounds like we need another democrat like pelosi running her rat hole district


    1:27 💙🔥

  • there is no chance of him wining in 2020. every president that got impeached, the presidency was turned over to the other party in the next election. history always repeats itself.

  • Do yourself a favor and watch Colbert or Trevor Noah… Fallon just wasn’t funny in this clip. I clicked on it because I despise trump, like anyone else with more than half a brain. It just wasn’t very good, except the clip of trump himself, no jokes required, am I right???

  • BeautyWith Samara

    He is like a demented grandpa who is mixup

  • Will never watch Jimmy again. Or pay to go to Disney. Fuck all liberals in Hollywood.

  • Is cliff real?

  • This was a solid monlogue

  • Monster Platypus

    Fuck you liberal

  • She has the mom face 😂😂😂

  • “His people” I mean paid supporters are laughing at him

  • Nobody cares about your political opinions, do your job asshole

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