House Lawmakers Set Rules For Impeachment Vote | NBC News (Live Stream)


  • We have an FBI, yes we do, a really corrupted FBI!

  • It's all about who's padding who's pockets, the deepest. Follow the money trail, big companies and Putin's puppet. Guliani will be next defending, Himself.

  • The dems will keep changing the rules till they win

  • NBC, where lies, opinions, half truths and leftist bigotry gets presented as "News".

  • Disgusting…all you democrats.
    You're wasting our tax dollars on this crap, all the while ignoring all the corruption committed by Joe Biden and Obama. "Get real!

  • Mexico will pay for the impeachment.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  • Collins looks like a schoolkid on his cell phone, looking irritated that he has to answer some questions, with eye rolls, slamming things down, exaggerated switching on and off of mic. I can't wait to see the skit on SNL.

  • In reference to the usage of wording: 1) "For us, for the country;" versus 2) "For me;" As the Chief representative of our country, a serious leader and business man, the former is not how (he would be) expected to speak. However, this example demonstrates how we are finally arriving at the nitty gritty of this case. President Trump took an oath and we should first believe that "for us" is implied. I believe the President is firmly in the "here and now" of his current presidency. How is it possible to jump to presuming that his actions/words are clearly tied to a perceived threat of Biden's performance as a candidate in the next election?

  • What I find hilarious is they know this doomed in the senate but have to follow through to appease their impeachment rabid base because there's no turning back now. They're being forced to commit political suicide

  • I, being a Christian Evangelical, I predict that many demon rats, upwards of 233, will commit mass suicides if Trump, the greatest President in US history, is acquitted in the Senate.

  • The strange thing is a lot of people did read the transcript and until Schiff got up and lied about it, about the tone (which is what Hastings and Raskin are repeating), some might have doubted the President's motives. It was Schiff's outrageous lies that convinced me the letter was fine.

  • Stormy Daniel's was enough to impeach him also where's his taxes , everyone in Trump administration refuses to testify

  • @ 3:17:00 who is cute aide in the green blouse?

  • Are they serious,Alcee Hastings on the Rules comity? He was impeached himself for bribery and extortion 1989, cost taxpayers $200,000 in 2014. Sexual harassment! What a roll model😳

  • Trump Said to Jews each of the Following ; "You are not nice people." "You're not going to vote for me, cause I don't WANT Your money" and you are "brutal Killers". hates Muslims, hates Jews, hates brown skin

  • This is a never ending argument between the Democrats and Republicans. The Republicans or never going to admit corruption, no matter how much evidence is provided by the Democrats!!!!

  • Hello people hello world this is to Mississippi Boy these Republicans is ridiculous they are a disgrace to this country and what this country stands for they all need to resign even the one is questioning the lawyer for the Democrats these people do not have a leg to stand on Donald Trump is guilty as charged not only he is guilty the Republicans face and the Democrats that is standing with his white nationalist the man is guilty I don't know why these people is sticking their necks on the line

  • Let me learn more about you so I can set you up. Right demacrats

  • christos karagianis

    instead working to solve the problems of the people they talk about one fake man which 60 millions ignorant people vote for a fake man and a phoney mam I wonder those they vote for him they don't realize by now he is a fake man but the stupidity I doesn't go to animals goes to the people

  • christos karagianis

    this man colin what ever his name is from Georgia tell him to go down south he knows nothing or he pretents

  • christos karagianis

    America it will fall like the roman empire humans they never learn right is right and the wrong is wrong instead they going with the wind where ever the wind blows when they get the vote the majority you never see them again that's in order to safe America 5 generals they should take over and kick all those rotten people out ones for all other wise in 10 years we will be under Chinese rule weakop

  • Barbara Delarwelle

    There hasn't been ANY FAIRNESS!!!!! It is nothing other than a RAILROAD JOB by the Democrats!!! They haven't EARNED $1.00 of their PAY in 3 years!!! They have repeatedly said "we have to ACT NOW before the 2020 Election". This being their SOLE PURPOSE explains the GROSS DISTORTION of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to do with our President!!!!!! The ENTIRE salary paid to every Democrat NEEDS to be GIVEN BACK to "we the people"!!!!!

  • See all this? All these people you see arent necessary. Nothing productive getting done. A horrible lie by Democrat leaders. Sad for America

  • Barbara Delarwelle

    President Trump did NOT ask Ukraine to do ANYTHING against the CROOKED BIDEN'S for the 2020 elections. President Trump was talking about the corruption during the 2016 elections concerning the BIDEN'S!!!!

  • Barbara Delarwelle

    Torres, ALL of you have taken the conversation OUT OF CONTEXT and have put YOUR OWN BIASED SPIN on it!!!!!

  • Barbara Delarwelle

    Yep, we've never seen anything like this. Case in point, this is the first time Impeachment of an elected President is THREATENED BEFORE the person is even sworn in!!!!!

    @ 4:36:50 this is your "stop button" "easy button" notive how your fellow member from across the ile suddenly walk back his initial attempt. They open a door everytime they allege that the Democrats have been trying to impeach trump since before his swearing in. In this instance you get to address in the fashion displayed here. When asked if he believed that trump displayed a pattern he totally shutdown, moved as fast and politely as possible as to not let the witness open that door. This would put an end to such attacks or allow you to draw from potential articles that are not before this committee not as a "drive by" but addressed by thier form of defense. Merely response that would widen the despicable on going acts as far back as the payoffs, just responding on the allegations of the Republicans. Right now you are limited to this quid pro quo bull that they are ready to stonewall, but not ready to deliberate on these other issues, giving just cause if made of record do to an "explanation owed" in "good faith". So use it, not the first time in these hearings where you can see them back off when this door opens!!!! Use it!!!!! Talk about the hush money investigation, Mueller investigation's, the campaign convicts anything and everything to paint the bigger picture. You would not get any smart mouth from any of them. !!!USE IT!!!!

    @ 4:36:50 Just look as the lightbulb goes on above our attorney's head just behind the gentlemen speaking!! I'm telling you USE IT!!!! It's that look you get when you get out of your car at Walmart and find several folded Bill's on the floor!!! At first you put your foot on it then you discreetly pick it up!!!!

  • Foreign Boiz Nation

    It's sad to hear madam rep say she watched as much of the proceedings that she could. I watch ever minute of it and the government does not hold my salary. What I'm seeing on both sides and with the President is incompetence. Everyone is getting paid and no one wants to follow ethics. The fall of our government is due to laziness and bad ethics. Our Politicians are gang bangers banging red and blue. Our Politicians are in love with the lime light. Clout chaser and riding polls over doing what's right. Most of all our Politicians can be easily bought.

  • Hey Collins, do you take breaths between sentences? Didn't think so.

  • FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MISSED IT AGAIN @ 5:22:03 "BY US" it's a tactic he so well uses. For minutes before this his rhetoric would make those not paying attention and those supporting the Republicans, believe that the ones in the violation he is speaking about are the Democrats, when in fact those refusals came from the Republican party. And you can tell at the pause and the gesture made to the gentlemen he was responding too, it was a hint to lead away from that issue. He had to say us because he was going on record with this testimony. He has done it 3 times so far will go back and post the time on the other 2 along with any other I find when I reach the end

  • Why do the Demo-Rats always look like Pedophiles? Maybe because they support Jeffrey Epstein?? Worthless Freaks!

  • WHAT, EXACTLY, ARE DEMOCRATS HIDING IN UKRAINE? .Here's a possible explanation: THREE tranches of US aid to Ukraine … under Obama and Biden … worth $1.8 billion EACH … totalling $5.4 Billion TOGETHER …  disappeared , literally disappeared,  in that country. In the past week, the following stories address it:
    ("Guiliani Alleges $5.3 Billion in US Aid Misused In Ukraine; US Embassy Told Ukraine Police Not To Investigate")

    ("EXPOSED: Barack Obama And Joe Biden Linked To Missing $5.3 Billion During Obama Administration")

  • Trump took our rights away on our voting all he and Republicans care about are keeping power .

  • Not starting a fire just pointing out… They are (as are most of us) concerned about other countries influencing an election. Correct me but isnt there a notion on the table to allow for illegal/undocumented people to vote in an election. If that is the case then all any other country would need to do is sneak people in and sway any election.

  • I wish the women in the back would pay attention. Ya know, do your job?


  • Jeannie Shank The Bodywork Collective

    Obstruction ??? … of busting their attempts to frame the president? Democrats are pathetic
    Innocent until Proven guilty
    No due process
    Do something productive for a change

    Swamp critters

  • Mark and Olivia’s adventures

    Obstruction ??? … of busting their attempts to frame the president? Democrats are pathetic
    Innocent until Proven guilty
    No due process
    Do something productive for a change

    Swamp critters

  • Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and their allies have turned Congress into their own personal kangaroo court in a desperate attempt to overturn the 2016 election.


  • NBC “news” Hahahahahahaha

  • HaztaLaVista BaBy

    I only like FOXNEWS. Real American News

  • While all are celebrating for the impeachment, little did the people know, a big crisis is awaiting to happen in US.

  • W D.C STYLE 5426972543

    Me to can wait this is so fustreatet so much🚶 🚫🔇🌈🧠

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