House Flipping Spreadsheet Review

What’s up guys? Gabe DaSilva from DaSilva Homes, DaSilva Group
coming to you from our 739 Crescent Parkway project here in Westfield, New Jersey. I just wanted to take some time today to show
some love to Dave and the team over at A few years ago when I was getting started
in the real estate investment game I was having trouble finding where I might fit in, attending
meetup after meetup. What I realized quickly was that if I ever
really wanted to be a real estate investor, I had to look, act and sound like a real estate
investor, long before I actually was one, and that’s where House Flipping Spreadsheet
came in. Thanks to the program I was able to write
strong offers, model deals properly, generate kick ass reports that I could send to my lenders
and investors. I was able to track budgets and manage my
projects tight. It was huge for me getting started and if
anyone else is out there struggling with trying to find where they fit in and how they might
want to get started in the real estate investment game, I highly recommend checking out House
Flipping Spreadsheet. I just want to say thanks again Dave for putting
together a kick azz product and I just want to wish everyone out there a very happy and
prosperous 2018. Get out there, go get it, take action and
make it happen!

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