House Dems consider new impeachment articles to compel McGahn testimony


  • OMG – stop already!!!! 🤢

  • Energizer bunny… Eat your heart out.

  • No, wait. There could be more! Do-overs!

    Yes, what was wrong with having Republican witnesses? And, you can’t impeach again since you didn’t impeach the first time. It is not Nancy’s business how the Senate will try if they ever get the sham impeachment articles.

  • ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!
    The dem voters have gotta be the most stupid dupes in the world. One scam after another, one lie after another, one fraud after another for year after year after year. Always they get left holding the bag and staring at an empty bill of goods wondering what happened… always turning to buy into another scam again. The fraudulant impeachment papers they have now dont even list a crime he is accused of commiting! Its just sitting there telling the same stale lies and calling him the same stale names. Their witnesses didn't witness anything at all… except one who said that the president demanded nothing, expected nothing at all. Doesnt matter. The dems prey on ignorance, delusion and emotionally disturbed individuals who have invested all they are in an open and incredibly stupid lie. They will buy it again in desperation. They will spew meaningless lies again. They will pose, scam and call names… but they dont dare allow the impeachment to reach the Senate. ROFL!!!! Its all one more scam and the dem voters they prey on are world class rubes. Suckers buying into one more empty bill of goods. LOL!!!

  • Arrest all involved in this sham! Tyrants commiting treason! End this bs! Schumer a traitor!

  • How is Congress filing new documents when they're on recess for a few weeks? You people will believe anything Fox tells you…😂😂😂

  • To possibly get MORE Evidence,,, requires evidence, to already exist.

  • Maybe it could maybe it won't. Continue the fishing expedition

  • Vote out the Democrats in the House and extend Republicans in the Senate and put an end to this charade. Maybe then our President can do his job without constant harassment from blood spitting Democrats.

  • Poor Trump ridiculous just saw bill Clinton getting in wh from young

  • The Dems have now reached the point of slap dab crazy. No question about it. They are not doing their base any favors and are leading them down a path that may not be recoverable.

  • Schumer what was your $ cut from the Biden Ukraine China quid pro quo? Nadler made out well.

  • Chuck U- You're describing the House impeachment.

  • What/where is this 'evidence'?

    Remember when schiff claimed for the last 2+ years that he had evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?

    Haven't seen any of that have you!!

    schiff is a liar, leaker of intelligence and even more un-American. The dims keep chasing, hoping they can find a Trump crime but haven't after 3 years of their so called investigations. All that fueled by their msm that have their sheep convinced 'we got him now'!!

    How sad they all are in the history of our country!!

  • Last note if bill Clinton can't be impeached screwing with young intern in wh all on table….lol. B's Trump 2024 and yes allot of people behind in 2024 easy take this. Merry Xmas all. And vote gaetz after trump

  • Sounds like Trump will be the most impeached president, and the first to get re-elected after impeachment.

  • time to start dealing politicians on the street justice level, these guys are destroying the country for their own benefit…enough

  • There like a exgirlfriend that calls the law an says you hit them.

  • George soros has media and lawyers and sues for FOIA and is taking things out of context. Soros is the Democrat HEad Hydra and Deep State

  • Trump is not a politician and the economy shows he is a business man. He has all the swamp dwellers scared of their past conduct . Thank goodness the Repub's jumped on board his success.

  • They shouldnt be part of a trial when witnesses we're not allowed to be called for the impeament in Congress

  • Michelle Mystic-Spirit Tarot

    I actually think they're stalling to try and not interfere with 2020 by taking those senators running for president off the campaign trail. I also think that the far leftists with TDS are disappointed with the stalling. They found out by voting on impeachment the President isn't actually removed. So, in turn, they are putting pressure on Pelosi. But, truthfully IMHO Pelosi is someone that still believes she dealing with the Bush Administration. This is my pure observation and Analysis on what I think is happening. And, I believe the poor things might think that they'll still have the majority of the house after the election to continue this "Witch Trial". **Disclaimer: Opinion Piece"

  • Peru just dissolved its congress.. what a brilliant idea for the USA


  • Democrats should swallow the first impeachment, second impeachment be my guest

  • They are beyond term limits.
    Have them tested for dementia.

  • Last note don't worry about pres I'm sure will have same life whoever it is…hehe.last note don't bow to anyone and independent show me your shining star…lol

  • We want it ASAP Nancy also we got so much dirt on you Nancy and your kids your daughter was arrested in 2017 for cocaine smuggling and more and your son was just arrested 2019 still going on for fraud drugs and tons of more high crimes the Pelosi family is so so corrupt and chucky we got you google it America it’s facts her family is so corrupt it goes way back

  • Democrat politicians making up more excuses(lies), not surprising. Nonetheless, disappointing and pathetic. Just one of many reasons why the Democratic Party should never be trusted and instead removed.

  • Is anyone else sick of this garbage?

  • The only sham is what your side has Tryed so far.

  • If they all have equal power between branches, why did Trump try to hide his transcript in a server that isn't made for transcripts?🤔

  • Wow, a sham trial… where have I heard that before ??

  • Democrats demand nothing less than civil war

  • So, Dems, have fired all their bullets at the enemy and have run out of now, they want the other side to lend them some more ammunition.

  • The Democrats have no shame! Their hypocrisy, lies, partisanship, and lawlessness are damaging this Country in wasted tax dollars and productivity. Really sad! 😞

  • This is getting boring.

  • Fellow Americans neither side is playing fair. They both have dirty hands. All media seems to be the public relations department of one party or the other. Try to see behind the stage of misinformation. The more they divide us, the easier it will be to implement a nefarious agenda. Both sides have their script. LETS NOT FALL FOR THIS. The real ones in charge are on the shadows with immense wealth. United we have power. Divided we will be conquered. History proves it. Empires have come and gone. I'm afraid that's what's happening. Not only here, but in Europe too. You shall know them by thier fruits. Words are Cheap. Action and accomplishments is what counts.

  • why do they need to bring the same idiots up to talk for the house already had them if they needed more they should have done a better job

  • TRUMP hurt their feelings, lol….

  • You want war with Trump you GOT it

    Bring it

    Trump 2020

  • You're not getting anything chuckie

  • Schumer is a very very very very very old laty

  • derp derp DERPITY f<cking derp

  • Your a funny man Mr. Schumer , keep telling yourself what America thinks …

  • Never going to happen..

  • if nervous nancy releases this to the senate, then guess what we will hear from all the witnesses the dirty democrats wouldn't let the republicans call on. the dirty democrats had their chance to call all the witnesses they wanted in the house. and if they didn't like trump blocking they should have taken it to court. blame your party leaders for their failures. i'm looking forward to hearing the testimony of some real witnesses that were actually involved.

  • Let us all prepare. It will be like this from now on unless we vote them out. That is if our votes can even count anymore. We may be past midnight and this is the new norm?

  • I don’t see the problem here. I’m getting tired of trumps lies and division and the fact that he thinks he is above the law.

  • I havent heard McConnel do any name calling, have you?


  • Merry Xmas, oh that's right progressives don't believe in santa,just Stalin, chairman Mow,Lenin & Marx.

  • Its christmas . Fk you people

  • Please let's not forget about Agenda 21 which silently moves forward since the early 90s. That is the structure of the New World Order. It moves forward while people are focused on these forced distractions. We need to give it attention!!

  • Fox needs to dump & impeach Smirking Trump Hating … Eye Rolling… Leland Vittert…..!

  • What if Pelosi sits on the impeachment paperwork untill the next election in Nov (as she wants a real trial). Cadet Bone Spurs will then get to close out the whole process, see the big blue wave hit Wash DC, & Cadet Bone Spurs will get a rousing send off out the door & to jail!!

  • PissedFechtmeister

    Don't worry Chucky, there'll be witnesses and documents. Like Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. And I'm sure Shokin and Lutsenko have documents that they'll be happy to share.

  • Hey Fox 'Halfway Conservative' News SO WHAT. You think that is going to discourage Trump supporters? Let them consider a hundred new articles…

  • Sounds a little like blackmail! Or just plain spoiled brats!

  • Corruption….thy name is Democrat

  • Yep. We need 4 to testify. If they do, Trump resigns. If they don't, fake "trial".

  • It is BEYOND time for this DEM arrogance and sedition war to be stopped. Enough. You can't even seem to properly stand up for a LEGALLY elected official. Personally, Pelosi should be charged with Sedition and for trying everything possible to slow and hinder the policies of the DULY elected President. Enough. I have followed this very carefully from the start. I have watched an attack on the Constitution, the Presidency AND the law of a country that I love. I am NOT an American citizen. But even I CAN see that this is a bunch of crap. Schummer, should be ignored and charged with Sedition. They have lied, they have bullied they have tried to defame, and I believe they are working to bring a coup. Stand up. Say ENOUGH
    Somebody get Chuck Schummer a tissue to blow his FAKE tear jerking crap. Guess he is so absolutely ashamed of what Schiffe's unconstitutional, illegal shame Kangaroo Court. Shame on you Captain Hypocrite.

  • Why isn't there an investigation of why Trump didn't bring a dog or a cat to the White House ? These could be subpoenaed also !

  • I hope he does get impeached his term will become null and void then hey can run for 2 more terms 😆 and have 12 years as president!! Being impeached and being removed from office are 2 different things.

  • Talk about wiping a dead horse. The Democrats pony show.

  • This is why they did not send the articles to the Senate. Because they are trying to come up with something else to tack on. Ugh 😑

  • These guys are the worlds biggest losers!

  • Trump has got to treat this coup as what it is! An attempt to overthrow a duly elected President and thwart the will of the people. And in doing so they must declare a National emergency and round up these traitors and having them tried by military tribunals! If not this harassment will never stop and eventually he will be overthrown!

  • Impeach the Democrats.

  • I used to vote Democrat. As in, the past! NO MORE! I've had it with them doing absolutely nothing positive for the people who voted for them. Even if you believe that removing Trump from office is somehow good for the country, they haven't even come close to doing so. They know, just like anyone else with basic understanding of our government, the Senate will never remove Trump without some seriously hardcore EVIDENCE which they don't have.
    I never thought I would vote for another Republican President after Bush but the Dems have become treasonous to the people of this country and I can no longer support them. I don't even know what they think they're accomplishing anymore. They've completely lost the plot.

  • Even Democrats know that their articles of impeachment lack substance.

  • One could ask you the very same question sir

  • Davy Jones Locker

    Nope get nothing

  • Chuck ..stop your crying….baby back by..tchhhh !!! Republican senators is having a secert hearing !! wow ..we want a fair TRIAL … NICE TRY …CHUCKY ..AIN'T GETTING ONE !! GO POUND SA… NND !!!!!

  • Schumer colluded with Putin and Russians .. Google his pictures with Vladimir and Russians with Chuck Schumer opening Russian oil and gasoline company .. LUKOIL

  • Absolute crap from the dems


  • Christopher Bevins

    The do nothing Dems have lost their mind's

  • Mcghan was there he should testify under oath trump wants witnesses ok mcghan Mulvaney and Bolton.. These people were there they should speak under oath for the world to see… If donald trump wants to bury himself then so f**kin be it!!!

    Stop hiding people stop holding folks back from telling the American people thr truth.. Why is trump saying he wants witnesses then fighting tooth and nail to keep people off the stand????? Ill take he's f**king guilty for 500 alex !!!

  • Touchi Nancy !!!

  • Ludacris

  • There must be relevant witnesses at trump's trial. Mulvaney, Bolton… They must be patriots, be brave and come forward. We want a real trial!

  • This is outrageous I'm so FN sick of this

  • Robert Shrewsbury

    As I see it Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and more are all guilty of Interfering in International Affairs abroad and need to be charged for it. I remember when President Nixon discharge an Admiral for this as he should have. Congress Personnel are not above the law. They should be Impeached for this!

  • Adorably Deplorable

    What part of executive price ledge does the dems not understand?

  • The American people think the house hearings to impeach were a sham. No due process they just rushed through and voted yes on no proof. This farce needs to end

  • Adorably Deplorable

    Congress has the trial, the senate is supposed to judge.

  • Many could start caravans all the way to Wahington, D.C.

  • Here we go again with the left wing buffoons. More criminalization before any hint of a crime? I suppose God forgot to give these loons the other side of the brain where they were created.

  • The Democrats are trying their same old tricks from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Let's see that some "surprise" witness comes out like Christine Blasey Ford. When you have the facts, pound the facts. When you have the truth, pound the truth. When you have neither, as the Democrats, you make up spurious allegations and obfuscate, delay and bloviate.

  • Just because they have successfully used the Congress for a Kangaroo Court outcome , they think they can repeat it! This is clear as crystal of Lawmakers boldly breaking the law openly, challenging Americans through power abuse! All they have shown is total abuse of the House majority for their own agenda! All that was shown was injustice deliberately carried out instead of truthful justice! And they knew that they have no case , no proof, no whistleblower, Nit! If they can be so arrogant , Americans should check them off!!

  • I'll give you one argument, Schmuck. You don't set the rules. You don't have anything to do with the Senate trial. It's hard not to throw something at my computer screen when Schumck calling the Senate trial a sham!

  • The Constitution's framers vested the Senate with the sole power to try all impeachments (Art. I, Sec. 3, next to last clause), mainly because they believed Senators would be better educated, more virtuous, and more high-minded than Members of the House (Oh boy, is that ever an understatement). As a result, the House (Pelosi) wants to dictate how the Senate should proceed with the trial. The democrats led by Pelosi have not read nor understood the Constitution yet spout off daily their dishonest interpretation of it. The 17th Amendment provides that Senators are to be elected by the people (instead of the State legislatures) and people like schumer can now get elected to the Senate. This is something the Framers wanted to PREVENT.

  • Ohhh oh next we will…….roll dice…..7 ….shhhh this testimony should work!!! What a bunch of clowns

  • More evidence?? Don't they mean any evidence? Good grief Trumps going to go down in history as the best US president even having been impeached. Trump 2020!!!

  • Amazon Christmas Tree

    So if it’s not a kangaroo court that favors the democrats like last time the house is not gonna allow it.

  • Chuck Schumer is acting bizarre.

  • The house demonrats want to conspire & impeach for 51.5 weeks a year,then pass something like USMCA a week before the new year and the same day they impeach and say "Whew! We've been working so hard for the American people!"

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