HM Land Registry: Who we are and what we do

It’s amazing what can grow from the smallest seed back in 1862 Land Registry opened its doors with only 6 staff Today our work touches the lives of millions of people in England and Wales, where land and property is registered with us Behind the scenes our work protects millions of buyers, sellers and lenders, enabling them to transfer land and property with complete confidence So first time buyers and young families can
feel secure in their new registered homes the most valuable asset they may ever own Small business owners are also free from worries about property fraud and can operate with confidence, assured by our state guarantee And with the property market underpinning
the economy we work hand in hand with the biggest to the smallest conveyancers and developers in England and Wales Land Registry is rich in heritage and rich
in vision We’ve spent over 150 years looking to the
future and delivering transformation after all So our seamless transition into a digital
business is well under way We’re digital by default We’re committed to creating greater transparency, accessibility and re-use of our data and providing opportunities to help stimulate economic growth Our digital commitment means that our staff and customers are more connected than ever before, and our data enables businesses to thrive And not just in England and Wales Our International unit helps countries all
over the world develop efficient land and property markets When you think about it, we’re stimulating
growth in every walk of life Land Registry, underpinning ownership, the
economy, our digital business and providing real value for money for everyone in England and Wales

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