GLOBE Observer Land Cover: Getting Started

GLOBE Land Cover: Getting Started Open the GLOBE Observer App and select Land Cover. Verify the date, time and your location. Observer a 100 meter x 100 meter area. This is about the length of a soccer field. Report the surface conditions. Capture Your Surroundings: Tilt your phone to capture 50 meters of land in each direction. Submit photos now or classify the land cover. Classify the Land Cover: Determine what type of land cover is in each photo. Tap on the “i” icon to see a description of the land cover types. Tap the photo to see a large version of it. Estimate how much of each type you see in the photo. Percentages may total over 100% especially if trees are growing over another land cover type, like grass or shrubs. Need help with your observations? Select the question-mark on the bottom right corner. When you’re done, send your observations to GLOBE. Compare with Satellite Data: Select “My Map” to compare your observations to satellite data. If your observation is different from NASA’s, tap “Report a Difference.” Return to the same location to record changes over time and contribute to a global database of observations. GLOBE Observer EXPLORE EARTH


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  • Never Like Before

    Did you boys collab with CIA ??

  • …. and don't forget to nod.

  • What's Up In Space?

    What a great idea, collecting this crowd-sourced information to correlate with / teach the satellites how to better identify what they're seeing.

  • Good – now add indigenous edibles that shoud be planted to restore

  • can you use it offline and upload later or is it useless?

  • الكوابيس الثانيه

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    The origin of life before the formation of oxygen gas in the sky
    There was no ozone layer in the sky
    How does the substance become an organism at that time?
    What are the natural help factors in the first cell appearance?
    They sent these five questions to the planetary scientists
    So we need sophisticated cameras
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