Getting Your Property To Stand Out – Real Estate Investor Tips

hey guys I’m Jared Sleeth with Washington
Capital Partners and we’re here in Northeast Washington DC in a single-family
renovation and I want to show you a couple things about this property that
help it stand out from others that are on the market right now so one of the first
things that you’ll notice when you walk into this property is the investor chose
to expose this brick wall here behind me he also chose to retread these stairs
with a natural wood finish which really complements the brick wall and ties in
an overall warmth to this living area you’re not seeing in other properties on
the market we really like to talk about individual touches that make your
property stand out when the others that are on the market I feel like this
accent piece behind me is a perfect example of that our Investor used
reclaimed wood from the roof to create this piece it’s the first thing you see
when you walk in it really accents their choice to expose this brick wall and it
makes this living room stand out


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  • Hey WCP! Liked and Subbed for more of that great real estate content! I love the content quality! Can’t wait to see more! What real estate market are you in?

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  • Great flip! I love the brick wall and the stairs. Would love to connect with you.

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