Get Real Estate – Trailer

The great Marcus Lowe. He knows what he
wants, he’s quite the perfectionist. All you need to know is, we can get you 1.2
million dollars. Understated beauty hidden gem, tranquil setting, sun-drenched,
private sanctuary. Looking forward to that 1.2 million baby.
1.2 million, fantastic. Also, anything above 700,000, also fantastic.
Nelson Mandela stood out and look what happened to him. He made history. He went to
prison. No Thank you. Tell me you didn’t get caught having sex with a potential buyer at an open house. I know how it looks, but she’s a recent widow and they’re only vulnerable for so long. There are holes in the floorboards, pentagrams drawn on the walls in blood and what I can only assume is poo. Grab a couple of rugs, some artwork, lots of fluffy pillows, all the usual shit. Do you have one of these. No. This establishes you as a credible real
estate agent. Ok, what’s in it? Nothin’ up here’s where the real folder is. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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