GAME MASTER NETWORK Attend Secret Meeting after GMI Escape Safe House to Spy!

we cannot the agents right now okay be
take hold and pull them hold up was guess who the mere initiative yes but it
was the paid in this I feel like we need to throw them off or something
I’m not idea what the plan we’re gonna let them escape what I know we currently have the G mi a–
agents trapped in our safe house we had them to a lie-detector test but they got
different answers which is weird because we gave them the lie-detector mixture
doesn’t make sense yeah it’s supposed to make them tell the truth Matt just had
this idea which makes me the Daniel and I imagine what do you want to spit it we
let him escape why are we gonna let him escape we just cut them I know but you
don’t need them here we need to know what the plan is we’re not getting
straight answers here what’s the best way to get straight answers exactly it’s
what we do right now okay it is we’re gonna fake and escape then we’re gonna
make me think that they thought of this plan but we need to come with the plan
fear with planets come with a clamp no no we’re gonna trick them and let them
escape and they’re gonna think that we didn’t
let them escape that’s very good news I know it’s super backwards but I think if
we do it right whose entire interaction well what happens if they just get away
like you know put tracking devices you still have some in your hoodie oh I do I
think yes so we’re gonna let them escape and then spy on them for 24 hours it’s
like a reverse crank that we’re doing we’re setting it up feels like a prank
and informative prank yeah super escape route mask so how do we do this how do
we pretend like the state so they think we’re not
letting them escape yeah let’s break it down put the key bank of key oh you look
good firstly we need to do is to drop the key
right by that okay I mean so that makes them think that they’re like getting out
maybe you should do that okay so I’m gonna pretend I’m tying my shoe and drop
the key accidently on the table over this okay I can do that I could do that
so I get the key and then I pretend to tie my shoes and I thank you into the
kitchen kind of distracting a little bit while you’re doing that say we make a
peanut butter sandwich oh that’s good they love paint butters okay guys next
Daniel yes you’re gonna start working on the tracking devices okay okay haven’t
you distracted on one side Rebecca it’s gonna happen on the other boom hit him
with the tracking device though common issue okay in the shoe in the shoe wait how
am I gonna get to their shoe okay wait wait wait we found out that they never
take their sunglasses sunglasses okay so after I drop they can’t tie my shoe I
say Oh Daniel here your arm must be getting tired let me hold the camera
here that I can hold the camera and then you can go now this need to figure out
why he would touch their sunglass because he needs to clean up I want them honestly I could use it
maybe appreciating what you wear glasses a lot I do it less I do it’s gonna clean
the glasses but really you’re gonna put something for their device in their nose
right now just you know quick check-in who do you okay yeah so if anything goes
wrong that means whoa I gotta slow down and
send myself make sure everything is okay check in with the two other people and
keep our little Commission it’s a great idea
and then it wants everything set up we have to leave the room for some reason
right I think honestly I’m gonna fall you’re gonna fall down mr. brundin yes
and I’ll try to help max I’m worried about it because he’s my husband yeah I
think that makes perfect sense and if I’m filming the whole thing they might
like catch on to it so I’m gonna have to set the camera down but I’ll keep it on
them so we can see in this game and I’m gonna put a super-secret spy camera
outside in the hall so we know which way they go oh great idea to take until the
traffic prices are out running and live so game master networks smash the thumbs
up button right now give us good luck so we can let the GMI agents escape but
secretly we’re going to be tracking them and spying on them for 24 hours is that
a plan I don’t know I just thought of it though they’re out there we don’t want
that to suspect anything so let’s go also guys if things go south Battle
Royale I might have to go get show the kid see
that kid I’ve been working on it okay what happened that took a while can you
figure out how to hack into this I feel like there’s information now yeah guess
it said something about transfer complete once you flash this yeah I’ll
give it a shot hopefully I can find something out yeah we’re not sure if you
did anything but you guys had a ton of comments as to what you think it did on
the G my agents let’s go game after network on three one two
three yeah I’m stretching oh my oh okay all right cool
I’m ready okay she’s tight okay actually I only have the creaming line only only
creamy pretty okay good should I do one sandwich or a certain you Tuesday I want
you to so you guys want to split Thank You Stanley great great yeah ooh Daniel your arm
looks really tired oh yeah for you totally fine all gay
yeah you guys get dirty don’t take my money you could do keep
him up there yeah actually if you want to just stay
in front of us yeah but they’re all set those dirty
okay yeah neither bonuses okay wait can I have
that no I’m actually a memory better stop okay okay okay hey hey I was able
to put the tracking device at home on their sunglasses and I’ve got a camera
outside great so no worry they’re gonna go Daniel what are you tracking them with
I’m with my phone here it’s light now down levels don’t there’s one out there
go down the stairs great let’s go follow okay that’s well let’s go yeah are you
sure they’re in here yeah except you came back to your girl’s place okay
by your desk okay I’m gonna do some stuff okay
Oh Rebecca left what what I don’t even know where you oh crap what yeah where’d it go
I don’t know how did you do this oh okay trekking by season news junkie baby see
I don’t know which tire was on do you guys remember which one I saw them
looking they also exchanged sunglasses you see you yeah that was weird
I don’t see anything over here please you gotta get this right there tracking
device now they can’t track us in the Tesla where do you think they’re going
that all right hopefully they didn’t go to our place before this you need to go
back home and check on our doll okay so I’ll check on the drunks are you
guys gonna follow that we got this all right I’ll check on came out and watch
it hopefully they’re not missing good luck you guys
right there game come on good luck Rebecca may have you right behind us –
up yours up to here yeah well the door guys I think we’re in the
right spot right now it gives the big thumbs up everyone is it’s not your
honor the pranks but just in case we don’t get out of here okay that’s the
plan okay we need to follow them hopefully in Rebecca’s okay checking on
the dogs we need to find out some more information I mean like where they going
wife they come here true they know how to locations
what up gets both pieces Oh all right deal what’s a video or
whatever here where we keep all items intercessions you Amaya that’s how we
get to the spot okay give me escape yeah all right here let’s go free


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