Full House | 풀하우스 EP.14 [SUB : ENG]

Episode 14 I’m okay now…
You should go. Will you be all right alone? Yes, I’ll be fine. It’s late, you should get home. Young-jae… Young-jae… Young-jae…get up.
Young-jae…get up. What are you doing?
I’m trying to sleep. When did you get home?
Didn’t you move out? Get up, hurry, get up… Hey, if you’re up…
Go get breakfast ready. You’ve got to get up to eat. Hurry up and get up.
Young-jae… What’s wrong with you? But when did you get home?
Didn’t you move out? Why? Was there something wrong with
your new place? Is that it? yeah… What? What’s wrong with it? I don’t know, what are you so
curious about? It’s so annoying. Excuse me? Then…when are you leaving again? Soon…why? Why? Why? Oh, but didn’t you say you were going
to Venice or something? Why did you come back? What? Oh, something came up. What? What came up? What are you so curious about?
It’s so annoying. What? Don’t talk, just eat. Young-jae… Young-jae… What?
What do you want? I was thinking about it… Wow, a chicken knows how to think?
That’s a joke. I don’t know why you’ve been so mean
to me lately… But separating under those circumstances
didn’t make me feel too good. So, let’s talk about what the problem is.
Why are you being like this? Forget it, I don’t want to talk to
someone as fickle as you. What? Why are you like that?
How long was I out of the house? A day? Two days?
And you lure in a man into the house. Ji-eun, were you always like that?
Is that the type of woman you are? What? Forget it, just forget it. Are you talking about Min-hyuk being
here yesterday? How did you know? It was just…it was just that
he gave me a ride home. Forget it,
who said anything about it? What I’m trying to say is…I hope
everything works out for the two of you, but let’s a least be a little more
considerate while we’re both here. It’s not good to lure men to the house
when you’re alone… What? Lure? If you thiink that’s so unfair,
why don’t you bring Hae-won over? Then we’ll be even. What? And don’t you go to Hae-won’s house? You said you even ate
jellyfish salad there. Why are you bringing that up now? Hae-won and I have been friends for
15 years. I used to go to her house to play since
I was a child…but look at you. How long have you know Min-hyuk? And you’re always laughing and….
You’re really something. Between men and women, it’s not
time that’s important… it’s how well you communicate
that’s important. I’m not saying that how long you’ve
known a person is important… But that you’re too easy. What? What did you say?
I’m easy? Forget it, let’s stop. I’m the bird for thinking I could have
a conversation with someone like you. I’m the bird… Did you just figure out that you
were from the bird species? You bird! Hey, someone’s here.
Get the door. Someone’s here…
go see who it is. Oh, you’re here Young-jae… Oh, Min-hyuk… I’m here to see Ji-eun…
Is she at home? No, she’s not here right now. Really? Where did she go? She said she was going out. Really? Oh, is that for Ji-eun?
I’ll give it to her… You must be busy,
so see you later. I’d ask you in, but I’ve got to change
and get out of here…so see you later. I’ll see you another time. Is someone here? Oh, she must have just gotten here. Did you bring that for me?
Thank you. Young-jae said you were out. Sorry? Oh, I stepped out…
I just got back. Oh, our picture is crooked. I can never get sick of this picture.
It’s my favorite. But, what are you doing here, Min-hyuk?
Didn’t you go into the office? Oh, I was supposed to be in Venice.
But I couldn’t go… so I was wondering
how Ji-eun was doing alone here. You sure have a lot to be
curious about. Ji-eun is doing just fine.
And she’s not alone anymore. I’m here. I thought I heard you had moved out.
What are you doing here? What do you mean?
This is our house, our house. If I want to go out, I do,
if I want to come back, I do that, too. Don’t get confused. This isn’t your house.
It’s Ji-eun’s house. What? Plus, I heard you had decided to be
with Hae-won. What are you going to do about Hae-won
while you’re here? That’s…that’s none of your concern. I’m not concerned.
It’s just that you’re acting ridiculous. What? Ridiculous? The flowers are beautiful. I’m happy you like them. Oh, I thought
you were on your way out. Huh? Do you have an appointment? Oh… Then you’d better hurry. Where are they? Are you okay? About what? Oh…there was a problem
with his new place… he said he was going
to move out soon. But, I feel better that I’ll be here
when he leaves. Really? I don’t feel better. Sorry? I’m just a little bothered by it… I was going to visit you often here
if Young-jae weren’t here. It’s all over… Why? Come and visit.
It’s okay. I can’t hear a word they’re saying. What’s wrong? It’s nothing. Tell me. Do you want to go for a drive? We’ll get some fresh air and
get something good to eat… Mr. Choi, you don’t need me today? Oh…okay. You’re not going out? I just got a call…the phone rang. But they cancelled my plans.
I don’t need to go out. Really?
Well, I’m going out. What? We’re going out for a drive. I’ll be back. Oh, I’m having lunch out,
so take care of your own lunch. – Let’s go, Ji-eun.
– I’ll be back. Hey, Ji-eun. Don’t go. It’s…you’re supposed to
clean the house today. What? No, you can’t go…you have to clean.
Don’t go. I can clean when I get back.
I’ll do it then. Sorry, Young-jae… Don’t go. If you go… how will I eat? I’m sorry.
I don’t think I can go… Hey, Ji-eun. Yeah? Why didn’t you go? What? You’re the one…
who told me I had to clean. It’s just that it reminded
me of the past. Reminded you of the past? Remember at your movie opening…
You just left with Hae-won. I asked you not to go…
I told you I wouldn’t cook for you… But you left anyway. It didn’t feel very good… I won’t ever do that again… I won’t do that again… Isn’t this fun? If cleaning is that much fun,
you can do as much of it as you want. What? Huh?
No, it’s just… Ji-eun, you’ve got something there. Close your eyes… Who is that! Hi… Hello. What are you guys doing here? We brought your things back. It was really a good idea for you
to move back. Hey, it’s all wrinkled…
It’s going to have to be ironed again. Yes, just leave it,
I’ll iron it. But what are they saying at the office? The next project…are we going to
start it with Director Lee? I don’t know… Oh, and if possible, they said for
you not to come to the office. Why? They said a reporter was snooping
around, trying to find out about Ji-eun. What? He said you getting married so suddenly
was strange and that perhaps
Ji-eun had blackmailed you. What? It’s not like Ji-eun is some kind of
con artist or trying to get your money. Trying to get what money? Well, they said you repaid all her credit card
debts and the loan from the bank. Hey, what do you mean Ji-eun’s credit
card debts? It’s all the scamming you did on her
You little con artist… Hey, don’t say a word of this
to Ji-eun, okay? If you do, I’ll kill you. Of course, I won’t. What? A con artist? That’s right, he’s snooping around
and spreading all kinds of rumors. It’s natural for a husband to take
care of his wife’s debts. Why is that blackmail? Hey, I’m paying that back from the salary
I’m getting as a housekeeper here. That’s what I mean, geez, it’s going to be
so frustrating when the article gets out. Don’t you think? I don’t concern myself with things like that.
I know the truth, so that’s fine. Yeah, don’t concern yourself with it.
It’s not your fault you lost your parents. And what are they trying to say, a person
without parents can’t marry a movie star? Plus, there are so many women
who marry for money, so what? Hey, stop it!
Stop, already. Hello.. – Hello..
– Yes? Are you Dr. Lee? Yes, I am. Hello, I’m In-soo Kim, a reporter from
“Seoul Entertainment.” May I do an interview? Excuse me? Isn’t movie star, Young-jae
Lee, your son? He is, but I don’t have much to
tell you about him. I don’t know what it is you want, but
you’ve come to the wrong place. Well, then, Ji-eun Han is your
daughter-in-law, right? Hey, what’s wrong? What? What do you mean? No, I mean, I heard they’re calling
me a con artist. What? Dong-uk has such a big… It’s okay, I don’t care.
As long as I know the truth… That’s right, it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry about what these
strangers say. I know, I’m not worried…
Bring it on! Go for it! Bring it on! Go for it! What’s wrong? Huh? It’s nothing. Hey, Ji-eun,
you’ve got something here. Why do you always have something there?
It’s on your eyelash… Close your eyes… Why? Just…close your eyes. Now, who is it? I heard your marriage wasn’t ever
legalized. And that Ji-eun had so much debt,
she had no choice but to marry you? What is going on? What is going on?
Why aren’t you answering me? I’m so sorry…
I’m so sorry, father. You’re sorry? I’m so shocked
I don’t know what to say. Have the two of you
lost your minds? I’m so sorry. That’s just great. You quit your studies to become
an entertainer and this is the best you can do? Is this what it was for? Is this what you meant when you said you were going
to live your life as you pleased? Yes, so please stay out of it. What? I’m going to do whatever I want,
so stay out of my life! You little…!
What? Please don’t hit him. Please! It wasn’t his fault,
please don’t hit him. It’s all my fault…please don’t hit him. He didn’t do anything wrong.
Father… I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to lie to you,
mother or grandmother. It just happened…
it just happened. I’m so sorry.
I’m really so sorry. Forget it.
I’m sure you had your reasons, Miss Lee. Excuse me? Even so, there are things you can do
and things you should never do. How could you do this
because of money? I just can’t understand how you could
lie to the whole family… Oh, we were never your family. Father… And about calling me father now… Miss Lee…you’re not even my
real daughter-in-law, right? I’ll keep this short…
Please leave Young-jae. Excuse me? I can’t talk to my own son,
so I’m sorry I have to ask you to do this. Please leave him. I may seem cruel, but I have no other choice,
so please try to understand. I hope never to see you again. Goodbye. Are you sleeping, Young-jae? Let me see… It’s okay.
Leave me alone. Huh, you’re fine…
There’s no cut… You should’ve just said, “I’m sorry.”
“I was wrong.” Why did you talk back?
You do need to be taught a lesson. He should’ve beat you more
so you’d learn. What? Get up…
Get up and let’s eat. No, I’m not eating. Why not? Why won’t you eat? You’re always asking for food whenever
you see me… Does it look like
I’m in the mood to eat? Fine, I didn’t feel like eating either.
Let’s not eat. No, you’ve got to eat. No, I’m not going to eat either. Young-jae… What? Do you want me to tell you
a funny story? This one is really funny. I was wondering when you were going
to start with that again. You don’t want me to? Go ahead. A turtle and a rabbit were in a race. You already told me that one. Listen…it’s different. A turtle and a rabbit were in a race. Even when the rabbit got way ahead of
the turtle, he didn’t give up. He kept pushing along witih great zeal
and when he looked down, he saw a snail pushing
along just as fervently. A snail? Yeah, and the turtle felt bad for it,
so he put the snail on his back and kept pushing along, But a little while later, he saw a worm
crawling along with all its strength. A worm? What kind of insect heaven is this?
They’re all there. Listen… Okay, go ahead. So, when the turtle saw the worm, he felt bad for it too and told it
to get on and put the worm on its back. But when the turtle put the worm on
its back, the snail was already there. So the maggot said hello to the snail.
But guess what the snail said? Guess what it said? What did it say? “Hey, hold on tight, this turtle is really fast.”
That’s what it said. Hold on tight because the turtle
is really fast… Isn’t it funny? Yeah, it’s funny. It’s so funny,
I think I’m going to lose my mind. Ji-eun… What? Are you okay?
You’re okay, right? About what? I told you before, right? It’s going to be tough…
I bought you all those roses… don’t forget you need to numb it
to put medicine on it. Listen…Young-jae. Yeah? I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Huh? What is? I’ll go to your parent’s house tomorrow
and explain it to them. Hey, forget it. Still… If I tell you not to go, don’t go…
You’ll only end up getting hurt. Don’t go. Mother…mother…Ji-eun is here. She says she has something
to tell you. Mother… Mother… Well, there’s nothing I want to hear
from her, so tell her to leave. Grandmother…I’m so sorry.
Please forgive me. I’m sorry, I think you’re going
to have to leave. Mother…I’m so sorry.
I’m so sorry. Sorry doesn’t mean much right now. I’m sorry
but I think you should leave. Hello? Ji-eun? I didn’t think it was such a bad
thing at first… but it turned out to be so bad. I didn’t mean for it to turn out like this… I don’t know
where it went wrong…or when… I feel so bad for Young-jae and
I feel so bad for his family. But I’m also heartbroken and
it seems so unfair… I really cared about father,
mother and grandmother. I really did care for them. And I still love them so much. That’s why I feel so bad and
my heart aches. I feel so bad… I feel so bad, I think I’m going
to lose my mind. It’s because they are so shocked. Give them some time,
they’ll understand. Do you really think so? Yes, of course. I really don’t know what to do. It started off all wrong… So do I need to make it right from now? Is that what I need to do? I’m sorry I only call you
when I need you. It’s okay,
call me whenever you need to. I know there’s not much more I can
do for you but listen. No, thanks so much for today, really. If you ever need a friend,
please call me. I’ll be there for you, too. I will.
Go on in now. Okay. Goodbye. Ji-eun… Go for it! Bring it on! Go for it. Are you just getting in? Yeah… Where were you all day? I just… Did you see Min-hyuk? Yes…I saw him today. Really? Did you eat? If not, do you want me to
make something? What did you do with Min-hyuk? What? We just talked… What did you talk about? Why are you so curious? I had something to talk to him about,
so I saw him, why? What do you have to talk with him about?
Why can’t you talk to me? There are some things I can’t talk
to you about. There are things you can’t tell me
but you can tell him? What is it?
Let me hear it… Tell me, it’s because I’m curious. What do you talk to him about?
What is it? Did he ask you to go on another trip? Or did he ask you if he could
kiss you again? What?
What did you say? I’m so sorry, I won’t give you a divorce
so you two can be together. You two must really hate me. Why aren’t you saying anything? Why aren’t you saying anything?
Say something! I told him what a hard time
I was having. What?
What is so hard for you? I’m having a hard time
because of you. Because of you, Young-jae. You’re always hurting me and
breaking my heart. What? Do you know how many times
I’ve cried since I met you? I’ve been so hurt and
having such a hard time… and you ask me about what?
What is so hard? Then, I’ll stop hurting you
from now on. You won’t hurt me? Yeah, I won’t hurt you anymore… I’ll protect you. How will you protect me? Do you know what that means? Do you think buying someone ice cream
when they cry is protecting them? You don’t know anything… You don’t know anything… You don’t know how to love a person.
You don’t know how to express that love. You don’t know
how to protect a person. You don’t even know
when you’re hurting someone else. I don’t want to be hurt anymore. Since our relationship is nothing
more than a contract… since it was wrong from the start… let’s just end it. Let’s end it. Please just go to Hae-won. What? Ji-eun… let me ask you one last thing. Min-hyuk doesn’t hurt you? Can he protect you? “Ji-eun, thanks for all the cooking
you did. Take care. Bring it on! Go for it!” Hello? I meant to give this to you, but
I kept forgetting. What is it? It’s the ring Young-jae bought
to propose to you. I somehow got a hold of it.
I’d like to return it to you. Young-jae love you very much. Please make him laugh
and make him happy. I can’t do that… I can’t make Young-jae laugh. The reason why I’m here is because
I heard the two of you separated. Young-jae’s bad at making excuses
and explaining himself. So, I’m here to do it for him. Young-jae may seem strong and stubborn,
but he’s really soft and weak. He can’t even express his feelings… I know… But it seems you don’t know that
Young-jae loves you. Please give him one more chance. There’s nothing I can do. Father, mother, grandmother and Young-jae have already been hurt
because of me. And it’s too hard for me right now. We started out all wrong. I want to fix it
before it’s too late. Shouldn’t we try to stop him? We could also make it like
he was the victim. What? No way!
Ji-eun did nothing wrong. People will soon forget about Ji-eun.
We’ve got to try to save Young-jae first. Even still, that’s not an alternative. Forget it, both of you stop. It’s what he has decided.
Let him deal with it. Are you ready? Yes… You may never be able come back
from this. You’re going to lose everything you have.
Is it still okay? Bring it on! Go for it! What? I know you are all busy, thank you for
taking the time today to come here. This press conference will be short. Young-jae Lee will not be taking
any questions. Hello, thank you for taking time
out of your busy schedule. The reason I called for
this press conference was to tell you about a woman
that I love. I’m in love with this woman… I’m really in love with her. This woman is able to find hope and
joy in every little thing. I’m happy
whenever she is with me and it’s the first time in my life that
I’ve ever really been happy. And that’s why… Because I truly love her… In order to protect her… I will be getting a divorce. I know you all must be curious, but
I can’t disclose her identity today. Although she is just an average woman, she is the most precious and special
woman in the world to me. This is all for today,
thank you for coming. No questions for today. Hello? You remember me, right? I sat next to you on the plane… You really are something. Stop using the informal tense with me. What are you going to do about it?
What are you going to do? Then I’ll use the informal tense, too. How did you get here? I took the bus. Don’t be fooled,
I’m not that easy. Oh, it’s so nice. Young-jae…do I look like Ji-eun? Mommy bear is skinny,
baby bear is so cute. They all live well. I hate ice cream more than anything
in this world. I’m never eating ice cream again.
Never! I’m never eating ice cream again! You protect Hae-won. I’ll protect you… Tada…now you don’t have
to buy a ring. Oh, you don’t even have a watch.
I’ll draw you a watch… – Come here…
– No… Come here… Oh, you’re really stupid. Let me down… Have a good life. – Give it to me.
– No. Hey, you better stop. Ha..ha… Hey, you better come back here.
You’re dead. Oh, you’re not a girl,
you’re a bird. Bring it on! Go for it! Bring it on! Go for it! Here… number 105. Young-jae… Young-jae… Who is it?


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