• I'd like to see more and more complete examples. It would also be nice to hear some best practices on setting up tests for our custom plugins and tasks. It seems like when there's a bug in custom gradle stuff, Android Studio just blows up and doesn't even tell you what went wrong.

  • Eugene Krivobokov

    1:45 Provider
    2:30 Property
    3:30 Linking a Property with task's Input
    4:30 RegularFileProperty, DirectoryProperty
    5:40 Example
    6:40 Lazy values via Properties
    8:10 Initializing property via tasks
    9:15 Example
    10:50 Accessing Property values
    11:10 Current AGP API issues
    11:30 Variant data
    11:55 Artifact API
    14:15 Transforming an artifact
    16:40 Replace an artifact
    18:00 Append a new artifact
    18:40 Obtain an artifact
    20:00 DSL / Variant API flow

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