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Hey, guys this is Jason Wardrop and i just wanted to give you a quick Behind-the-scenes look of a very simple and free social automation tool to help you grow Your real estate business, okay? So let’s start with the social side things first alright so in order to really build rapport with Your leads before they even become a lead it’s super important to post social media today and lead with value in advance right So what we did was we built this really cool, animation tool right here i’m showing. You guys, they’ll, allow You to scold your posts to facebook groups facebook pages twitter accounts linking accounts all at the same time, okay so what We need, to do, is i’ll just kind of show you a little example is you know Type your message right there then, we come down here and say like, okay, we want to post to twitter let’s post to? Let’s see some of these groups right here Supposed to that group, let’s post to this page maybe this page, we choose many pages in groups as, we want? we choose linkedin And we get a little, live preview, of what it looks like, okay, so you can, see like live preview And updates in real time, okay, so now let’s say, well we want to add a? Link, to our landing page you know, so we can go through and generate Some leads so let’s just say for this example i know, google is not your landing page but Let’s just say that is we’re, gonna copy that and we’re gonna paste it right here in this link section and you’re Gonna, see a little preview of this is exactly, what its, gonna look, like, when it posts to social media that’s pretty cool Right so now we’d go through pick all the pages groups all that stuff that We want we can? Even go in add in an image attach an image from our desktop and then we could choose a date so like let’s say We want to post this next saturday at? 8:15 a.m. And then boom just with one click it goes through and post it out schedules out to all of those groups Yeah, that’s pretty cool, right i mean now You can spend literally 15 to 20 minutes and automate your social media postings for the next six to eight weeks in advance So you never even have to worry, about it i know, about. You guys, but, like, that this tool makes, my life so much easier Okay, now you might even yourself manjae’s that that is cool but i still have, no idea what to post to my, social media accounts Okay, i mean that’s at least how I was a few, years back when i first started getting this, world like i saw all the guru’s and experts, saying like We got a post of social media each day i was like i don’t know What people are gonna like comment on and what they’re, gonna actually click on to actually generate leads so what we did specifically for you is We create this really cool, library of content, okay so all We do is click on this and we can see we’ve got a few different categories here and we’re always adding New content here so for real estate specifically we’ve got this, whole database so like Five tips to sell your home this is a blog post okay so you can kind of see a little preview What that looks like or we can go through and say you know Check, this place out just to get some good engagement you know so like if we say, okay, this this looks cool I, want to post this to my facebook page or wherever we’re. Just, gonna hit schedule And we’re gonna come in here and say i want to do that to twitter maybe Want to, do that into our facebook, group, maybe onto our facebook page and then We can, obviously come in here and we can edit the text or whatever, we want we can? Still add a link? and then let’s say this one’s going out saturday march 18th so let’s do this maybe on sunday and we’ll do this one in the afternoon, and We’ll just hit schedule and boom just like, that guys, like we’ve got we’re Just going through, and like it literally what Was that it took like, 60 to 90 seconds and we’re going through and just automating these posts, okay So like like i said 15 to 20 minutes and you can go through and automate for the next several weeks in advance So what’d you guys, think that’s that’s pretty? Easy, right to go through and automate your social media to facebook twitter and linkedin and really expand your presence right all throughout all social media and it really it doesn’t take a lot of time to go, through and Maximize your following your exposure and all that good stuff alright so now, i want to invite you just click right below This video and you can sign up for a. Free account to the social automation tools 100% free we don’t charge you anything and you guys can go start automating Your, social media for your real estate business thanks and i look forward to seeing you guys on the inside

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