Finding Your REALTOR® Why l Nov 9, 2019 @NARANNUAL

Hey friends! Leigh Brown here. Realtor from North Carolina. Making sure that as you’re thinking about coming to San Francisco for the National Association of Realtors meeting. That you mark your calendars for Saturday the 9th. Because I’m giving a session at 9:00 A.M. I know that’s early but you can do it. Called “Finding Finding Your Realtor Why” For those of y’all that are aggravated by the hedge funds and the websites and the venture capital and you get a little freaked out about how you can survive as a realtor. You need to come to my session. ‘Cause I’m gonna help you define what we are doing. Explain it to buyers and sellers which will help your business grow the second after you show up in my classroom. Saturday 9:00 A.M. please come. Because frankly, I need to hug a lot of realtor next to help my realtor why increase. I’ll see you there.

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