Fake Venmo Will Save You So Much Money

– [Voiceover] Whenever you’re reading. – [Voiceover] Nothing like
dining out with friends. – [Voiceover] Oh, shoot, I’m
really not that great at math. – [Voiceover] But splitting
the check can sometimes be a bit of a headache. – Oh, hey, why doesn’t
everyone just Venmo me? – [Voiceover] Thanks to Venmo, the difficulties of splitting a check are a thing of the past. – But, what if I don’t have any money? And I was planning on
someone buying my lunch? – [Voiceover] Thankfully,
we now have an answer. Introducing Fake Venmo. Fake Venmo is an app that operates exactly like Venmo,
with one key difference. It doesn’t actually transfer any money. – Hey, how much do I owe you? – Oh, like three or four bucks. – Cool, I will Venmo you now. – [Voiceover] The best part? He’ll probably never notice. – It’s sent. – [Voiceover] But if he does– – That’s weird, I didn’t get it. – That’s strange, I definitely sent it. It’s clear as day. (ominous music) – [Voiceover] He’ll say– – I’ll just check later. – [Voiceover] And you know he won’t. Normally, Venmo can be
used to pay someone back, or just generally transfer funds. Fake Venmo uses our patented technology to just look like you’re using Venmo. – And with that, I have
also paid you, as well. – Oh, no, you didn’t come through, yet. – No, you’ll get it. I’m not a liar! – [Voiceover] Fake Venmo. From the makers of Indefinitely
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