EVERY FRIENDSHIP EVER! 🥰 The Loud House & Casagrandes Edition | Nick

I’m so glad my two best buds
are finally meeting. Looks like this is a case for… One-Eyed-Jack and Ace Savvy! Do you wear those under your clothes
every day just waiting for an opportunity such as this? You bet your Norwegian grant money we do. We should totally pick an activity
that we can do together. I don’t want anything
cutting down on our hang time. Me either. Do you realize
if we don’t do something together, we’re gonna lose out on
two hours of hang time a day? That’s 10 hours a week
and 40 hours a month of not hanging out. Well, that isn’t going to happen. One chocolate and one acorn. Ooh, new messages. I’m so loved. Mirror, mirror, in my hand.
Who’s the prettiest in the land? I was wondering if we could
split the dumpling combo? Absolutely, shouldn’t be a prob…lem. Oh, Tania. [laughing] [music playing] [laughing] Ahh! Phew, this is a lot more tiring
than it looks on TV. Ah… my inhaler! I got it! [screaming] I call him homo-trashilius. ‘Trashy’ for short. [growling] You are really laying it
on thick, aren’t you? Go ahead. [laughing] Go, Mr. Coconuts! [screaming] Who’s the hunk? Hubba hubba. [screaming] Your package finally arrived. Could you open it for me? [laughing] Oh man, that cost me 25 bucks,
but it was so worth it. [cheering] Bobby Boo-Boo Bear! I love a man in uniform. [giggling] What’s in the thermos? My dad’s homemade tomato soup. – I’ll trade you my fruit salad for it.
– Deal! How am I not you background photo? Come on, Mom. Good job, Hops. ♪ My bestie’s training my Lori ♪ ♪ Everything at Lynn’s is hunky dory ♪ [mimicking drums] I can see why you and my dad are friends. – You’re amazing.
– And you’re an amazing friend. Burger high five! [laughing] Don’t worry, Edwin. You’ll always be my undead soulmate. But until we’re united, it’d be cool
to have someone to hang with. You think I should just talk to him? I knew you’d understand. Give it up for Ricky the rooster! Ricky, how about giving the students
a good morning cock-a-doodle-do? Ow! Ooh, let me try! You’ll get there, buddy. I got my lucky rabbit’s foot. I got my lucky booger.
This baby got me through pre-school. Say hello to Todd. He’s fluent in over 600 languages. Hola. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Goodbye. Oh, and he destroys
anything inferior to him. [groaning] [music playing] Sergio! We’re busted! Scatter! Still hot from the dryer. That was amazing! You gotta be more careful, Lols. I can always build you
another princess bed, but I can’t build myself another twin. I can. To our new neighbors, the Changs. To the Changs! You dudes are tuggin’
at my heart strings, which means I gotta tug
at my guitar strings. Lalo, shh! I had a little leftover
hotdog in my pocket. Well, you just made a friend for life.


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