Episode 19: And Now You Know with Realtor Ro: 7 Things Buyers Hate

(upbeat music) – Hey, there. Thanks for clicking on this week’s segment of “And Now You know” with Realtor Ro. So, I am actually on vacation, but I still wanted to put
this segment together. And today, I want to talk about things that buyers actually hate about houses. We always talk about
what a seller should do, and so there are some things
that are absolute no-goes. I think number one is pet
odors and smoke odors. People are really afraid of those, because sometimes it’s a
nightmare to get rid of. So, if you do have some really
strong pet or smoke odors, you want to make sure that
you take on the burden of getting rid of those. Because, otherwise, that’s
really going to effect the time you sit on market. And dark, personalized paint colors, things like, those, you know,
those big, bold feature walls, or your kid’s favorite color was purple, and so every wall is a
different shade of purple. So, those are things, once again, that, yes, it’s only a coat of paint, but when it’s really dark, people, they really overreact to that. So you’re gonna be better off priming it and painting it, before
you put it on the market. As we always say, $100 in the can is worth $1000 on the wall. Popcorn ceilings, that’s another one. That is never going to be a selling point. Wallpaper. Whereas wallpaper’s making a comeback, it’s very modern in its appearance, some contemporary patterns. The stuff that’s on your wall right now, if you have wallpaper, is
probably big cabbage roses, little Victorian prints. That’s the kind of thing that
buyers are just turned off, and it is surprising that they will, they could love the house, but then they see that, and they magnify how much it’s going to
cost to get rid of it, or it just turns into such a negative that they really don’t get beyond it. So it’s probably gonna
be worth your investment. Another simple fix, but something
that they absolutely hate is in your bathroom, if you have carpet. That is just not ever
going to be something that a buyer wants to see. So, get rid of the carpet. I have no idea why that was ever a trend, but it’s definitely
something to get rid of. Speaking of carpet, wall to wall carpet. It is really becoming
less and less popular. It is less and less acceptable to buyers. They are really becoming very accustomed to seeing houses with hardwood floors. Depending upon your price point, it might not be necessary
to put in hardwood floors, but you might look into
the luxury vinyl tiles. Are better off checking with a realtor to find out what like
homes in your area have or just look on the MLS. Look on realtor.com, and see
what houses in your area, if you see that everybody’s
got hardwood floors, then you know. And so, those are some things. Those light bars in your bathroom. Those fixtures that have
those big Hollywood bulbs. Those are very, very dated, and so, you might want to just
replace those with something in a finish like the burnished bronze is a big popular one right now, or even brushed nickel. So, those are things that pop to mind when I think, when I walk through a house, what does a buyer absolutely
hate and make a big deal about, and what gets in their way. And, so, nothing’s a really big fix, but those are really
going to pay off for you. So, thank you for clicking and listening, and if you follow me on
Instagram or Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, you’ll get notified the next time that I post a segment of “And Now You Know” with Realtor Ro. Thanks so much. Enjoy the rest of your day. (upbeat music)


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