Ellen’s Employee Mackenzie Kicks Her Way Through a Haunted House

Nothing brings me more
joy than scaring my staff. And especially when
they have reactions like my integrations
assistant Mackenzie did when I scared her backstage. Ahh! All right, so it
gave me an idea. I thought, let’s
scare her again, but this time, let’s have
some professionals do it. So yesterday I surprised
her on the show. I told her she was
going to go straight to a haunted house
in Universal Studios, and she did not disappoint. Hi, Ellen. It’s me, Mackenzie, and
I’m at AMC’s The Walking Dead attraction here at
Universal Studios, Hollywood. I guess we’re just
going to go do this now, so see on the flipside. Bye. Stretch it out. Am I going to need a
tetanus shot after? Ahh! Ahh! No! Ah! Be still my heart. Ahh! I don’t want you! Oh. Brick wall, so
thing, brick walls. Ahh! [BLEEP] Ahh! Strength, no weakness! I am fine, you are
fine, this– ahh! Am I done? Am I done? Mackenzie, thank you so much. It was fun? It was fine. It’s a very physical
thing, there was a karate kick
there at one point. Yeah, it definitely scared
the bejesus out of me. Yeah, well. You’re welcome. And thank you so much
for not suing us. I appreciate it.

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