Ein Kurzhauber wird zum Tiny House – 2 Jahre langer Selbstausbau

Hi, I’m Toby, Melli and this is Nero. And this is our “Ommelnönne”. We are now standing here in our beautiful little kitchenette, which we have just recently furnished. And we have installed a gas cooker with two burners here. We have a gas tank on the outside that holds 55 litres. According to the installer, it’ll last us for a whole year. We are very curious how long it will last in the end. We also have a beautiful big sink. I’m really happy with this big sink. Because I can wash all my pots and pans very well without making a big mess. A very good thing. It is a faucet from Ikea.Ja, Spülhahn von Ikea. But it does its job. We also have installed a normal household refrigerator here. We considered whether we get ourselves a cool box which is specially designed for motorhomes. But at some point we thought these things are so expensive and we would have had to stack everything relatively elaborately. They say the cold always descends when you open the fridge and it would waste so much energy, but we’ll see. Well, we’ve got that built in now somehow. And it’s not such a big deal if it should break down at some point, because it’s relatively affordable. And you can get a fridge anywhere. That’s the big advantage if we’re somewhere farther away and you have special things. Then we have small drawers here, where we just stow all kinds of cutlery. They are surprisingly spacious. When we built them, I thought to myself, God, it’s so small, nothing fits in there. But I have everything in here. I even got one spare. There are bags in there because we still have to install some little things. But everything really does fit in somehow. It’s really amazing and I’d even have more room. I never expected that. Then he has a huge storage compartment here under the sink. We stowed away pots and food supplies here. We have packed everything into such small compartments here, that when we open the door after the trip nothing falls out. And everything stays a little bit sorted and not such a chaos arises when it gets a little bit bumpier on the road. A few years ago we were in Sulzburg im Breisgau. Just before the beginning of summer, I think. The weather was quite bad. It even snowed one day. We lived in our normal camper. We searched in the internet and then we had this idea: Maybe we could live in it. And that would be really cool if you could travel in it for a longer time. And then just say, okay, the weather is bad here right now, we’ll drive a few kilometers away. But that was not possible at the time. Then I came across certain blogs. We read a little bit and then we saw this short-hood truck, that was in “keine Eile”. We liked it really well and we wanted it and we found it visually appealing. But it was a long road to get there. We didn’t find one right away. Nowadays I don’t think you can find one anymore or it is difficult to find a suitable one. And then we were lucky and decided that we’re going to convert it. What always spurred us on was to always have our goal in mind. Even when we were finally on the road. In the end also to create liabilities. We set a time where we wanted to be done. At that point in time, we would have terminated the jobs or the contracts would have expired. We would have cancelled the apartment and at least the foundation stone should have been laid by then. Even if it meant many almost sleepless nights, but we had to see this through. Our gas tank installer also said: “You have to put a heat protection here. Otherwise there could be a problem in the next safety inspection.” That the inspector then says: No, I am not qualifying, because that is wood and could catch fire. And then we tried to figure out how to solve this problem. But putting a stainless steel plate there is not so beautiful. I don’t even remember exactly how we came up with this idea, I have to confess. Someone then had an idea and said: Let’s stick some tiles there and it’ll be much nicer. So I thought: Of course! And I went to the hardware store and I wanted to glue natural stone there first. And then somebody said: “Maybe I should rather use glass tiles, because you always see these grease splashes quickly and they are not so easy to clean. And then I just happened to be in the hardware store and discovered these wood-look tiles and thought that they would fit perfectly into our truck. This is a “Cubic Mini” oven. That’s not the “Cup”, but the “Grizzly”. There are two different sizes. The Grizzly is a bit bigger. I think it has 4 KW and the Cup has 2 KW or something like that. The Cup is better for busses. And the Grizzly is meant for larger trucks. The stove stands on a fancy box also decorated with tiles. The mosaic tiles were available at Amazon. And I can then open the flap here and here I can store the wood. I can not only store it here, I can also open the flap from the outside and throw the wood in here and it is done. We spent just over 60,000 euros including everything. But this is a normal price and is actually okay. That’s all custom-built, nothing’s off the rack, really. Sure, there’s a few little things. A lamp or something, of course. You can’t build in normal things. You have to see what fits. You either have to have it built or you buy something and build it so it fits. You can do it all cheaper. That’s right. You could also leave everything in there and everything goes that way Like: The cot that was built in here is my bed. We could have done that. But we didn’t want to. We just wanted to have a vehicle which is comfortable. That is, when the weather is like today for example and you’re spending the day in here, that you don’t hate it in here and want to go outside. Of course we also want to go outside a lot but as I said, when the weather is like this you are more likely to be inside and then of course we also want it to be comfortable. It was not big enough for a bathtub but for this beautiful shower it was. We are currently still missing the shower curtain which we still have to install. But we had a shower bag made especially for us. Cause we needed it custom made. Nothing store-bought fit, and so we had it made. I’ll put a little light on. Our light is broken at the moment, so we had to improvise. We’ve added a standard shower faucet here. We haven’t tried it out yet, because the shower curtain is still missing, but we think that everything will work out fine. At least we hope so. What works excellently on the other hand is this cute little sink. It’s enamelled from “alpine enamel”. It wasn’t cheap but we are still glad that we bought it. Because it is of course super light and fits perfectly into the room. Then here again a completely normal standard faucet. And under here we have a lot of storage space. The siphon runs down there as well. We already have several ideas and plans how we want to work from the road in the future. I am a social pedagogue and wilderness pedagogue. And I will develop a concept and I already have some ideas for a workshop and seminar work from on the road. Mainly with children but also families. To bring them closer to nature again and make them want to leave the TV and go on an adventure. I am going to be responsible for marketing and distribution. That means we’re gonna be doing this at campsites. So I’ll be paving the way for Melli. So she can just do her job I will manage it with the campsite operators. Another project is a project management. Since we have almost converted the back of the truck ourselves we want to help other people, who have questions or who say, this is super cool, that’s what I want to do, can you help me? Because that’s what we needed when we moved to Unna. Because I had no plan then. And I would have liked someone to tell me: “Toby, you better do it like this. You better take this.” Just to avoid making mistakes. That would be an extra source of income. Well then there is Youtube as well. But that is not a source of income right now, it is only a hobby. Maybe this will be a main income at some point. That’s not really the focus right now. And then of course the toilet. We separated the toilet from the bathroom and actually decided to use the classic dry separation toilet. We were skeptical at first. You always hear that it really doesn’t smell. But I couldn’t imagine that. But it works wonderfully. The water tank is underneath here. You can see that here. Well, that’s where Nero is sleeping. So here is one of those inspection flaps and in the back is another one of those inspection flaps. Because the tank is divided in 300 liters. And it’s got one of those baffles inside. That means that if you brake or start driving, all those 300 kilos don’t push against it all at once. That’s why it’s divided and that’s why he has these inspection flaps. If you want to empty the tank or something like that, you can clean it. Medication, bandages. And many oils because we actually make all our own cosmetics. I’ll just open up here. Here’s the other tech stuff. You can’t see much here. But that’s the battery. 24 volts. Self made lithium iron phosphate. I built the battery myself. Wow! Its not that complicated, really. All right, I have also been trained in something like this but even a non-expert would be able to do it, I would say Yes, there are instructions on the Internet. If you have an interest in technology, you can actually do that if you get into it. And you can save a lot of money. You save about 50% on a purchase from Victron right now. We did that afterwards and we really wanted to have the direct passage to the cab. For various reasons. First of all, just because it is a matter of convenience. Because it’s super practical that you go into the back while driving, even though it is not allowed, to get something to drink or stuff like that. But, of course, actually as an exit. That we have the possibility to leave, if we have to. That you just have to get up and go straight to the front and start the engine. It was important for us to have this option. Sometimes you just don’t know what you might encounter. The truck can do 90km/h. But we don’t want to drive that fast. I’d say we usually drive about 80km/h. I’m sometimes doing 85km/h. And thats on the highway. On country roads or something, you’ll definitely slow down. Whenever you show this to people or someone looks at it they say: Oh yeah, I think it’s great when you can do that. Then we say: Yes, we are doing it. Of course it costs a few Euros. That is logic. But in itself. We weren’tcraftsmen specialists in any way before or now. We didn’t really have a plan. Never had a flex in our hands or anything of that matter. We just did it. We just dealt with it. And then we got a few people together and watched a lot of Youtube videos. We just read a lot and collected everything together. The nice thing is, if you don’t dare to do something, you just have to do it. Once you do that, maybe it’s not so great the first time, but the second time it gets much better and then you get a feeling for it. With every craft, I’d say it’s like this. You just have to do it. Just do it. Don’t think. Just do it! You have much more potential in you than you always think. And that is also the great and exciting thing about such a project. You grow a little beyond yourself. You learn an incredible amount. If you’re always in your daily grind and always do the same thing and do your job every day, then you just don’t move forward. You also don’t learn so many new things and you stay the same. And that’s really a shame. I think life is actually really short. You only live once and you should use it as far as possible for yourself and your possibilities and potentials and I think you can do that with such a project quite well.

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