Drip Campaigns For Finding Motivated Sellers

One of the things that the Automarketer does
is create a drip campaign to find sellers. The biggest challenge as a real estate investor
is finding good deals. Finding sellers who will work with you under
the terms and conditions that you need in order to make a profit. So, to do that, it often takes a marketing
campaign. And it’s not always just about one phone
call. Sometimes it’s about a series. And if you look at any type of direct marketing,
it’s always about touching that potential lead eight times or more. So what we’ve done in the Automarketer is
set up a system so that it automatically goes to Zillow and to craigslist, it pulls people
that are selling their homes for sale by owner and it sends them a text message that says,
“Hey, would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling it outright?” And we get a response, typically from a percentage
of those people, 10% to 20% on average will respond and 80% to 90% of those will say,
“No, I’m not interested.” But, the system will then, three days later,
send another email saying, “Hey, would you consider selling your home rent to buy? Here – check out my website.” And it sends them a link to the clone site
that explains how rent to buy works and how we would work with them in order to get that
property sold, how we work as an investor with them to get that property sold. On day eight, it sends another one out. Seven days after that it sends another one
out and it continues to do that over a three month period. And it sends them to different clone sites. One clone site that talks about doing the
For Rent Method, which is flipping lease options. So the other one is the We Will Buy site that
teaches them, or explains to them that we can buy their property in any condition, in
any type of situation that is, brand new properties, terrible properties, under value properties,
properties that are at market value, properties that might even be behind on their payments. We can buy those. So that’s the next site. And then the next site that it sends them
is the subject to site that helps them understand how subject to works and how we can take over
their property subject to the existing loan. So that drip campaign that constantly drip
drip drip on them over a period of time, the goal is to try to find them at the right time
in the right place in the right mindset so that they’re ready to sell their property
to us. And, it also helps us build our credibility,
it helps us build our trust with them over time, and they get to know us as hey, this
guys is serious. He’s got websites, he’s got different
ways of doing this. He’s got ideas about how we might be able
to make this work. Maybe I should be talking to him instead of
some other guy that’s calling me out of the blue. And it’ll make it more likely that you’re
going to be able to convert them because trust is everything in these transactions. Being competent and being trustworthy and
then being able to convince people that you actually know what you’re talking about
and can solve their problem and that’s what a drip campaign can do. Now, you can set up drip campaigns in the
Automarketer, use the ones that I’ve created for you, or you could create any type of drip
campaign that you wanted to. I had a mentor student who was also a pastor
and he wanted to create a drip campaign in the Automarketer for his parishioners, for
people that would come to visit his church on Sunday. So he would, when they would come to visit,
he would put their information, whether it’s an email or a phone number, into the system
and then it would automatically send out, he’d put them into a campaign, a templated
campaign that he could use for everybody that came, and it would send out a note that says,
“Hey, thanks for coming on Sunday. It was great to meet you. I hope that you can come on Wednesday to our
special Bible study.” And so it would go out and it would try to
get people to come to that. And then on the Saturday say, “Hey, I hope
you’re coming tomorrow. If you need a ride call us and we’ll make
sure you get somebody to pick you up.” And then he would have one that would send
out a voice mail to that same person and say, “Hey, this is Pastor John and I’d, you
know, if you’re interested please you know, I’d love to have you come back, you know,
it was great to see you.” And it would be kind of a generic message,
but it would be enough to feel personal to them. And then he could have one that would send
a text. And he would drip on them over time, “Hey,
you know, I didn’t see you last Sunday. I hope you can make it next Sunday.” So this campaign constantly built a relationship
and he would give them information about what he was doing. That’s what we do with real estate. And that’s what you can do with any type
of business. This is basic marketing that is very, very
effective over time because you’re either going to hit them at the right time with the
right message or it’s just going to keep dripping on them until they give up and actually
work with you. So, it works with them until they ask to take
me off the list or until they die. All right. So, that’s drip campaigns and that’s what
the Automarketer does and it might be something you’d want to look at if you’d want to
try to have a constant stream of leads that are coming in that are going to be qualified. Takes a month or two or three to get it up
and running, but once it’s going it’s going to be a regular. And I guess it doesn’t take time to get
it up and running. You can send out a blast on the first day
that you get it and you’ll start getting leads back immediately. All right. I hope that helps.


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