Domo Customer Review: Zillow

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Brandon Ankuda. I work at Zillow Group, part
of the Enterprise Applications team. We manage all
internal applications that keep the business running. One of the first challenges
that we had faced, rolling back a few months when
we were evaluating solutions, is we had a process
for our media business where we’re serving ads
on multiple platforms. But we had members of
various operations teams pulling this data
manually, sending reports to revenue accountants, them
just compiling spreadsheets, pivoting, doing
different functions, just a lot of manual touch,
a lot of room for error. And we needed
something that could connect to all of
these platforms, bring the data down to one
place, do some calculations, and spit out a CSV file, and
that’s exactly what Domo did. We have data going back and
forth between ERP systems and billing systems, in
Salesforce, for instance, in Zuora. Those are the systems
we use, and we have custom solutions
that go in between, and sometimes they fail. And we need to know and we
need to see trends in that, and we’ve leveraged Domo
to see those trends. I never thought I would
get so giddy about data. I always liked data. You know, I always was
a power Excel user. And I’ve always used
Microsoft SQL Server Studio for cracking into
databases and whatnot, but Domo removes all of
that and just puts it at your fingertips without
having to get messy. Some people prefer
that, but Domo just makes getting to your end goal,
which is transforming the data, a lot faster. You know, connecting,
transforming, and then producing a result in
a very minutia amount of time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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