do not buy real estate(own house) with loan telugu

if you invest with loan in real estate, you may get loss


  • Investment means it should beat inflation, but if you take a loan for real estate investment, then your loan interest eats the return you will get from real estate investment.


  • Good information sir . Thank you so much.

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  • Very excellent explanation!

  • Good information sir

  • Correct gane chepparu gani … ee 26 years ayana rent pay cheyyakunda unnaru so adi save chesthe dani meeda interest vasthe so effective interest peragadantara? ….. first 3 Lakhs loan or from pocket anna dani meeda kuda base ayi untundi

  • monthly 2% intrest ela vestharu meru..meku anukulanga vedava nelaku 2% intrest kattadu..max bank nunchi thesukuntaru so bank 9% per annum anukundam per month 9/12 rupees per 100 rs matrame padthundi

  • For housing loan interest would be around 9% not 2 RS intrest. Your caliculation is correct but not the way you are caliculating. And there is no guarantee for any kind of investment, we need consider the probability of return.

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  • ramesh maguluri

    Explained nicely. One query in ur example of 10 lacs land purchase with 5 lacs own money and 5 lacs borrow. Seems to be borrowed amount has been calculated couple of times, is it correct ?

  • sreekanth mitai

    Bhanu garu am working in abroad, and I hv residential land in my town , saved 10lakhs but confusing where to buy or build house either in my town or metro cities like Hyderabad.. and we dnt have own house also plz suggest

  • Rs.10000 invested in land in 1990 is now costing Rs.1,30,00,000. You cannot rule out outright the investment in real estate. Now, I am constructing three storey building in that plot by borrowing Rs.70 lakhs. EMI is around Rs.33000 per month to be paid in next 23 years. I stay in one floor thereby I am saving rent. Remaining two floors are being rented out at Rs.15000 each. Recalculate and see the difference.

  • Sorry, say this Your are wrong anukuntunna .

    26 years ayana rent pay cheyyakunda unnaru so adi save chesthe dani meeda interest vasthe so effective interest peragadantara?

  • I think it's wrong calculations. No one will take for 2% per month ie. 24 % per year. Now internet rate is around 11%- 15 % per annum. And also 5 lakhs for 12 % loan and 5 lakhs own money… Based on this.. Estimated that 3 lakhs profit, came from own money, and loan amount 5 lakhs balanced with loan of 12 %. However.. Lands should be bought only long term investment. I. E more than 15 years. Thanks. 😌😌😌

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    I will advise one thing for real-estaters ….Post your free ad In, you will get good responses.

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    There is 20% probability of your calculations,
    Wrong calculations point vice
    1. There is no determined profit percentage …it's not even an average.
    2. Taking 5lacs for 2% loan is not good idea while banks providing loans below 12%. Even gold loans available for 12%interest.
    3. Paying only interest for 60months is mad calculation

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  • 1. Rent saved during 23 or 26 yrs not calculated
    2. For 5 lakh rupees 2 ruppe interest is mad idea
    3. Banks giving 12%

    The way you explained is good, but needs more realistic data..

    I am sorry if I hurt, but wishing paisa health good luck with more realistic examples…

  • Maths differ from person to person

  • Purchase plots or home with private finance is not feasible

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