Dave Walter – The Zillow Estimate: Fact or Fiction?

Hi it’s Dave Walter of Keller Williams
located beautiful Westlake Village California. Let’s talk today about the
Zestimate Zillow’s Zestimate fact or fiction? In our industry it’s a pain to tell you the truth here’s a problem with the Zestimate it’s
not designed to be accurate and in fact the owners Zillow have shared publicly they
can’t be accurate, it’s not be feasily possible. Now where’s that Zestimate come from? What they utilize is they take the value that
you purchase the property at the user algorithms what values have gone up gone
down gone up over a period time they just look at those numbers and they extract tht
and bring it to your property and say oh based on that here’s your value. how
accurate is that? sometimes it’s really accurate sometimes it’s not even close
some times it’s high sometime it’s low. is there any relationship between the
Zestimate of your home well we don’t know until you start looking at what the
real value is. Now how do you find the real value not an appraiser – appraisers
are not your best source it’s actually good real estate agents if you want to
find out the real value your home talk to a few local real estate agents
who know your market and you’re gonna get the best estimate when your home is
really worth hope this has been helpful, talk to you soon.

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