Custom Home Builder Testimonial – Sarasota, Florida

When I’m on vacation, I like to go to a
place and be there and this looked like that place where we could just come and
be, whether or not we want to go to the beach, but being here felt really like a
vacation. And we came to each other and said “I think we found the spot,” and it
was this place. It feels like a small town but it really is easy to get
many opportunities of art, theater, restaurants, or just a walk on the beach.
When we were looking we weren’t finding anything we loved so the natural thought
was okay maybe we should start thinking about building our own and then this
came up and it was perfect because we could make changes and really customize
it to what we wanted it to be. I saw this great beautiful picture and a
London Bay Private Label Living and really just, you walk in and it’s done
and ready that’s what really sort of inspired me that the company made sense
for us. To me, it’s important the brand and then the product. So London Bay is to me
the brand and they build an awesome product. Porsche, Ferrari, you name it it’s
the list of the brand and you know they stand by that product and we found this
project that was in partial construction and it gave Tia the opportunity to work
with the great Romanza and London Bay team, to make it
personalized. I explained to them what I wanted and they really worked hard to do
exactly that and it turned out beautifully and I love it. I can rely on
London Bay to help me with all the subs in all the decor and all the little
details even to the guy taking care of the bugs in the pool, in the landscape
and every part of that detail. So, that’s been really fantastic that we don’t have
to like, who should we call here, there and so I got to tell you, even in some of the
times you do a construction, you’re building, you get a little upset and it’s
energy that’s natural. Not one time did they argue and they listened and
they helped create a solution. Not only we moved in and we’re done,
no, it’s continuing to help us manage and maintain and have someone to call 24/7; I
really love that. Impeccable service, I would say. All about service and how they
can please the client and that’s really important, you know, they worked really
hard to make us happy; whatever we wanted. You don’t have to go anywhere, that’s the
beauty of this house and what every house that we looked at that London Bay has in
its portfolio and will have is it feels like you’re always on your vacation. My
office is my favorite, actually, even down to the artwork. I said “I want it all
silhouettes, I want it very feminine; crystals, a Buddha head,” and it’s all in
there, you know, so she really worked hard to make it happen. We’re living in the
now but we always want to think about “where’s our investment,” and I think this
is rock solid. I not only recommend them but I already have eyes on another London
Bay lot and project because they’ve done such a great job on this. We walked in
and it was like “wow” it was, yeah. And it is perfect. They did exactly what we
wanted and we loved it.

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