Chula Vista Realtor | Why I Vlog? & Matterport

Hello really good to see you today. If
you’re looking for the San Diego Realtor that uses video, Matterport and address
specific websites for every one of his listings you’ve arrived to the right
place. but today we’re going to talk about business
vlogging. I’ve created a series of vlogs that will probably give you a real good
idea of who I am. Which is the purpose of vlogging. Of course every seller wants to
know what you’re going to do to sell their property and getting-to-know-you
is really the best way to do it. When you arrive for a listing appointment they
already have a sense of what they’re going to get. Now, I took several videos
that I had actually produced for a Facebook group, I’ve put them together
because they’re a little longer format for YouTube, most people that come to
YouTube are going to be here a little longer. I compare it to reading a book or
looking at a magazine. You’re not going to spend as much time on the Facebook
magazine, as you are reading a book. If you’re researching selling your house
you’d be very interested to know and I’ll give you an example, now, of how from
a YouTube I can take someone directly to one of the Matterport 3d scans. Okay
let’s get right into this I’m going to show you two of those episodes and I got
a final word at the end. I’ve heard and said if you got a cup of
coffee and a tie on no one will ask you to do hard tasks. Well, the stuff sitting
behind me is about 750 pounds of stucco. Every time I even get near it I want to
put a tie on. Now here’s the story short and fast.
I built my home there’s a patio out in the back that several years ago I was
going through a really rough time with a relationship. I built this patio to
make somebody happy and as soon as I finished the inside portion of it they
left. (laughing) Hay Life will treat you in funny ways. So I’ve
got to finish putting that stucco on the wall in the back. Am I gonna do it or am
I gonna hire it done? Well, one way or another to get this studio done I need
that stuff out of here and I mean I need it outta here now. Do I go buy a wheel
barrel at Home Depot and start the job myself? Well I built this entire house
and that patio I’m sure I can do it. Speaking of doing it. have you committed
to trying to make a video ? This is nine episodes just of cleaning my garage. What
I’m gonna do is I’m going to finish this up, this is gonna be my last video in
this series, and I’m gonna come back when I’m actually broadcasting or doing
something from this site. The beauty of this is it gives me so much more space
to set up sets, to set a theme, so if I want to use a message is part of the
visual background for my videos, I got it done. I wish you all the best
try your videos your Realtors Realtors can do anything! Hello everyone we’re just about to put
the finishing touches on the garage studio conversion. Gonna put a high
quality garage floor coating down today. We’ll show you that in a minute and then
as quickly as possible we want to get back to the things that are really about
us. How to do as much as possible with nothing. Now in the future we’re going to
have something that I convert this piece of cardboard to, also behind me on the
flag is a spotlight I made that spotlight out of a flood light
in the same method that I used with this. I’m going to go over that and show you
how I convert, because I actually wanted two, one of them is a square light and the
other one was around light. I’m going to show you can be done with both. Remember
Realtors can do anything and a lot cheaper than most people. Thank you I hope you enjoyed that, now I’m going to
answer a question for a subscriber and if you’re not a subscriber I really love
to have you. I’ll answer all your questions you can even go to the active
email link that’ll be at the end and ask me. So if I don’t answer it on air, I’ll
send your response. Youtube, the on screen prompting system, I’m going to utilize
again, a link to a Matterpor so you can merely tap on this and be routed
someplace else. Now YouTube recently changed the rules
and not every channel will have this. You’re going to have to meet certain
requirements to be a serious Youtuber to be able to provide this. I feel very
fortunate to have this. Now remember you’re a realtor you can do anything and
if there’s a way I can help you let me know. Send me an email call me on the
phone, we’ll get together! Thank you!


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