Chord Properties of a circle // ICSE // Grade 9 and 10

Hello everyone and welcome to a lesson of chord properties of a circle. This is for ICSE curriculum for Grade 9-so this is our sample worksheet and we’re going to go through every question step-by-step so let’s begin with the first one. So here’s the question: Calculate the length of a chord which is 12 cm away from the center of a circle of radius 13 centimeters. So first we draw a circle and then a diameter and then this is the chord which we are talking about and yeah we draw prevent the moment we’ve got a perpendicular from the center which license according to two and then we wanted to 93 I’m then we draw it isn’t the dotted line the same as radius because any point from the center to the circumference of a circle is this is enter 13 short and feature the way for a baby and now we have to find this as a point called and so we have to find a tea party in right angle triangle kon we have a om is the triangle between construction know anything like that theorem we can find out the value of hand so the one that is able square which is the hypotenuse equals and point where is the other side equals and client requests that you can bring and this site so and when it goes 1 69 minutes boy board and Michael 25 the square both sides and equal to find both five but we’re not done anything equals x is equal to x equals 10 now is pretty we’re going to do the North question in between calculated the record very center of the home of radius 17 and adventures so in this question we’re going to report you have to find the distance from the center so you see things time only oh and in 2013 08 24 a lamp for 1 and then one side and the logical white section 14 18 centimeters and done I was pretty moving all the questions now this is a little different so unique Alcorn amy & % @ p show that AP equal BP BP of TV where she got circle then called a beer and the second point P there they’re dropped particular from all the cord indeed bisected into and we can call that elegance and drop join Opie to make to right angle triangle go figure it’s not perfect but just imagine present ok so in right angle triangle LOL oki and mo p now we’re looking at those him right angle triangle al helping because l.o.l my ex maybe which will equal lbs and because all the points are equal l equals L be equal and equal p.m. because the center circle my txt record opening opening now because the dining common now we try to prove that triangle Congress 40 people ok because common all our equals and because equal corn are equidistant from the center and oil B equals 0 ng because between parents and the triangle oil Conlon crying oh NP the origin covering part converting criteria because we have a side Opie which is the hypotenuse and h and l equals 0 and this is one kind and and we r stands for the right angle right angle my music side so heads we open equals NP and beeping equal happy because we out plus MP equals happy because they both are equal and AP equal OPP because al- LP vs lion and and what’s up guys my name is Oregon’s and welcome back to another episode for some hot heels in calling the best season for shopping and this video is about cyber monday detect you black beans about black writing all the s picking off with

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