Can Real Estate Create Financial Freedom?

Can real estate actually create
financial freedom? You know, it’s interesting. There’s a lot of skepticism
out there. You’ve got a handful of people like, yes it worked for me. Yes, it worked
for me. I’m one of those. And you have a lot of people are like, “Oh, my gosh. I’ve
been burned by real estate. Real estate went down on me. I lost my house. I bought
this thing it didn’t work.” And that’s kind of the world that we live in today,
is it’s hot and cold. Yet some people that are saying 100% yes. And you have
other people like never again. Which is it? And today, I’m actually joined by a
couple of my brand new partners that just started a couple of weeks ago.
Zeke and Vanessa. And they actually came here from Fort Worth Texas. We’re
actually in the middle of my event. And they’ve just experienced day one. And
when we cut to them, I’m excited to interview them and talk about what the
next steps are and find out for them in particular, will this actually create the
financial freedom that they hope that it will? What’s up guys? How we doing? -Good. How are
you? -Good. So, glad to have you guys out here. By the way, ho was day one of that
event yesterday? -Amazing. -Really? -Yeah. -We haven’t even already talked
about real estate yet, right? -Yeah. -What was it about yesterday that really was
impactful for you? -All the breakthroughs. You know, seeing Oscar in particular that
was really emotional and seeing everybody connect and and just being
able to get past their limitations. And that was amazing
for me myself too. Like, I got past my limitations and it was amazing. -That’s
awesome. -How was it for you Vanessa? -I’ll have to say the same. I didn’t realize how limiting belief actually does impact your
everyday life. You have them in the back of your mind but you don’t realize. How
they actually do affect your present and future decisions. -Yeah. You know, we’re
talking about if real estate can actually create financial freedom. And
and it’s amazing. Most people get here on day one they’re like, “What’s happening.
We’re not even really diving much into real estate.” And it’s because before we
can really come up here and say, “Here’s the strategy. Here’s the approach. Here’s
the to do. Here’s what you do. Here’s the million-dollar game plan.” We have to
say, “Wait, we have to do a head check first. Where’s our psychology at? And are
we mentally prepared?” Because let’s be honest. What we’re really doing in real
estate is we’re starting a business. And entrepreneurs have to harness a very
different mindset than someone that works for somebody else. You’re
ultimately saying, “I’m now in charge of my financial future. I may have my job
still but my goal is to be successful enough outside of that with the limited
time I have that I can eventually either quick that or just have more options to
live life on my terms.” We’re trained when we work for somebody
else to be like “Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. I do what you say.” And there’s hierarchy. And
when you’re and entrepreneurs the opposite it’s like, “Wait a second
I’m the yes sir-yes ma’am. I’m the one that’s in charge of this thing. And am I
going to show up today? And I will I put the work in? Will I actually take the
bold action steps? Will I take the risks?” So, we address all that mindset, we get it
cleaned up. And that’s actually a big part of today’s question which is, “Can
you actually create financial freedom?” Here’s the fun part about what’s going
down: I know enough about your finances that you’ve done a great job sucking
some money in why no 401K. And you we made the choice to do something with
that 401K. What did you decide? -We decided invest it in real estate. -You decided to pulled it out. -Yeah. -By the way, if you
were to tell your friends had also have 401K’s, “Hey, we’re taking money
out of our 401K.” What do you think they would say? “You’re crazy.” -Crazy. Like “What
about the taxes? What about the penalties?? Like, “Are you nuts?”
-Yeah. -All you have to do is math. -You look at your age in life and you’re like, “Wait
a second. You know, the average American by their 60s has $63,000 in
the 401K. And even if it were double that, even if it were quadruple that, many
would say, “Wow, you’re way above average.” And it’s like, “Yeah, I’m way above average
is still too little.” So, at your age to say, “You know what? We’re leaving that
system. We’re going to actually step in to finding our own path. I’m proud of you
for that.” Because every one of us has to do that if we want to find our way. Even
at risk of losing is better than the first option where we’re guaranteed to
fail. I want to have a shot as opposed to it guarantee of failure. Do you know what I mean?
-Absolutely. And that’s really what today is can you actually become financially
free? And so here’s what I know: You have enough money from your 401K to
buy yourself 1 or 2 homes. And I think if we’re careful, I really want to
go for that 2 numbers. -Absolutely. -Because the goal is can 2 become
4? Well, at a 25 to 30 percent annual ROI, compounding, my goal is to
actually have your portfolio doubled on average every 5 years. Sometimes, it’ll
be 3 or 4. Sometimes it’ll be 6 or 7. But on average, the goal is
every 5 years. Because if if 2 can become 4, then four can become… -Eight.
-And it can become 16. And 16 to 32. And really now, it’s just a matter of time as
saying, “Hey, this real estate on the side can actually produce for me what I want.
And you’re going to learn through this event all the other things that you can
do outside of your 401K to actually accelerate and build more wealth than
just relying only even on that. Because when I took my little bit of money and I
started my first couple homes, I was like, “Wow, this is great. But now I’m waiting.”
-Yeah. -“And I don’t want to wait anymore. Because I’m I’m excited about this. How’d
it go faster?” -Yeah. -That make sense? -Absolutely. -So, here’s my advice for you
today: Number one, congratulations using the
401K in buying real estate I believe is a super smart, super brilliant move.
It’s going to yield you great tax benefits. You’re actually going to get paid on a
monthly basis once it like gets in motion. And it’s an asset that will
grow independent of the stock market and more aggressively and successfully than
a stock market. But I would say that’s a first step. If you say “Hey, Kris. I
just want to work 20 more years at my job. And I’ll just do this on the side.
And instead of putting money in a 401K, I’ll save it up and then buy next house.”
I will tell you right now that buying retirement, you’re going to have made it. If
you want to retire sooner, then you get to say, “Okay, I need an accelerant or 2 or
3.” The 2 accelerants that I would have you think about while you’re here
at this event is once you have a track record on your own homes,
the next thing that you can do is find people in your exact situation. People
that you know that you tell me what you do with your 401K. And today they’re
saying, “You’re crazy.” But guess what they say next year? “Wait, you’re still doing
that thing and you didn’t fall on your face?” And now, they become open. And then
it’s like, “Hey, this is this guy on YouTube. Check out is 4,000 home track
record.” You know, through 2008, the worst economy since great depression.
And all the sudden, “Hell nos” turn into “Hell yeses.” And people go from a “No mine”
to a “yes mine.” That happens with track record. So, the second thing you can do is
actually learn… In time, we’re going to meet people that could actually become our
partners. They have money, we have resources. Let’s go do more real estate.
So, that’s a natural thing that happens once you’ve done everything you can with
your money and then you’re waiting. So, I would recommend that. And then the other
thing that I’m really looking at is an active business. Most people quit jobs
and go into businesses and end up working twice as hard for half the money.
Because they don’t realize, “Oh, my gosh, I’m not an employee with one hat. I’m a
business owner with 15 hats.” And I got more stress. And it doesn’t always mean
more money. But I’m going to share with you during the event standards 5 golden
rule standards I have for how I can have a business on the side that takes
minimal time that actually makes a lot of money. And then that creates an
additional option. So, ultimately today as I give you the blueprint for the million
dollar mindset and game plan. It’s going to be about learning how to keep your
out there and open to this is a step. Now, it’s like now I’m going to look for how
can create additional streams of income to go faster. So, that make sense?
-Absolutely. -So, you guys are going to make it either way. Now, it’s just a matters when do
you want to make it by. -Yeah. -And what do you do to accelerate that. Do you guys
have a gold when you’d like to retire by? -We’ve never actually discussed it, age.
But as soon as possible. -Okay. -As soon as possible. -You know, this is a good moment. Like, most people like, “I’ll probably works on
65.” -No. No, no. We don’t want that. -At least latest is 45. -Yeah. Forties. -How many years does that give us, roughly? -Well 10 for her, 8 for me.
-Alright. Listen. I’ll just tell you, 8 to 10 years with a good plan and willing to
take bold action just like you’re doing right now, you can do that. -That’s what we
want. -And I’m excited for you. -We are so excited. Well, friends, listen. They’re on
their journey to find out if real estate can actually create financial freedom.
And I’m going to impart one last thing with you that they’re going to be learning
tonight. And it’s a principle that I call absolute certainty. It’s something that I
actually learned from Tony Robbins. Had a chance to mentor with him through one of
his high-level masterminds. And as he teaches his principal, what I really love
about it is he basically says, “Anytime you want to create something that you
don’t currently have, you have to convince yourself. You have to
manufacture the most compelling mental evidence that you’ve already done it.” So,
you go in with a certainty. I mean, frankly, that’s why we have Disneyland
because Walt Disney drew a little cartoon picture of a mouse and he went
to a bank and got turned down. Then he went to the next thing. He got turned down 300 times before Bank invested in him. And today with Disneyland, Disney
World all over the world. Right? -It’s place like it’s an amazing organization.
When you look at like J.K Rowling’s. This woman had the manuscript that would
allow her to become America’s the world’s first billionaire author. The
only billionaire author. Her manuscript was shut down 12 times. I hope they put a
big poster there like saying, “We are idiots for turning down J.K Rowlings.” -Yeah.
-But she was persistent. She could have. She was a nobody. She could
have totally given up. She didn’t. Oprah Winfrey was told that she’s not cut out
for journalism. Like, we have all of these people in life that found a way to
create such a deep certainty. And the reality is that certainty is a
choice. So, can you actually become financially free? I think isn’t about
believing it when you see it. It’s actually more about saying, “I’m choosing
to believe it no matter what. I’m all-in a million percent committed
to this. I’ll do whatever it takes.” And then the breadcrumbs manifest and
ultimately lead to the thing we call financial freedom. So, my advice for you
guys is create this compelling evidence in your mind. And that meaning just
decide you are financially free. Spend 5-10 minutes a day in your mind
Palace just rehearsing it, enjoying it, spending the money, being with the kids,
grandkids. This traveling, living the life that you want. And everyday, spending some
time there can create that feeling of, “Wow, I’m feeling inside as if I’ve
already got it.” And that is something I do every single day of my life
practicing the things that I don’t have yet. And somehow it awakens the
universe to allow these ethereal thoughts to manifest in material. So, just
decide. “I’m financially free. I’m fully committed
no matter the failures no matter what I have to go through.” And if you do that,
that’s what will lead to it actually become reality. Make sense? -Absolutely. -You
wanted to do that? -Oh, yeah. -Awesome. You guys have any final thoughts or
questions for me about this whole financial freedom journey that you’re
just getting started with? -No. I mean, we’re just eager to learn more and see
what you got today. Yesterday was so amazing. So… -Well, we’re going to have you
in connecting with one of my coaches today. We’re going to make sure that we’re
clear on our next steps. But the financing paper is done and we’re going to
start getting in a contract. Moving on deals and making it a reality. -Can’t wait.
-Congratulations, my friends. I’m so excited for you guys. And we’ll do a video later
down the road and actually follow back. It’s checking and see how it’s all going, okay?
-Absolutely. -Thank you guys so much for watching today. And thank you both for being here.
Zeke and Vanessa, wonderful human beings. I’m glad they found me on
YouTube. And that we found a way to connect with each other, that we get to
share this experience. If you want to learn more about partnering, more about
your own custom game plan for financial freedom, doing it with or without money
or even attending one of our events. By the way, is that something you’d
recommend? -Absolutely. -Then all you have to do is check the link below.
We’ve got all the information there. Make sure you are a subscriber and we’ll see
you on tomorrow video.


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