CallAction Reviews & Testimonials: Barry Jenkins Ylopo Realtor in Residence & Team Leader

Hey this is Barry Jenkins, I am a team
owner over in Virginia Beach Virginia I’m with Better Homes and Gardens I also
worked for Ylopo as a Realtor in residence and I was just talking with
one of my agents and then I started speaking with Jessie at CallAction kind
of laughing a little bit because two and a half years ago, I remember having a
conversation with Jessie that he asked me how many phone calls that he thought I
had a month? And you know at that time I had I don’t know normally 30 to 40
listings at a time and I told him maybe five inbound phone calls a month and he
said you know, look something’s wrong if that’s what you’re getting and so
I trusted him and honestly I I’m so glad that I did we normally get about a
100 inbound calls a week. The problem was I wasn’t answering my phone, all the
marketing was keyed to my cell phone number and only five people a month
were leaving voicemails. Fast forward two years and we’ve easily brought in over
$500,000 dollars in commissions resulting from inbound phone
calls and text for info codes. The inbound phone call is now the highest
converting moment of our team and that’s because our signs, all of our online
profiles people are being the calls are being routed to my team. My agents are
getting a text message before the phone rings so they know where the call is
coming from even though they don’t recognize the number. So for example if
it’s Zillow or we know they’re calling from that lead source we
know that they’re calling from our one of our signs as well and the result has
been we now have synchronized the inbound phone call we’ve also
synchronized the drip campaign process because some of the data that CallAction is providing in their responses is incredible. You know and so I could go
on and on about it but needless to say the big idea here is because I made a
change in my business and because I decided to track the inbound phone call
and put the right call in the right person’s hand at the right moment
I’ve made over a half a million dollars in commissions for the team. So
definitely you know get an appointment with CallAction, find out what they’re
talking about because it is a game changer for one of the highest
converting moments of a home buyer and a home sellers journey

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