It’s a whole new world! It’s a whole new world!! (Massage chair!) We’re communicating with the chair. Ah that feels goooood! What was I doing with my life so far! This feels so good!! I think I want to come here everyday. (You already said that 234,235 times) If we go home right now and sleep,
I bet we’ll fall right asleep. This is a nice massage chair. (In just a moment…) (Jjimjilbang swag) It’s over. It’s over. I’m born again… brought back in this world. What is it? It’s a bouncy ball! What’s going on?? Wow! Look at Lisa’s! What did you get? (This IS Black Pink…) (They’re just girls who
want a bouncy ball that lights up) Hey! It works! You’re so lucky! I want one too! (Jennie got one, too!) I got it!! I got it!! (Joyous hand wave!) Rosé?? OMG! I was startled! It’s scary!! I want to ride, too!! I’ll get it for you. Get on, Lisa! It’s really scary!! It’s really scary!! It’s scary isn’t it?? (We’ll be back after a drive~) Follow me!! Please give me some money. Chaeyoung, me too! (Chaeyoung quietly takes the money…) (and runs!!!!) I’m going to rest. (Massage chair all the way!) (Determined to lie down) (Here’s another game addict) (Flashy hand motion) (Deep concentration) Noooooooo!!! Nooooooooooooo!! No~~~~ (The character is dead…) I died…TT (Despair…) It’s hot! (Jisoo & Lisa?) It’s warm.
(Ondol couple?) I bet it’s good for you. (Enjoying their 2nd sauna) It’s nice. My back feels nice and cool ^^ It’s nice and COOL~~ (Lisa now knows whatit means
to say its cool when it’s hot ^^) How can I be so happy? (Massage chair addict ^^) I didn’t know I would experience
this kind of happiness in my life. Where do you want to go? Let’s go somewhere cold. Cold? I want to go to a ski resort! I’m good at snowboarding. I’m so tired. I’m good at snowboarding. I’ve never been skiing. I’ve only been sledding when I was young. I’ve never been sledding.
-Really? I can ski and snowboard. Wow! Let’s go! Let’s get ready and go! Hurry! Let’s go someplace cold!! #Betweenhot&cold #howtobeatthecold #part2 We were so warm earlier. Now it’s really cold. It’s really cool. I can’t wait to ride! I want to learn! I’m ready to learn!! I like snowboarding and want to be better at it. So, I thought it might be nice if we could all share my hobby. My foot won’t go in!!! It hurts too much. It hurts. What’s going on? Is it too small? (Did their feet swell
in the sauna?) (While struggling with their boots) Hello! (Saviors arrive) Sorry, we can’t even put our boots on. It’s okay. (Their feet go right in
with a single touch) Hey! It went in!! I got it!! (Now I can finally ride!) (Are you ready?) (Bragging the fit of their
snowsuirts ^^) It’s snowing! (As we all know…the girls bring snow) It didn’t snow for the past few days. We always bring rain and snow. (Not even surprised) Please stop snowing when we leave. What do you need to do even if it snows? Warm up exercise! We’re done! I don’t want to get hurt! (Safety First) I’m not going to get hurt! Try falling like you’re slipping. (You have to fall well to not get hurt) (Falling like dominoes) (The instructor’s flashy entrance) I could never ride like that. (Perfect landing) (Give him a standing ovation!!) (The girls start off from
the beginner slope) I got lessons for two days. (Jisoo’s boarding skills?) When you move… (Oh…you’re pretty good) You’re pretty good. Let’s try going left. I think she needs to go
on a more advanced course. (I have nothing to teach…) (Go down the mountain ^^;;) (You guys didn’t know
I could board so well, huh?) At the bottom already? (Jisoo comes down in an instant) (Jennie’s pretty good, too) Try looking straigh ahead again. I’m too scared to ride! I can’t do it. (Baby steps) I can’t control my speed. Try pulling up your heels. (When you want to stop, pull up your heels) Keep your eyes looking
at the same place (I got it!) My eyes looking at the same place… (Jennie’s muscles start to remember) I think I remember. (Everything looks amazing to Lisa) How did she go back?? Wow, she’s so good! How are they so good? What do I do when I start to go sideways? I’ll hold onto you. Just fall on your bottom. (Not everyone was good ^^;;) (Oh! She’s got it!) (Falls on her bottom!) (You can get hurt if
you fall on your hands) Who is that? Chaeyoung? You have to fall a lot! No, I don’t want to move forward! (She’s falling a lot, don’t worry ^^) Why am I so bad at this! This is pretty serious. (Falls on bottom for 22nd time ^^) Pick up your feet! (I don’t think I’ll make it… leave without me) Slowly, slowly! It’s so scary! I feel like I’m in a scene from “Titanic” (No more thrills, let’s go for romance ^^) Listen to me!! Listen! (Sinks to the ground…) I scream too much ^^ Is Lisa doing alright? (Lisa also has her arms spread out) (One step at a time…) Just pull up so you don’t fall… (She’s being dragged down ^^;;;) (What happened to Lisa with good form??) (Okay?? Are you sure??) (Falls on bottom & knees) Keep holding it up so it doesn’t get caugh! Look ahead! (Lisa kept sweeping the ground ^^;;) Did you guys ride? My muscles remember. We were both… (Our body did what it wanted…^^;;) Can you go to the top? (To the top??) (You want us to come down this slope??) Let’s go down the intermediate slope!! Go there?? I think they’ll be scared. Chaeyoung, let’s stay here. Yeah, let’s be safe. Yeah, let’s stay here and be safe. You two practice here. Jisoo and Jennie can come up. (Jen & Chu to the Intermediate Course)


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