Snow covered Blackpink House (Where are you guys??) “H” Mart in Hapjeong I’m here! Guess
where we are! Do you remember this place? We used to come here a lot as trainees. (The girls have come to
fill up their fridge) (The fridge situation
this morning) It’s completely empty! There’s only water?? (Completely empty…) I think we’ll have to buy everything. (The girls can’t live off water) I’m hungry. (Writing out their
shopping list) Instant rice, kimchi, gochujang pork belly, instant doenjang stew mix You know the one we can
just add water and boil. Hot chillies, laver Did you buy laver? (The girls plan on buying
only what’s on the list) We have to buy ingredients
for kimchi fried rice. We have to buy gochujang. It’s over there. Hot green chillies. What is that? No, that’s gochujang bulgogi seasoning. Where is the gochujang? What about hot chillies? (Calmly, slowly, one at a time…) We have to buy kimchi… Just one? There it is. There are the hot chillies. Gochujang… Can we buy this? Sure! When Jisoo approves,
the item goes into the cart. Since we’re Black Pink… Black & Pink seasoning ^^ (What did we miss?) We just have to get pork
belly now. We need to get instant rice, too. Is it over there? (While Jisoo looks around…) I want to buy Lego! Hey!! Look at this!
(23 and 22-year-olds into toys) Let’s buy this! Wow, I want it. I want it. I want these two. Remember Children’s Day. I feel like I’m a child again. It’s coming up. Children must be so happy these days. (There are too many things
the girls want to buy!) Buy it if you like it. It looks good with your outfit. I want to try it on. It’s a sleeping vest. (They seemed to be back
grocery shopping…) (Delicious rice puffs…) (Talking with their eyes) Can we try some? It looks good. I want to try some! (This is why people
come to big discount chains ^^) It’s so good!! +grain puffs How much do we need to buy? 500 grams? We need some pork belly
to make kimchi fried rice. Let’s go! (Of course, we can’t leave
out riding the shopping cart!) We have to do this at the grocery store! It’s heaven!! Aisle 29: jelly, soft candy, gum,
chocolate, traditional snacks This looks good…milk flavor. (Taste of heaven…jelly) #buyingeverything
#shopping_the_end I’m hungry!! It’s heavy!! (Dal-gom greets the girls) Look at Dal-gom!
-So cute! Dal-gom, we’re back! (A pile of groceries) Curling with snacks ^^ (It was fun shopping…but
there’s too much to organize.) Let’s put the kimchi fried rice
ingredients over here… We make kimchi fried rice often. We all like it. I think we have to mince
the meat. We have to cut the kimchi. We have to wash the hot chillies
before chopping them. And…
(Buffering…) (Master Chef Jennie ready to go!) (Expert kimchi fried rice maker) (Cut the kimchi into bite-size pieces) We can start cooking the pork belly, right? (Start cooking the meat
to get the oils) You guys…I burned the meat… (The meat has been overcooked) Cook it slowly over low heat. (Mastering kimchi fried rice is… like the last step Lisa has
to take to become Korean.) Will I do well? Lisa, we need to sligtly undercook it because we need to add
other ingredients and keep cooking. Let’s just put it to the side
and eat it with the fried rice. The meat’s been cooked well though. (2nd attempt) I think we can put the kimchi in now. (When the redness slowly disappears… today’s main ingredient,
kimchi, goes into the pan!) I’ll put the rice in! That’s a lot of rice. (Happy ^^) (Secret ingredient: seasoned gochujang) It’ll be gochujang fried rice. This combination has to be delicious. (Stir well so the sauce
mixes well into the rice) (Take out the strawberries
that were in the fridge) and put them on a plate for dessert. (We are ready to eat!) Where did you put the towel? (Pork belly kimchi fried rice) (Dessert) Thank you for the meal! (Simple yet delicious!) It’s really nothing… (She may not be the best cook,
but she knows how to eat it well) It’s pretty good.
-Green peppers? (Want a bite?) (The peppers are delicious) (This girl can film on an eating show
with a simple green pepper ^^) What are you doing today, Chaeyoung? I’m going to the aquarium
and then to an LP record shop. It’s a new hobby, so I’m collecting
them one by one. I bought all of these online. I heard the shop sells special ones. So, I’m going to check it out
and buy a lot! I want to go to the aquarium. Didn’t we all go three years ago? It’s been three years? Pack some for her to take along! I’ll go to the aquarium and… (It’ll be quite a sight ^^;;) #aquarium #familyreunion It’s Joo-hwang! #blackpink_secretlives


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