Let’s go, let’s go!
-It’s cold! Let’s go inside! If we go in, there
will be warm food… (Where are these
girls going?) Don’t you feel like we’re back
in the 70s & 80s already? (Retro roller skating rink!!) (The retro 70s and 80s vibe
seen only through dramas) Roller skates all lined up
in a row on one side The main stage where people of
all ages can skate around There’s a Taiwanese movie called “Our Times” I watched the main characters on roller skates and thought…I’m really good at roller skating! The girls’ expressions
show their tastes ^^ You know how to ride roller skates, right? Yes! (The girls put on roller skates
during the MV shoot for “Boombayah”) (They danced and even jumped in them!) Hey, even babies are skating around. Look. Take it one step at a time. Think back to when we were filming “Boombayah” Don’t fall!
(Jennie’s learning step by step) Look! There are
a lot of babies! You can do it!
(If kids can do it, so can you!) Be careful! Take steps! One step at a time. It’s scary!
(Not moving ^^;;) Look at him! Oh, he’s good. I’m scared. Good, good! One foot at a time. You can’t keep both feet on the ground. (The girls make it to the stage…) (But will they both be able
to enjoy skating?) Good, good! Try to let go of me. Good, good.
One foot at a time. (What’s going on!) It’s been 1.5 years since
shooting “Boombayah” I forgot everything Jisoo wasn’t scared at all. Like this!
(Follow after me!) (You can’t be scared to roller skate!) (Jisoo flies around the stage) (So much fun!!) (Jennie on the other hand…) It’s scary!
I’m scared. How did we film
wearing these??? We went round and round,
don’t you remember? Let’s watch people riding Where’s the baby?
The one that’s good? That boy is the roller skating king ^^ Is there a way to skate well? Look! Wow!! (A good example of the right posture) Do you think he came from the past? (The girls can’t just be envious!) (Holding hands tightly) I’m a little better now. (The girls also held hands while filming) Yeah, we rode like this in the MV! Oh, I think I got it. You got it! (The feeling’s coming back!) We went around once!
-You’re getting confident! No, don’t let go! It’s scary. Can you pull me?? (Aren’t you supposed to do
skate like this?) I think I’m improving. I’m getting more confident behind you. Do you think love blossomed
while people rode like this in the past? Follow me! (The girls are getting closer
to sharing each other’s interests ^^) I’m copying you. (Both fall down) Are you okay? It hurts!! (She’s not okay) It hurts because we’re youth ^^;; (Eh? ^^;;;) (Two youth that are hurt ^^) I don’t think this fits my taste ^^;; This is too hard. Will the girls fail
at sharing their interests? I’ll film you with a 70s 80s vibe. #rollermachine Keep going. I’ll just shoot your legs. Jennie’s tastes have to do more
with filming ^^ Good! Love it! (At a retro MV filming site!) It’s pretty! Sharing each other’s interests! Where is Li-Chaeng off to now? Let’s go to a place that suits my tastes! I want to make another bet. Where did Li-Chaeng go to? We’ve finally arrived at
my dream land! Basketball hoops
and rockclimbing walls? A trampoline area for adults! I’m so excited!! (Did something just pass us?) (Glasses and hat also land
at the same time ^^) Your glasses fell off ^^;; Hello!
(Acting composed) (Lee Jeong-hyuk of “V” Trampoline) We’ll learn the basic safety rules first. (The girls learn the safety rules
and do warm-up exercises) I’m not going to get hurt! (Yes. Let’s not get hurt!) We’re going to learn how to jump. There are ways to keep your
balance when you jump. We’ll learn the “hurray” jump first. Put your hands in the air like
you’re shouting “hurray” and jump. (high and fast) (Rosé is pretty good.
She’s doing what she wanted to do!) (Lisa is jumping…
but something’s not right) (There’s a height difference…) (Arms and legs not moving
as Lisa wants ^^;;;) This doesn’t seem right…^^;; Put your feet straight out. (Step 2. Sit down and stand up jump) (Where is Lisa?) Get back up again. (Big bow. Happy New Year again!) Lisa! I didn’t know
you would get so scared! Pull in your knees in the air! (Lisa kept falling on her
knees and bottom ^^;;) (Lisa showed off a variety
of falling(?) skills…) (before breaking down ^^;;;) Are your legs too long??
Do they keep getting caught? Oh, that could be right. What are you talking about! Compared to Koreans…
she does have long legs. Her heels touch the floor first. (Let’s find out) (Her heels do touch first ^^) Her heels touch first.
-Yeah, her heels get in the way. Poor thing…
your legs are too long! Poor girl with long legs. She’s our main dancer! (You suddenly want to dance??) (Please look at me!) (I can’t jump but I can dance!) I’ll show you. (Step 3: Knee-bottom-get up combination jump) You jump then fall on your knees
then fall on your bottom. Wow! That’s so cool!
Really!! (Keeps going hearing it’s cool ^^) Pull in your knees in the air! Success!! Rosé completes all three levels. Rosé discovers another talent
on top of archery. You’re good! Chaeyoung, you’re a master! Hold it with two hands… She dunks and shoots!! Score!! Success!! Technical score: 10
Artistic score: 10 She dunks!! (We could put this on
some sneakers!) A little higher! (Rotational force +1) (Rosé has athletic skills) You can’t lose now.
Try it yourself! (Lisa’s steps lack confidence…) I’m scared.
I can’t go. (Good jump!) With power!! Lisa disappears… (Sudden prayer mode in front of the basket) (She can’t lift her head ^^;;;) You should have seen yourself! (Please just pretend
like you didn’t see anything) You were doing some kind
of comic skit!! (Nothing seems to be
working out for Lisa today) (It’s okay. You’re #1 for airtime ^^) I’m so hot. So, did you think of a game? For another bet? What kind of game is there? Oh, we can do this. We can jump and take a picture. We’ll say 1, 2, cheese!! Let’s take it with the
weirdest pose. So, which is the best? Which picture is the funniest. (Funny pictures are worth a try) I need some ideas. (Let me warm up first) How was it?
-Wait a minute! Okay, I’ll try taking it first. 1, 2, 3! I got it!! I got it!! Title: Twisted bread stick in the air So, we have one picture. I need one more. (Sudden stop) Wait. Be creative! (This girl is
dead serious ^^;;;) There’s two left. Deer, deer!
-Deer? 1, 2, 3! (Pose 1)
-Was that it? 1, 2, 3! (The model selects the pictures) This one.
-I love it. Deer flying up / Mosco You choose these then? (Thinking about her pose) Oh, this is hard. I don’t think I can do it. 1, 2, 3! (The person with longer arms
and legs has an advantage) You have to see this. (For the artist’s protection ^^;;) Title: That person in Osaka I don’t think this is it. Retake!
1, 2, 3! (Putting everything into
0.1 seconds!) (A creative leg angle) This looks awesome!!! (Can’t….speak…) (why…..why????) (We’ll show you…
but no screen captures please!!) I like this one. Floating ninja / Rubber legs and arms Let’s delete the rest. I don’t think these are funny.
They’re kinda amazing. You were really good. You were good. I think I’m going to lose. No, this is up to Jennie and Jisoo’s taste. Good work. This was tough. We did a good job today. The end… Or so you thought! What’s going on? (A VERY familiar video) Ah!! So embarassing!! What is this!! I can’t think of anything. (No need to look at the screen) (The members are right here!) Black Pink is here!! Oh my… Hi!! Me too, me too! I want to join in! LIVE shouting!! (Who are the kids and
who are the adults?) (Where did the
embarassed girls go?) They’re having the most fun ^^ (Chaeng’s right here) (Can’t control her lively spirit) Following Lisa’s dance That’s Lisa Help!!! I’ll save you! Save me!!!! Getting to know what
each other likes… Enjoying the same hobbies Putting on the same face… Experiencing the same things… Like any friends of the same age… You’re going to let go again! (How did she know?) That’s how the two had fun
without any worries about others. Sharing each other’s interests!

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