(Jennie’s Tour) #speedqueen
#wannagetsoaked Let’s go out to sea! -Bye!
-Bye! (We’ll be back! Bye!) (We’re kinda scared…) I get really seasick
(S-E-A-S-I-C-K) I get really seasick. (Jenny ends up giving up
due to seasickness) You’re not interested? Bye! Come back alive! I’m not going to ride it. The boat carrying Jisoo Lisa
heads to the parasailing point I’m scared! Why is it going so fast? What do you mean?
It’s time to fly! (It’s time to fly) (Face freezes)
It looks really scary. (Lisa goes first~)
I’m off! (Brave Lisa) Ah! Am I really going? (Yes, you are ^^) Bye, Lisa~
(A last farewell?) Ahh! I’m scared! I’m going to up! Ahh! (Flying up into the sky) (Taking pictures into the sky) (with a single shout
Lisa is completely in the air) (Entirely feeling
the ocean and sky) Higher and higher…! Wait a minute! (The freedom felt up in the air) Wow! It’s really high! (It’s REALLY high!) It’s so high! (This is worth taking a picture.) Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
(Please respond to me!) This could be embarassing but, it was great coming on this trip
together for the first time. I want to make great memories together
before we go back. I love you guys so much! I want to go jetskiing again.
(We’re a little bored) I want to buy a jetski
when I make more money. Me, too! You can leave it in storage and
when you need it you can use your car. (What should I do about
seasickness…?) (Flying up in a seated position) Mom!!! (Jisoo, the good daughter, thinking
about mom while in Thailand.) (Taking a photo of the good daughter) (Let’s think about the camera
a little bit later) (And admire the hair while she
catches her breath ^^) If you fall here it would really hurt
because it’s so far up. (Are you sure?
There’s no way ^^;;) It’s me! It’s me, Kim Jisoo. How was it? (These two grew tired of waiting) We couldn’t wait for you guys to get back. (Lisa and Jisoo make it back safe.) We went really, really high up. (Loves the thrill of heights)
I saw it, too. You guys went up pretty high. -It was fun!
-It looked fun! (Interested again hearing it’s fun!) But you might not be able to ride. Why? You have to go out pretty far. Ah…seasickness. Do you get seasick on the boat? It was bearable.
But if you get seasick easily… -Wow! (I want to fly, too!)
-It looks like fun! Was it really difficult? (I should go with Rosé…) (Finally! Jennie and Rosé are heading out?) (Wrong! Lisa goes instead.) -I’m dizzy.
-Yay!! -Fighting!!
(Loves anything that’s high up.) I love high places!! -I can go alone.
-No, it’s okay. Who’s going to take pictures
for you if you go alone? (Aww, mini heart attack!) It was her first time so I thought
she would want to take pictures. Sad Jennie Let’s go to a higher place! (Don’t worry about your pictures!) It’s so beautiful! I’m so happy!! (Something’s in the air with Rosé) There’s a drone here!
(Hi, drone?) Chaeyoung is back safe and sound. (Lisa is starting to feel seasick.) Are you okay? (Chaeyoung is worried about Lisa.)
Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s look straight ahead. (Lisa had been on the boat for two hours.) (She got seasick as
soon as she got on.)
-I’m seasick. I’m seasick, too. (But she was happy to get on
the boat again for Rosé.) -I’m dizzy.
-You’re dizzy? -It’s okay.
-Why did you come?! (She fought off her seasickness
and took pictures for Rosé.) -How was it?
-It was fun. Did you leave a message while
you were up in the sky? -I did.
-What did you say? -It’s a secret.
-Why?? -Tell me.
-Find out through the broadcast. You can tell me though, can’t you? We’re friends! I love my members! Hi, Lisa! We fight sometimes
but I love you a lot! (You’re such a good friend) (They may have little arguments but still care for each other the most) (Lisa and Rosé, best friends
of the same age) You have to go left and then right! (The highlight of Jennie’s Tour,
banana boat riding!) Your breathing is important! (We have to stick together!)
-Bye!! (Lisa can’t stay still) Let’s go!! -Are we going to fall in the water?
-I’m scared. (We just want to sightsee!) Let’s just go slowly, looking around. If you drop up us (in the water),
no money for you! Okay? (We have no money, anyways!) Don’t provoke him! Stop provoking him!! (Lisa’s suggestion has been accepted) Hold on tight!! One more time!! It’s really scary!! It’s been a long time!!? (They’re speeding up!) You drop us, no money!! (Here it is in slow motion ^^) (Wobble) Direction guys!! Sense of direction! Captain Jennie’s
frantic shouts! Direction!! It’s not as easy as it looks. We’re not going to fall! We’re awesome! (You’re really not going to fall?) (Wobble, wobble) (Direction!!) (Falling in the water,
falling into water activities) I was having a hard time, but
seeing all of us in the water was fun. (The fun times at Koh Samui beach
made Jennie forget about seasickness) #KohSamuiBlackpinkTour

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