(A place where the beach
looks like a blue carpet) (and the border between
the sky and sea disappeared) (Where it looks like
Europe has been replaced) (Where night is hotter than day
Koh Samui) (Koh Samui) Now that we’re here, it really
seems like we’re overseas. (Koh Samui Airport) Our fans are here! -Blackpink is in Koh Samui.
-Koh Samui. We’re at Koh Samui. (They arrived early
to greet Blackpink.) It really feels like
we’re in Thailand now. It really is
an unpredictable trip. It’s not a trip to Bangkok,
it’s a trip to Koh Samui. I’m so excited.
My heart is pounding. -There aren’t
-There’s an ATM. many stores here. There’s not much here. I think we’re supposed to bring
everything we need. (There aren’t many stores.) (There aren’t many people.) But why do I feel we’re going
farther from the ocean? (A place where there’s no ocean
and very secluded?) I think we’ll need to sleep
in a place with a lot of grass. Oh, my… -Like a little shack
-Right? with a small tree
and a lot of stones around. I think he just wrote luxury
to fool us. (The boss’ big picture
Deserted island and jungle?) (It can’t be.) Jennie kept saying that
she was becoming nervous. So I became nervous too. (The nervousness spreads) Koh Samui. (The car is going into
a forest.) Where are we going? It’s really going far. -What…
-Aren’t we near the mountain? No. (It can’t be.) I think we’re here. It’s so scary. Hurry! Hurry! (They thought they arrived
at the hotel in Koh Samui.) -Here it is.
-I’m so nervous. -They’re here.
-Why are they happy? I don’t know. They’re just happy because
they don’t know anything, right? (They get on
after being told to.) (On alert) (What? It drives away
as soon as they get on.) -No!
-Where are they taking us? But you know… -Chae Young.
-Tell us the truth! -What did we do wrong?
-I know. -Why are they smiling like that?
-I can’t see anything. -Stop smiling!
-Don’t smile! We can’t sit
at the front anyway. I’m not sure
if I’m just too suspicious. (We hope you will be happy.) -I’m scared.
-Look over there. Blackpink friends, let’s go! Let’s find a hotel room. This must be it. (After a while,
they arrived somewhere.) Let’s go inside. Where? Where are we going? Hey, let’s go! (The younger two, who are
fearless, went in first.) (The other two
followed them inside.) (What could it be inside?) This is amazing. (Wow!) -Wow!
-Wow! (Jennie is amazed.) This is great! This is really nice. -What is this?
-It’s a teddy bear. I want to look around. (Blackpink’s hotel is worth
taking a look around.) (Four people and more could fit
in this bathroom.) Wow. This is the shower room. (It’s wide open though.) It’s really revealing. It’s a bit embarrassing. I don’t want to wash up. There’s a swimming pool? We have a pool! (There’s even a private pool!) We can go swimming
whenever we want. (It’s too early to be in awe.) It’s a pool. (It gets even better
in daytime.) (You can see
the ocean from here.) (It’s a pool villa where you can
really enjoy and relax.) (Welcome to Koh Samui.) -Look at that.
-Why is there cola there? Maybe someone was drinking it. There’s a message! (A welcome message
with some sweet deserts) There are even macaroons. This is our room. “Hi, Jisoo Kim. Hi, Jennie Kim.” Jisoo Kim and Jennie Kim,
have a drink. Then can you all leave now? Wow. Fine. How can you wear shoes
in our room? (Fine) The boss didn’t do
anything to us. We love you, Koh Samui! -Thank you so much.
-I’m so happy! (This moment must be recorded.) (Blackpink is happy
to be at Koh Samui.) (Jennie is a black-lover.
Her night gown is black too.) (All of her clothes are black.) I need to fold this. I’m going to wash up,
one step at a time. (Be careful
in the dark hallway.) I think it’ll be okay here. Hi! (Jisoo is here.) I’m free. I’m chilling! This is the bathroom. (Still moving one step
at a time.) (Stubbed her toe in the corner.) (Everyone knows how that feels.) I almost died. It might seem like
I will film myself washing my face
with this camera here, but that won’t be the case.
Let’s end it here. (The disappointed Blinks’ voices
can be heard at Koh Samui.) I’m going to go and wash up now. (We’ll see no make-up Jennie
next time.) Bye. I’m done washing up. I always put a facial mask on. -So…
-I want to show this off. -This…
-I bought one too. -I used it already.
-We love hair clips! (Jennie and Jisoo love clips.) I will bite you! Blink! Good night. That was really cheesy. (See you tomorrow.) Bye. (The night has passed
and Koh Samui showed itself.) (Taking in the view
we didn’t see yesterday) (The elder girls are going
to see the younger ones.) Is the door open? Come here! What? Is this the right place? (They’re gone?) Is this the wrong place? Are they in the shower? They’re not here. (Where are they?) They’re not here. (Surprise) -Here we are.
-No! You guys are really good
at hiding. How did the covers look so flat? It really looked like
no one was here. I almost suffocated. No, seriously.
I thought it was just blankets. Make sure you can’t be seen. (20 minutes before) (Making it flat) (Why aren’t they here yet?) I really thought
it was just blankets. (This is fun.) -Come here.
-Come here. -Come here.
-There’s water there. Come here. (I got you!) Chae Young, hold on. (Stay right there.
I’ll go to you!) (It’s only been one night
that they are apart.) (They are happier together.) We have to hurry and do that. We need to explore outside
starting from today. Can’t I just sleep in? (Whining) (They have no will to go out.) No. We need
to start scheduling our plans. (They have no plans.) (Then there’s no choice.) I will start first. I’m going to make plans. I’m only going to do the ones
that sound fun. There’s always that one person who makes a list of things to do
when on a trip. (I told you to listen to me.) -I’m really sleepy.
-Jisoo. There are a lot of things
that I want to do. Make plans of
what we want to do? If there’s something
you want to do. I’m only going to do the ones
that sound fun. I want to have breakfast first. (Pounding) (Preparing breakfast already) (Yummy) (Blackpink needs an itinerary.) Why am I sad? Why are you doing that? (Stay indoors and relax.) (I’m going to write everything
I want to do.) Are you on a diet? I’m done. Lisa, you start. This place is really nice. My title is really great. It’s the Lisa tour. Lisa tour? First, stay indoors all day
and go out at night. (Isn’t it great
just thinking about it?) Second, go to the market
and have dinner. Go to the bar on the beachside,
watch the fire show, and chill. (Her plan is to sleep,
eat, and have fun.) You really put in a lot of
thought into this, didn’t you? If we only go out at night,
it will be such a waste of time. Even if you’re tired,
we’ve come all the way here. We should go take a look around. (Jisoo is worried about
Lisa’s plan.) (But she ate really well
at the night market.) (And she had the most fun
at the fire show.) Do you want to hear mine?
Don’t be surprised. -First…
-That looks weird. You really drew well. First, it’s a person lying down.
Look at this. It looks so comfortable. -Second, get a message.
-Yours is lying down! Third, lie down. And roll around. This is really great! -What do you want to do?
-I want to sleep. I hear birds. Does that feel good? Then it’s my turn. Chae Young’s tour. Go to a high palace. -“Palace”?
-It should be “place”. She’s going to a high palace. That’s right. I’m going to a high palace. Oh, my. (The Thai is correcting Korean.) (She is not a foreigner.
She is Korean-Thai Lisa.) (This is the high place
that Rosé will go to!) (Relive stress at a high place) “Jennie’s tour.” (Lastly, Jennie’s tour?) I’m going to go to the beach.
Then I’ll drink water. Water? Not the water in the pool. You should drink water. Do you know why this is pool? It means let’s come back home.
To the pool. What does sea sickness
supposed to mean? -Sea sickness.
-Sea sickness. -Sea sickness.
-Sea sickness. -Okay.
-I have sea sickness. (Just as planned,
they went to the beach.) It’s cold! (We drank a lot of water.) But these four are so different. (All of their plans
are really different.) That’s right. (What are we going to do?) Let’s do it all. (All of this?) (Yes, all of it.) -Let’s go.
-Let’s go! (Shall we start getting ready?) This is so funny. I dreamed of
something like this. Waking up in the morning saying,
“Oh, I slept well.” Then dive in. (#Take 1: Stretch
#Take 2: Jump in) -It’s the ocean.
-Wow! Look at the ocean. (It’s the ocean!) -It feels like we’re on a trip.
-It finally does feel like one? Chae Young. No. -Chae young!
-Please stop her. (She has dipped her legs
into the water.) Chae Young’s legs look
exactly like its reflection. When we go to the beach,
will you go into the water? -Sure.
-Sure? We need to get going
before the sun goes down. -Let’s go. Hurry.
-You should do it. -Hurry, hurry, hurry!
-Hurry, hurry, hurry! (1. Lie down
She was already doing it.)


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