(As the sun sets,
the more it turns pink.) (First night in their trip
Where is Blackpink going?) (The mood has changed
quite a lot from the day.) (You girls don’t look familiar.) (While holding flowers,
where are the girls going?) (“M” Rooftop Bar) (A nice place on top of a hotel
where the night view is great.) (The view shows a view
of the far distance.) (A place where you can see
the entire city) This place is really up high. It’s really pretty here. It’s really pretty. (The view is pretty,
and so are you!) -It’s really great here.
-The sky is pink. (As if the sky was painted) (The pink sky greets them.) I’ve been there with Jennie
in the beginning of this year. It was really beautiful,
and we could see everything. Since we are all
in Thailand together, I thought it would be nice to go
with all of the members. There are so many
high-rise buildings in Bangkok. Why are the building here
so huge? (#Lisa’s Tour #Rooftop at Night
Lisa’s Refreshing Choice) It’s really big. It’s so cool. (The 360-degree view
must be seen.) I’m so happy. High places are always great. It’s so pretty.
I’m going to cry. -Wow
-But really… (Two photo shoots
are taking place.) (Are you guys
on a trip together?) This is really shocking to me. -One, two…
-That’s great. One, two, three.
She’s really pretty. (#No Matter How It’s Taken
It’s a Great Shot) Look here. One, two… (Is this a photo shoot?) One, two… (That’s why we prepared this.) (We will not subtitle it
so you can scrap the shots.) It’s so pretty. -I have to take one.
-This is just crazy. (When will you girls be done
taking photos?) It’s really pretty right now. (She’s been saying, “oh, my god”
for the past 30 minutes.) (Blackpink’s photo time doesn’t
seem to be ending anytime soon.) -That’s great.
-Is this our reality show? We’re not doing anything.
We’re just… (Blackpink’s daily life is
nothing without picture taking.) -One, two…
-Take one of me. (She strikes a pose even while
she’s talking.) Over there. My hair. (Looks at the camera
and take a pose) This will not end. That’s not a good one. (It only started to die down
once the sun set.) -This came out well.
-I took it. The only thing we take
from a trip are photos. The last time we were here,
the atmosphere was great. That’s right. It was really great here. But when we got back to Korea,
we didn’t get to bring photos. Right. It was a shame. Once you come here, you’ll know what the night
in Bangkok is like. (Title “Night in Bangkok,”
Moving piece of art) It’s really amazing. It’s amazing. -Are you ready?
-Let’s do it. (Isn’t this…) Jack! Jack! It really feels like
I’m on a ship. It’s really… (They’re in a world
of their own.) It really feels like I’m flying.
You try it. -Let me try.
-It really feels like flying. I’m flying. Right? Look afar. (People who have never been
on the rooftop) (and those who have been
sure acting differently.) -It’s great.
-It feels like flying, right? -I’m flying!
-She’s funny. (I’m flying.) Let’s take pictures of them. (Flapping) (After flying a bit,
the girls…) Let’s toast to our first trip. Cheers. (To our first trip. Cheers!) Let’s begin. (A sip of the cocktail) (A sip of the view) Did your parents leave? Yes, they did. -Really?
-Please thank them for us. -Okay.
-We couldn’t even thank them. Lisa was the only one
who came to our parent’s house -That’s right.
-and had meals with them. And since we had the opportunity
to have a meal with Lisa’s parents,
I feel happy. There were a lot of times that
Lisa ate with me and my parents. I’ve always thought that Lisa must be
missing her parents as well. On holidays, we all went home. And since Lisa couldn’t go,
the boss gave her some allowance and as soon as she received it,
she bought a ukulele with it. And she spent the whole holiday
playing that in the dorm. That really was a shock to me. At that time, ukuleles were
the thing in Thailand. It really surprised me that Lisa
always knew what’s on trend. It’s because I need to talk
to my mom a lot. -You do talk to her a lot.
-It’s difficult to communicate. And Lisa always carried around
heavy backpacks everywhere she went. It’s because she didn’t know when or where she might need
to video call her mom. That’s right. (Mama’s girl) How was it today? I love it here.
I like it here the best. Right. It’s really great here. I really wanted to come here
when I saw your photos. By looking at our pictures? It was great. It’s even prettier at night. -It really is really pretty.
-That’s right. It’s really difficult to go
to a place like this in Korea. It is difficult to have perfect
weather like this, too. -Everything…
-The weather is perfect. (A perfect Blackpink night) I could really enjoy my time. It was like being on a vacation. This is what
everyone dreams, right? It was really great
to come to a place far from Seoul
with a great view. It was nice because
the four of us are all together, talking and enjoying our time. (Great to just look and enjoy) (The four of them
enjoyed the day,) (which is like a gift for them.) (The sensible and relaxing
night in Bangkok begins.) (Lisa’s Bangkok tour: last
destination for the first day) Isn’t this an amusement park? What is this? (Asiatique) (Bangkok’s night market
A must-go tour spot) (Where are Rosé and Lisa
heading to?) Show him our tickets. (A Ferris wheel where you can
see the night view of Bangkok) I’m so excited. It’s going up. (Rosé and Lisa
love the height.) It’s faster than I thought. Look, it’s them. What is that? That looks so fun.
They are driving mini ATVs. Let’s get off and join them. (Let’s go!
Enjoying the speed at night.) (Catch me if you can!) (I’m coming!) (They drive mini ATVs
and shoot balls) (like there’s no tomorrow.) (What’s next?) This is pretty too. Like that. I want to shop. -Really?
-Should I buy this? This is pretty. (They stop at the entrance
of the shopping mall.) It’s pretty. Look at this. (They can’t move
two steps forward.) Look at this. It’s so cute. (What now?) My bangs are really giving me
a lot of trouble. I always have to take
this around. It’s flat again. (It’s covering my sight.) (Do something about my hair.) (This is really annoying.) -We will…
-We’ll only buy necessities. Or maybe something unique. -Oh, my.
-Let’s go look at the t-shirts. Why are the t-shirts dancing? (Club t-shirts are
something “unique.”) This is really pretty.
Look at this. (Fancy ball
Not a necessity, but unique) Doesn’t this look comfortable? It really does. Should I get it?
It’s only 150 baht. (Ends up buying everything.) (The night in Bangkok
is hotter than the day.)


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