We are taking off soon. -I’m nervous.
-Me too. I’m going to have
the in-flight meal. We just ate. I’m going to eat it. How are you? -I’m excited.
-Me too. Thailand. You don’t look excited enough.
Give me more. Thailand! (So excited!) (Excited for the meal,
and for Thailand.) (Bye for now, Seoul!) This is a banana lip balm. (In-flight beauty essentials) I bought five of these. (Emergency lip balm zone, even
inside a plane) I gave one to Chaeyoung. (My bangs are special too.) And I gave it out to people. Are you Michael Jackson? You look so cool. That is so cool. (Showing the fan
a cool Moonwalk) You are so cool. Come on, in-flight meal.
Come on. (Come on, meal!) Come on, come here. (Here I am! The in-flight meal) Here is some bread for you. I’ll give you some more.
Do you want this one? -Yes, please.
-Okay. (We eat a lot, right?) (After eating more bread.) (they’re having steak.) (Lounge meal: salad, appetizer
and drink, and now steak) (The city that never sleeps!
Night view for great photos.) (Best night view!
Everybody, Blackpink-night!) (1 a.m., Suvarnabhumi Airport) (Screaming) (Thai fans gathered to see
Blackpink) (Taking photos to take in
their every move) (Moving to their hotel) Have to run now
What else can I do I’m immature, and I have no fear You are a true entertainer now. You’re now an entertainer! (A Thailand tour with the
reality show celebrity, Lisa) Wow. Jennie, Jennie! Anyone hungry?
I have some pudding. -Wow.
-Wow. Wow. -That is so cute.
-So cute. Did you get this? Jisoo. I got a present. What is that, Lisa? On top of
that. It looks like a fish. -A fish?
-Yes. It looks like a round A. -“Ni.”
-That’s “ni”? -“Ni.”
-“Ni” Not “ni.” Just “ni.” (Jisoo starting her random
conversation) Ni. Did you have dinner? Ni. Are you not going to pay me
back? Are you not going
to answer my calls? How about 1000 for each wrist? (Saying famous lines
from movies) This is so nice. So this is what it’s like to go
on vacation. I’m happy. -What do you mean?
-What was that? What was that for? This is what it’s like
to go on vacation. I’m so happy. (As they follow along the neon
signs that brighten up the dark) (the hotel that Blackpink will
be staying at slowly appears.) -So the three of us…
-Let’s go in. Let’s go in. (Arrived!) -It’s like a house.
-Wow. -It’s like a house.
-Just like a house. (Pink, pink) (Is this another Blackpink house
in Thailand?) (The bed is big enough
for the four of them) (And another bedroom for those
who toss and turn at night) (Don’t get surprised,
the bathroom is twice its size!) What is this? Can I eat it? There is a room here. -I want this.
-We sleep in twos. Two people have to sleep apart,
and two together. -It’s together.
-Wait. The room is so cramped here. I want this one. I like this, too. I like this better. Isn’t it a bit stuffy there? -We are in Thailand.
-How is it? I can’t believe it yet.
It doesn’t feel like Thailand. -Is it a prank show?
-Prank show. We should go
around a lot tomorrow. Right. -I love it.
-Let’s wash up and sleep. -Bye.
-Bye. (Hey) My roommate this time. Chaeyoung. (Famous scene from
“The Outlaws”) “Do you know who I am?
I’m Chen Jang.” -Me likey.
-This is cool. The window is so big. (Getting amazed
at the window size) -Wait, we…
-We’re twins. Look at this.
Black, and not white. Okay. (Let’s just go to bed.)

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