(What will happen today?) -This is fun.
-How many are there? -What?
-How many are there? There are a lot. I think there are hundreds. There are so many that I don’t
know what we should read first. (There are more than a thousand
emails sent to Blackpink.) (The guerilla fan meeting
ended in success.) (Even with the heartful gifts,) (the fans could not leave.) For those who didn’t receive our
gift, please send us an email. We will choose just one person, and give you a big present. (Have you heard of it?) (Just one) (Just one Blink) (It’ll be a legendary gift.) Watching the videos of you, your English sounds so awesome. Thanks to Blackpink, -I’ve become better in English.
-Wow. Fans from abroad
sent us a lot too. I am Blackpink’s
number one fan. I love Blackpink. Good luck to all of you! But I live all the way
in Singapore. The Netherlands. She lives in Germany alone. (Blinks from all over the world
have been summoned.) Hi. I’m an exchange student
at Sungkyunkwan University. I must go back to Indonesia
on December 26th. If I can receive the gift… (If I can receive the gift…) It’ll really,
absolutely, honestly, be a great memory for me. Hello. I’m a blink
who loves Blackpink. Thanks to you,
my grades are getting better. How will we read all of this? There were so many. It was only a day and a half… (This much) (They each read them.) This is really sad. Why? I’m an overseas student. I go
abroad to do community service. My schedule was for me to go
to an orphanage in Bali and return on December 5th. I was really excited to go to
my favorite singer, Blackpink’s fan meeting
the day after I got back. However, a volcano erupted
a few days before my return. So I needed to serve a few days
longer and I couldn’t make it. I was so sad that I couldn’t go,
so I’m writing you today. (Works of nature kept a fan
from being able to attend.) -A volcano erupted.
-Wow. (Next, a letter
that Jisoo chose.) A father sent this one. What? -Really?
-Wow, you’re right. I am sending this with courage. Jong Duk Choi, 47 years old. I live in Daejun. -I live in Daejun.
-I am a father of a 10th grader. The biggest worry I have is
that my son has no dreams. But now, my son has a dream. That dream is non-other than
getting a job at YG. He wants to become the manager
of Blackpink. Others might think
that he is pathetic. But I am happy that my son
finally has a dream thanks to Blackpink. -He doesn’t even have an SNS ID.
-I’m sorry. In case of emergency,
please call my wife. That’s so cool. (He’s quite serious,
but also so cute.) (Looking for the person
to receive their gift) I don’t think I’ll get chosen… -So sad…
-Thanks to Blackpink, I’ve been comforted. (Blackpink read every single
letter, not leaving one out.) (Who shall we choose?) It was so difficult
to choose one. Our members really agonized about who to choose. (How shall we choose?) Let’s narrow it down
to about five. -Okay.
-Who will receive our surprise? I like the one from Singapore. How about the father? -Father…
-I like the one from the father. That one is in here. How about the one
from the college student, who has that part-time job? (Blackpink chooses
the five candidates.) How can we choose? (How can we choose?) This has to be done fairly. Just choose one? -Mix it up.
-Mix it? -This…
-Don’t look at it. Wherever it is, we need to
get in the car and go. -Okay.
-Wow. Lisa, you choose. You can be
the hand of gold today. -You have the hand of gold.
-It’s all up to you. She always chooses
the closet one. (If you’re going to choose
the closest one, why mix it?) -Who is it?
-It’s not even a surprise. -Who is it?
-It’s not even a surprise. (Who will be the lucky Blink?) -Where?
-Min Jin Kim. (The results will be revealed
in 158 hours. So next week!) (Blackpink House) (Blackpink is heading somewhere
in the middle of the night.) (Worried and nervous) Will she fall for it? (Who are you trying to fool?) (Blackpink works part-time
at a cafe?) (Disguised as a cameraman?) (This is…) (False employment?) Is there even a door? I think it’s over there. I think there should be
one more couple there. (The best candid camera
of 2018 is coming.) (Blackpink’s best
candid camera project) (#Blackpink #Candid Camera
#Successful?) (They’re here.) (The star
of the candid camera arrives.) (What will be the fate
of the candid camera project?)


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