(Blackpink House) (In the middle of Seoul) Pink roof tile. (Behind the pink door is a house
like that of a fairytale.) It’s the house of my dreams. (It’s the house of my dreams.) -Hey…
-All day in the pink. (Girls as pretty as pink) Welcome to Blackpink House! (Blackpink: The prettiest
color pink is contradicted.) (They’re not just pretty.) (Trained for four to six years) (They’re skilled
as much as they’re pretty.) (Seven years since 2NE1,
they are YG’s new girl group.) (The views of their music videos
have broken records.) (They are global starts
that no one can beat.) (They are a skilled girl group
who won many awards.) (I want to see Blackpink.
Blackpink’s on a reality show?) (Come on.
Show us Blackpink on TV.) (Where can we see them?
Blackpink TV!) (Finally, the YG treasure chest
is being opened!) Blink, wait. (D-1 to move
into Blackpink House) (First time ever to reveal
Blackpink’s dorm) (Done with today’s schedule!) It’s a camera. -No!
-Hey! I don’t want to go in. (It’s your dorm,
why aren’t you going in?) -No, I don’t want to go in.
-Hold on. -Wow.
-I wonder how many are in there. I wonder where they put them. -I’m scared.
-Do we really go in? Chae Young, there’s a camera
in your room! My room. I’m back. My room has been revealed. (Jisoo’s room
is next to Chae Young’s) (Oh no!) -There’s a mini camera here.
-Wow. I can see my whole room. You can totally see
my whole room. (Jisoo’s puppy, Dalgom) (Jennie’s puppy, Kuma) There’s an unfamiliar aura
in the dorm. (Yo!) (This is fun for her,) Hey. What’s up? I can’t see myself. (Long-legged Lisa sets
the camera angle.) Oh my gosh. (Having a mental breakdown) What is this? (Is this view for real?) It started. (Jennie will have to get used
to the camera.) It started. (Rosé hold onto the camera.) El Dorado (She is fully used
to the camera.) (Chae Young can’t keep calm.) I actually don’t know this. (She still
finishes it off nicely.) (Saying hello to all
of the cameras in the dorm) (One hour later) (What are you doing Jisoo?) (Very serious) (One, two, one, two.
She is exercising her fingers.) (Mommy is sleeping) (Jennie is fast asleep.) (And the time flows…) (The audio is muted.) (Filming will be stopped
for a moment.) -We do like it…
-We don’t like staying at home. Oh really? We just stay in our rooms. We’ve been living together
for over five years. We played games
and hung out together when we were trainees
and we had a lot of time. But to be honest… (To be honest,
what we want is…) (What is she trying to say?) To be honest, we really need
alone time these days. -That’s right.
-And that’s why when we don’t have
anything scheduled, we relieve stress individually. (What Blackpink needs
is to be refreshed.) (The exhausted Blackpink
receives a gift.) (Past August at YG headquarters) (I’m the head of YG.) (Swallowing) (Meetings with the boss
is always nerve-racking.) How long were you
in the company, Jennie? -About seven or eight years.
-Seven years? You were a trainee
for six of those years, right? Who was the next longest
in the company? Lisa? -Yes, It’s been five years.
-Five years… -How about you?
-I’ve been here five years too. -I was a trainee for four years.
-That’s right. You guys always do your best. And I know
what you are asking for. (What did we ask for?) I have had an idea
for a while now. Since you’re Blackpink, I wanted to have you live in a pink house,
like one of a princess. -Really?
-Wow! (This is amazing.) -This is amazing.
-Wow! -Princess?
-Princess? (After months of construction,
the new dorm was completed.) This is really
a house of my dreams. I think Lisa will be
on top of me when I get up. This is amazing! (It’s the moment that Blackpink
has been dreaming about.) It’s Hongdae! Kiss him, will I diss him
I don’t know but I miss him (The boss’ gift to Blackpink
who has worked without rest) This is so fun! That’s so cute. (Having so much fun) (This is the story
of a 100-day vacation) (that happens
in the Blackpink House.) (#Vacation #Do Everything You
Want #Move into Blackpink House) (Blackpink House) Everyone! It’s two o’clock.
Get up! Pack your bags. (Lisa’s mission is to
wake up the members) (Part 1, Jisoo) I’m going to sleep with you. No! You’re playing games again?
Seriously! (Her hands are in rhythm.) She’s always playing games. So I’m always at her back. I tell her to stop playing. Why are you stopping me?
Playing games is my right. -You keep doing silly things.
-What did you say? (Are you defying the ten-million
gamers out there?) I’m warning you. Don’t you ever
say this is silly. Got it? Don’t ever say it’s silly.
Say it’s good. It’s silly! (Part 2, Chae Young) -Chae Young.
-Yes? (Laughing) -Hello.
-Hi. (She’s possessed by Mr. Yang.) -What are you doing?
-I was practicing singing. Let me sing a song for you. (Do you acknowledge Rosé’s
excitement? Yes, we do.) (I don’t think I should
come into this room.) This is so heavy. (A creature has entered the room
of the sleeping Jennie.) (Part 3, Jennie) (She will use her long arms
and legs to wake Jennie up.) (No response) We need to go.
We need to pack our bags and go. No. Get up. (The second round attack
to wake her up) Get up. I’m so sleepy. (Go to sleep in the new house.) Can you just do it for me? (Dazed) (Her beauty shows
even when she just got up.) I was sleeping. Good morning! (Energy is charged fully!) That was a good sleep! -Why are you packing.
-We’re moving today to Blackpink House. I am so excited! I really don’t know how to pack. (What will Jisoo pack?) I’m just going to
take my sweats. Sweats. (Her love for exercising
never ends.) I’m going to take
all of my sweats. I’m only going to wear sweats. (Don’t forget that you’re
the team’s visual member.) -I’m going to take this.
-It’s cold now. I can’t be cold What are you singing? If it’s cold
You’ll catch a cold If you catch a cold
It will hurt It will hurt We can’t be cold We can’t be Did you get your flu shot? No, I didn’t. You need to. -Did you get it?
-No. -What are we going to do?
-I like the flu. (I like the flu.) (No one can understand
Jisoo’s world.) (Lisa, how’s it going
with packing?) Here’s a huge rabbit! I have to make sure I take this
to Blackpink House when we move in. Something to eat. They’re all snacks. I have to show you this. (It’s Lisa’s item
that we can’t leave out.) I love this. Stitch! There are a lot of things
in Stitch’s mouth. (Lisa’s cute friends!
Take us with you.) (Take a look in fashionista
Jennie’s luggage.) Off the shoulder… (Jennie’s closet is opened.) This is off-shoulder too. This is off-shoulder too. This is off-shoulder too. And this is off-shoulder too. #Jennie’s Favorite Item #Off the
Shoulder #Wannbe #Goddess I really like
off-shoulder items. This is the Michael Jackson
hoodie that I cherish. This hoodie was with me
throughout my trainee days. As you can see,
all of my clothes are black. We became Blackpink
because of me. It’s because I only wear
the color black. (Then what is the pink
in Blackpink?) Even if they start conversation This is pink.
That is what’s most important. This is pink. Baby pink. Baby pink is the prettiest pink. It’s not hot pink.
It’s baby pink. This pink is the prettiest. I thought this was really cute. I have two. Here it is. (What’s the next item of Rosé?) Look at this. It’s silk. Don’t you think it’s cute? Our fans gave the four of us
the same nightgowns. Nightgowns
are really important to me. (Rosé’s favorite items going to
Blackpink House are chosen.) It’s not easy to pack. I just seem to feel that
all of a sudden. Let’s put you in there. (When feeling worn out, fool
around to bring yourself up.) -This is good.
-Hurry and take it. -It’s really pretty.
-Hey… #Blackpink Moving #Must Need
Items #Youngest #Lisa (Jisoo, there is a snowball.) -There is a snowball.
-It means not to touch it. (Full of Blackpink’s
favorite items) I’m really excited
to move to a new house, but it’s really hard to pack. But do you know what’s worse? -What?
-This is just the beginning. (Oh no!) Oh my goodness. (Will I have a room too?)


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