Best Way To Make Money In Real Estate


  • I love your videos… but 40% for expenses is not that much especialy when the 50% rule isn't enough many times so your 40% rule will even be worse. Maybe in your properties this is enough but in many simulations the expenses are greater… Thanks!

  • Thanks Clayton for the information during the live stream earlier. I need to research and figure out my best options to use that equity.

  • South Georgia

  • Louisiana, sounds great

  • Hi can comment?

  • Hello Clayton,

    Great video, great content! Thank you for sharing such helpful information with us.
    I have a question, so I’m in the process of buying a small single family house in Detroit for $60k. Is just for the cash flow. Im paying cash for it. So, if I wanted to pull my money back in the future to repeat the process, can I just get a regular mortgage on it?

  • Good sound

  • Where can i dowload what you said on de video (the three pages i mean)

  • What if you have a chance to buy a couple homes that need rehabbed but are already rented? The ROI is above 15%. Would I asked them to temporarily allow the homes to be rehabbed? Or how does that work?

  • Thank you for the encouragement and confirmation. I'm sitting out for the next year and hiring myself out as a home repair man to pay off the last of my houses. Prices are too high so its a good time to pay off and save money or build new construction.

  • shouldn't you care about appreciation because you can pull that money out through a refinance and purchase more properties with it?

  • The link for Susan's free book doesn't work.

  • What about wholesaleing the business your in why don't you ever talk about that ?

  • What’s your take on buying older homes? What is the oldest property you will buy? 1950? 1960?

  • I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

    Appreciation = speculative
    Taxes = money pit
    Cash flow = growth

  • Thanks Clayton for this great video. I've got a question. Why do you prefer private money than banks' loans?? Thank you again.

  • Love this video! I've been contemplating about buying my first rental for months now. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration!

  • Which type of HELOC do you recommend? Credit line or Loan?

    I see credit is only good for 65% and Loans are good for 80% LTV in Canada.


  • Great content, nice video

  • Where do you find 50k properties. Here in Idaho, you are way out of luck if you have 50k

  • Doesn't depreciation end after 27.5 years. So you loose the ability to depreciate at this time. Then maybe you should sell after holding for so long?? Thanks in advance

  • My way is going to be cash flow. My reasons are a lot align with the same reasons for wanting to invest. Plus it seems to be the simplest for me to focus and learn how the best.

  • I watching ant taking notes from your videos and doing the things I can do and put in place first before I reach out and get in contact with you and your team. Thank you so much for helping me fine my way and giving a outline to fulfill it

  • Additionally, Depreciation is only taken off as a paper only (just written down somewhere) loss!
    Depreciation creates cash flow because it is a Deduction on Taxes! You want high Depreciation as it allows you to have less income on Rents!

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