Believe it or not – The last land of India – DHANUSHKODI

I started all alone for the destination But I met people along, and it turned to a caravan I have witnessed and learned a lot in the journey till now And I befriended a lot of people during my journeys That, to me, is the greatest wealth in my life Friends, it is my belief that if you want to explore India thoroughly Even two life spans would fall short But this journey has landed me at a place Where I see beauty in every direction I look into Last night, I met B.K. Kannian when I was heading to Rameshwaram In this manner, I am befriending a lot of people And I join in their stride And today, we are going to explore Dhanushkodi This space is jam-packed with cars! How many of them! It seems difficult to take out the bike Let’s see. This is our bike. And I’ll quickly place my tankbag and other articles The, let’s start! So, I have run out of the fuel. I need to refuel Thereafter, we will head to Dhanushkodi Ah! Ha! So, the first pit stop is the petrol pump! Without petrol, even a car wouldn’t move! Talk of a motorbike! Chaand chupa baadal mein… (song) This isn’t the moon, this is the sun!
(Laughs) Aye, the whole crowd is heading to the Rameshwaram temple! We are not going there. Actually, we are heading to Dhanushkodi Yesterday, I prayed from outside the temple Umm, cameras are not allowed inside the temple premises We had cameras with us I’ll try visiting the temple once if time permits Without the camera Aye, uncle ji! What are you doing? This is the Rameshwaram town It’s very crowded It’s 7.14 A.M., even then it’s so crowded I think this is the right way
Dhanushkodi, yes! From here we’ll head straight to Dhanushkodi – The Last Land of India Neighs… Hey, get past my way! There are so many of you! Laughs Hey, Brother! I don’t have Go-Pro
(Indistinct) So, Kanniar bhai is saying that he doesn’t have a Go-Pro His phone works for a Go-Pro! He does photo shoots with his phone Guys, it is very windy here You will be able to see the ocean on both the ends in a while And here, this man is walking
Oh! He’s jogging Guys, visit Dhanushkodi atleast once in your lifetime The experience at this place is strikingly different You will like it, enjoy it
There’s the ocean on both ends Actually, you will be able to see the ocean at three ends when you reach the final end point I’m taking you all to Dhanushkodi! Wohoo! So guys, Dhanuhskodi is only 9-10 km from here And we started in the morning because it’s Sunday And on Sunday, there will be a lot of tourists If we would have departed a little later, it’d be very crowded here So, we are enjoying the pleasant breeze of early morning Come on! Let me show you the beautiful sight from there For now, the traffic is very less We will enjoy Wait, wait, wait! Let me show you. Wait! Ah! Let me show you the scenery once Exclaims The blue ocean here! Ah! It is incredible!
Incredible! There’s sand here Oh my God!
How will I walk?
How will I climb? Let’s see after stepping onto it Come on!
Ah! Oh my God!
It’s a little difficult to climb but… See! Hah! What a beautiful sight! So… Brother Kannian has hauled there Very magnificent!
Magnificent! The water of the ocean here is pure blue I think, it wouldn’t be such at any other place in the country Come on! Let’s proceed ahead toward Dhanushkodi Then, I’ll show you the sigh that lies ahead We’re almost there at Dhanushkodi It’s only a kilometer away This is the old harbor To the left And, Dhanushkodi town is just ahead Can’t call it a town, but a village Actually, there re no large buildings here Look, there are a lot of small shops But, none of them have opened yet So, here people are also selling shells, etc. And there’s the church That, according to me, is very old It was destroyed, I think during a tsunami It’s a ruined church Small church Yes Would you like to go? Later? We’ll go later First, we shall go here So, first you’ll go this side, then that side Yes, yes Where is signboard for Dhanushkodi? Huh? There was a board in Dhanushkodi Where it gone? (sic) So, this side is the ocean
This side is also the ocean Now, there’ll be ocean in front too It means that the ocean will be on three sides! What a sight it would be!
What a sigh! Let’s go Wow, man! Wow! What a place! This is the place to be! This is called real heaven At the bottom most point of India That means, at the extreme lowest edge We’re already there It’s called the southern tip of India Look, there’s the Ashoka Chakra There When I visited in 2016, the road was not constructed till here From Dhanushkodi’s checkpost, offroad started So, we went offroad all the way There’s a video uploaded on that too. You can check that out It goes by the name- The Last Land of India Incredible! So, guys! It’s a lot of fun here Already, it’s been more than an hour Brother Kannian is heading to Kanyakumari And I’ll spend some more time here Because I’m feeling good here I’ve clicked a few photographs, drone shots I hope you’ll like them! Ah! It was too much fun Actually, too much! A great lot of fun! Let me have something to eat here I’m very hungry Where will I get food?
Is there anything? Is this is a group party, or what?
There are so many people here And here, people have littered quite a lot What shall we do?
It’s a tourist spot, afterall Let me eat something
I’m very hungry Please give Pineapple P-i-n-e-a-p-p-l-e This one!
This one! 20, right?
Okay For 20 rupees, I’ve got such a nice fruit It’s watermelon Let’s have this
I’m very hungry Exclaims The fruit was very refreshing Something went to my stomach
It felt nice Now, I want to have ice-cream Let’s have an ice-cream So, this is the Ashoka roundabout Aye, where will you go? Hey, let me make my way through Do you have ice-cream? It has got very crowded here It’s way too crowded My Go-Pro battery is about to die soon Give!
Give me a nice ice-cream So, I’ve got Choco Bar For 15 rupees The warning board to not to go into the ocean is there, but still people are inside the water Some people are even bathing The problem is severe that side Now, I’m heading to my room But before that, I’ll haul at Dhanushkodi for 2-4 minutes I’ll have some water I’ve met a traveler What’s your name? Devender Singh Devender Singh He’s on a train journey, that too solo from Delhi How much do you charge? 100? Not less? 50? Petrol per liter 70 Where are you going? Now, Chennai Chennai, Kolkata, North East Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar You’re coming to Hyderabad? Yes, yes! Ofcourse! I’ve shifted to a four-wheeler from a two-wheeler I’ll drive AT too Let me ride it and see The price is also not too high
They’re charging only 100 rupees So, let me try it Someone told me if I go to do it in Dubai, it’ll cost me 1000 rupees Here, you’re doing it for 100 rupees Oh my God! It’s shaking! I hope I don’t fall! Lovely! The ocean is here! I’ll stand here only I want to see the view The view of Pamban The man wasn’t ready to face the camera He’s thinking he might run into a trouble


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