Baywatch (2017) – It’s About Real Estate

Guys, we did some digging. And Mitch was right. The Huntley is a front for a giant drug operation. But I figured out it’s not about drugs for
Leeds, it’s about real estate. And she’s planning on making the entire bay
private. Yeah, but the town would never let her. Yes, it will. Because she has every single politician in
this town on her payroll. Rodriguez, the taint guy. What about the business owners? Yeah. Well, most of them sold out and signed away
their properties. Leeds blackmailed the ones who didn’t and
used Dave to help hack into their accounts. I mean, she’s like some sort of modern-day
J. Edgar Hover. The vacuum guy. No. But there was one holdout. Who? Chen. And if anything happens to him, his property
goes back to the city. Who do you think they’re gonna sell it to? We have to warn him. I tried. No one’s seen him for days. What? But Leeds is having a party on her yacht tonight. I guarantee you, she found a way to get that
guy into her boat. Which is why we’re gonna go to that party. What? Summer, you and I are going to find the flakka. You guys find Chen. Will it work? Maybe. Will there be some surprises along the way? Abso-fucking-lutely. Is anyone going to die? I don’t know. Maybe Ronnie. Sorry, what? But we are Baywatch. We save lives. I know because you guys saved mine. Let’s go kick that bitch’s ass. Let’s do it. For Mitch.


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