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This is Michael he’s a real-estate
investor with rental properties that he manages on his own while working full
time he loves his tenants and he’s on his way to creating wealth and financial
freedom but there’s one bit of a problem Michael is finding himself spending a
lot of his time managing his tenants and properties make that an entire weekend
that he has to sacrifice just so that he can take care of his properties he
thought about hiring a property manager or hiring assistants to help him which
can cost a lot of money and time training the assistants lucky for
Michael he discovers a software that helps him save time stress and the
headache of managing his properties not only did Michael free up his time he
increased his productivity and the amount of money he’s making through his
rental properties introducing Flowmatiks an automated property management
software for landlords like you Flowmatiks is designed for landlords like
you and Michael who are seeking to spend less time managing properties and more
time living unlike many other softwares that require your constant attention
flow Maddox can help you automate repetitive tasks such as sending out
pre-programmed text messages emails recorded phone calls to your tenants who
aren’t paying rent reminding them for periods of days and then automatically
creating a task for you to send out a notice all the way to automatically
sending your tenants to your prefer legal professional for the eviction
process Flo Maddox will only reach you when your
attention is absolutely required it’s completely systemized and customizable
another way that Flo Maddox can help is automating any maintenance requests from
your tenants to be sent to your favorite contractors in handyman or handy women
Flo Maddux job is simple it simply does the things you wanted to do
automatically so you can step away from having to constantly spend your time
doing the same things over and over yourself you probably invested in rental
properties wanting to create more time and financial freedom so you can go out
there and experience more of life take control of your precious time and most
of all take your time back to spending it with those whom you love after all
Flo Maddux was designed by a real estate investor just like you not some software
programmer who has never spent a day owning a
property flow Maddox is affordable and easy to use take your life and sanity
back with flow Maddox

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