Are You Searching Zillow and Have 20 Properties Saved?

If you have 20 properties saved on
Zillow chances are you’re not going to buy all of them. Most buyers start and
stop with what they want and fail to connect with why they want it. Let’s say
you’re looking to buy some land. Why do you want to buy land? Do you want to have horses? Do you want to build a house on a hill and maybe have a pond to go fishing
in it? What makes that property to you
appealing? When you start breaking down your why you’re gonna run through your
problems, your fears, your desires, and that’s what’s gonna help you find out
what exactly you’re looking for. So when you do run across that ideal piece of
property you know why you like it and it’s gonna make you wanted even more
because that’s the ideal property that we uncovered.
I help my clients figured out their big why that guides us through the
transaction. If you’re ready to uncover your big why shoot me a message and
we’ll get started.

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