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(singing) it’s the quality of life… is that supposed to be circle of life… I like what you did there… … the quality of life (in stereo) it’s determined
by each individual and what each person likes to do when they’re purchasing a house like what do you like to do for fun what is something that your son
likes to do? Does he like to play soccer? Yes. Does he like to eat at certain places? Yes. and you, you like to eat at different places too? Yeah. None of these
endorsements have been paid for but Which Wich? uh um I’m Down With the Which Wich … You know what they have? They have these pizza sandwiches for kids -pizza sandwich
And they have avocado spread. No! Not Spread… like a straight-up avocados
Tanya, like not a spread, like bam bam like maybe probably like two whole
avocados … on the sandwich so it increases Ker’in’s quality of life when she
has access to her avocado sandwiches at Which Wich oh but that’s a serious
thing so that’s the types of decisions that people have to make. Other people
like we were talking about earlier they need access to public transportation,
libraries, and you know they want to go to certain schools, CVS, you know some
people want to live within walking distance of an elementary school or yeah
it’s nice yeah there’s all different there’s all different types of reasons
and all sorts of things that enhance people’s quality of life. What’s yours? You keep talking about mine… I like to live by a post office oh that was a good one I didn’t think that mm-hmm ok, what else? I like to live within walking distance to someplace I can buy ice cream, so I can
walk and get my ice cream and walk home and burn the calories. That’s so Cool! That’s a good one… my husband insist on being able to ride his bike to work. Yea. That’s Cool. So, we need to live within riding distance
and I want to make sure… You know, the entire city is connected by bike paths but I like to make sure that they’re the bike paths that I consider to be more safe. You know he’s not riding out in the middle of the street at 8 o’clock at
night in the fall. Does he do that in the winter too or just the summer? He’s got gear for it. Really? …and does he shower when he gets to work?
We’ve only had seven days of winter this year so I don’t know if he
went out in the … yeah! All of that… there’s a gym at work, so that’s another thing right… so we’d like to live with access to the places that we go
to workout …and so there’s a lot of different reasons why people would
consider a particular location favorable and then there’s also the back by
popular demand, the locations that some people just like. When you think of
Ann Arbor there’s just certain places that people want to live. On a Golf Course! That’s one option I mean, I’m just say’in. Some people want that uh yeah some people all over the country find that to be most favorable and we have some really nice golf courses at Michigan

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