An Interview with DJ Johnston of B6 Real Estate Advisors | CREXi

My name is DJ Johnston. I’m
a Partner and Senior Managing Director at B6 Real Estate Advisors focused on middle-market
investment sales here in New York City. Technology has really impacted commercial real estate. It used to be that about 75%
of your buyers came from the local market. Now that the world has gotten smaller, we’re
seeing a lot of new buyers entering specific markets. So we’re trying to find creative ways in order
to access those buyers and ensure more listings. The reason we were first attracted to CREXi
PRO is because we really want to be able to capture all these new parties coming into
the market. For us, it’s really about, you know, market exposure and getting exposure
to buyers that are not really coming from our pool of investors. What I find really appealing about CREXi PRO
is that they’re not looking to replace brokers. I think they look at brokers as a vital part
of the transaction process. So they’re constantly following up with me to find different ways
that they can adjust the platform to better suit our day to day business. We use CREXi PRO for its outreach capabilities.
We think it really helps us identify new buyers in the market. You know I think what’s really interesting
about it is that it gives you the direct contact information of parties that are expressing
interest in your listings. So it’s a way for us to target those investors personally, pitch them the opportunity, and
then report those findings back to our clients. The feature that we like most and use the most is: we set reporting weekly for each
listing so on Monday mornings I get a list of all the engagement from the previous week.
And that allows us to follow up with those parties and create a feedback story that we
can then report back to our clients. With all the transparency comes a lot of just exposure for these investors, so it’s hard
for them to identify what’s a good opportunity versus a poor opportunity. So I think what CREXi does well is that, you
know, it’s clearly represented. You have all the information in front of you. And it
allows them to identify on their own which opportunities best suit their criteria. And
once they engage in the online platform, we can see that on the back end, follow up with
them and further the conversation. Another tool that we use with CREXi PRO is the ability to set your own investment criteria.
So as a broker, being able to see other listings in your marketplace allows us to price around
competitive listings and really get a good handle on what’s being offered in a market.
The reason I would recommend CREXi PRO is that as a broker you need to be doing everything
possible to give yourself an edge, and if you’re not adapting to the new technologies
in the market, I think you’re going to sell yourself short.

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