Adventurous Journey Through the Swift Street Center: Part 3 Ft Cameron Marks

Hello! I am here at Cameron Marks, in the
Swift Street Center, on the west side of Santa Cruz and I’m with Corina, one of
the store managers, or the store manager? Yes. The store manager. Could you turn that down a little bit? Yeah, sure.
Sorry. Do I have to start again? If you don’t mind. Oooh. Hi, so yeah we hold a lot of local
designers and artisans, so over here the pottery. Let’s go over there. We have some local ceramicists, well as ceramicists that are in the Bay Area. So we have Luvhaus, we have Sanny
Ceramics he’s based out of Mendicino. These ones are them? These are metal. Yeah, these are enamelware. This is a ramen bowl. That’s so pretty!
Yeah, they’re all different. It’s really light too, for a piece of ceramic. Yes. That’s nice.I mean maybe I was just really bad at it when I was trying. Mine were all like
twelve pounds each. Yeah. We have a lot of different products that we import from
Japan, Australia, as well as just you know within the States. So cool! Yeah. So, also the they sell beautiful clothing, can I say high-end? Yes. That’s so cute! Sorry, I got distracted! It’s so beautiful! That’s the brand, No. 6? Yeah, oh I love it! Yeah, people love No. 6. And we have all types of different denim as well,
for all different sizes and fits so whatever you’re looking for we have it.
So good! Yeah. Thank You, Corina! We’re at Cameron Marks, over in the Swift Street Center, on the west side of Santa Cruz. Come in and check it out and spend your
money locally!

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