Acting Up Awards – Light Up the Night, London Towne Houses Co-Op

(“This Little Light of Mine” by Odetta) ♫ Yes, this little light of mine – [Voiceover] London Towne
Houses is a large housing cooperative on Chicago’s
far Southeast side. We have over 800 townhomes
that were constructed 50 years ago, to provide low
to moderate income families with attractive, yet affordable housing. Our first On the Table
meeting was hosted by the Board of Directors, and
attended by 36 community members, seated at four separate
table discussion groups. After lively discussion, and
brainstorming, each table reported out to the larger
group their ideas to address concerns over issues in
the community and safety. Our actionable task embraces
both community engagement and safety, by encouraging
every household in London Towne to turn on their front and
back porch lights at night. A safety audit conducted
on our property revealed that a well lit property
would deter crime. An ad hoc committee has been
formed with many of those involved in the May 10th event,
to work out the logistics of coordinating neighbor
volunteer efforts in our community, with the
Chicago Police Department’s National Night Out
scheduled for August 2nd. We would sing, chant, carry
flashlights and lanterns, distribute flyers, and engage
as many neighbors one on one of the importance of
keeping porch lights lit. If granted 1,000 dollars,
the money would help purchase LED bulbs to be distributed
and installed throughout the community on this night. In London Towne, we would
like to light up the night.

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