“A7la Balad Bel 3alam” is Called Lebanon: The Land of Our Ancestors, The Land of Our Children

One, two, three action! A poem: Oh, the most beautiful country of all, We would want you to be our country if you weren’t! Thank you for your words, may God protect you for your mom’s sake. For the ones who don’t want to break easily, they have to stay close to their land. Greetings! You honored us and came to our house, I’d prepare the best lunch even if you were many! I am a farmer, and throughout 12 months, I have work in my village. You were a habitat, and your civilizations made history. You have always been an ancient place where people are connected to, and you’re always crowded with delegations. Almost 200 years… 1954. This country is for all of us, our land is holy. Laugh, yes laugh. A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country) I hope our youth that volunteer have good times, in doing the best of our village! I was 22 years old. I have 7 kids, I have to work in the land… I need to bake, and take care for the kids. I always say that our food gathers us, but no Lebanon gathers us, all of us in this wonderful country! A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country)? Yes it is the most beautiful country Why Lebanon? Because its a very exceptional place. And Lebanese people are one of a kind This was for my grandfather’s dad. My neighbor, wouldn’t eat without gathering up all of the neighbors and eating together. You can make a million person sad in a minute… but you can’t make one smile. I always want to smile, I can’t be upset. You’re welcome in your house and your shop. Their unity, their unity makes us stronger A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country)! They say some people still doubt that it’s A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country)! Our country is very rich for the one’s that know how to benefit out of it. This is for our land and our people. One unit is gathered then the other starts… almost every month there’s a unit that’s gathered. We say, whoever didn’t eat Kebbeh died sad. Your house, since this is your house… if you’re hungry we will feed you, if you’re cold we’ll warm you… and if you need blood we’ll give you. 50 years. Exactly 50 years? exactly. I look at the people and I get proud. I’d be honored and I raise my head up high and say, I’m from A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country) My dear! My dear! One society and one person! This is our history! Do you invite people to go back to their traditions? Of course. You invite people to go back to the origin? Yes of course, if we didn’t have an origin we wouldn’t have anything new. Olive oil my brother, from a red soil land.. the country of splendor and freedom. From Beirut, South and North… let them come so people become close to one another. This is your house, when you come to Baalbak, I’m not joking. We kept going and we’re still going… till the end. I’ve been here for 57 year. They became 73… We’re still young. Greetings for the special people! You’re special and coming from a special place! A proverb: The bird greets, even the baz birds if they came, they’d feed them even if they’re in a financial crisis. (the people are so generous)! My dad started in 1949, he was 20 years old. I’m responsible for my dad’s place… From 40 years, I have been working in this business for 40 years. Everyone has hope to come back to his country. Come in.. Greetings! This is Lebanon, this is our country… A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country). Where people love each other… a society that belives in it’s land… The food unites it and many more… the smile on it’s face. They just want to live and look up and thank God and tell him, thank you for the best land in the world!

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