A TYPICAL Day In The Life Of A BUSY Real Estate Agent

(alarm beeping) (upbeat funk music) – I try to get out of
the house pretty early. For one, I don’t like
to be late to anything, and secondly, today’s a pretty busy day, so I have to run a few errands
before I can open the office. It’s about, it’s not even
eight o’clock yet, so. Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead
and get into the office. (upbeat funk music) The big thing about scheduling,
though, is honestly, you have complete control
over your schedule. Real estate is one of those careers that you don’t really have a boss. I mean, you’re gonna have a broker, but you don’t really
have a boss telling you, “Be here, go here, do this, do that.” And so it’s really about
how you wanna make it and what you wanna do. (upbeat funk music) Before I get too far, I have
to make just a little pit stop, ’cause I need some caffeine. That didn’t take too long. I keep it simple, in and out. I don’t really drink coffee every day. I drink coffee on the days
that I’m up super early and I may have not gotten
a lot of sleep at night. I’m really good about
just drinkin’ ice water when I wake up, and it
kinda gives me that kick. But coffee is definitely needed sometimes. Actually, I take that back, my bad. I do have a cup of coffee
at least once a day, but it’s not necessarily in the morning. (upbeat funk music) So I knocked that meeting out
at the office right quick, and now I am off to a breakfast
for young entrepreneurs. It’s a new thing, but
I became an ambassador for this organization, and so I’m headed out to that right now. Oh my gosh. Traffic can be so annoying sometimes. And it’s like it just never ends. No matter what time I come
out, I’m gonna be in traffic. And I really just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. (upbeat funk music) – You’re going to be
at table number seven. – [Chastin] Table seven. – [Woman] So you will be
the mentor for table seven. – [Chastin] Okay. – [Woman] Okay? – Okay, that’s it, pretty
simple, okay, perfect. Yeah, so this event, it just
popped up on my calendar maybe a couple of weeks ago. Something new that our
realtor association is doing, just to kinda give back to newer realtors or people who need some
mentorship or guidance. They’re takin’ some of us
who have been in the business for a while and putting us all in a room, and they have a speaker that comes out. There’s this nice breakfast, and we get to sit at the
tables and have conversations with these people who are
lookin’ for mentorship or maybe have questions
about best practices in real estate or how
to do certain things. And so, it’s a really good opportunity. I had a lot of fun doin’ that. I made some good connections,
I got some cards, a lot of agents wanna kinda
meet outside of that setting, so we’ll just kinda see what we can do. (upbeat funk music) So I have a showing. I’m about to meet my buyer’s agent. Hey, what’s goin’ on? – [Man] Hey, how’s it goin’, man? – Good. Okay, so let’s do that. (upbeat funk music) We’re gonna show probably like
four properties right quick. What’s on the schedule for today. I normally kinda reserve my afternoons for like showings, so we’re just waiting on the client to get here, and she should be here any minute. When you’re showing a property, you wanna make sure that
you know what you’re showing or kinda have a general
knowledge about the area that you’re in and the actual
property that you’re in. Especially if it’s like
a condo, you want to know how condos work,
and know how the prices go in the building. You wanna kinda get a general
idea of how the showing’s gonna go ahead of time,
’cause some condo communities are not in tall buildings
like this to where you just get on an elevator and go. So you wanna know where the unit is and how to get there and
it just really saves you from being embarrassed
in front of your clients. So it makes you look like
a better agent, I think, at the end of the day, so
why not educate yourself on the condo community or
whatever you’re gonna be showing. Even if it’s in just like
a subdivision full of homes or like a town home community,
know what goes on over there so you can speak
intelligently to your client. I mean, that is the job
of a real estate agent, so I try to make sure
that I freshen up at least like the day before I
actually go out to show them. I may drive by the property and preview it ahead of time so I know what’s going on. Okay, okay, perfect. (upbeat funk music) In this business, kinda
taking breaks during the day, I’m kinda all over the
place, and I don’t really get a lot of breaks. Even taking a lunch is a
little difficult for me. But, I will say that I do take holidays, and it’s not hard to take a holiday. You just gotta make
sure that everything is where it needs to be and
your business is flowing. You don’t wanna go on a
holiday or go on a trip when you have a gazillion and one clients who need something from you,
and you don’t have any support. So yeah, I mean, you
can always take breaks, but kinda during the week, I don’t get to take a lot of breaks. (upbeat funk music) I really appreciate you for watchin’. Hopefully, you like
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