6.5ft Tall and Living in a Tiny House

Hey, I’m Ruben. I’m Emma and this is our tiny home. I’ve been talking about it for years in
my family and we wanted a cheaper option for living once we got married. I ran it
across Emma while we were still dating and she thought I was crazy cuz I’m 6.5 feet
tall. There was no way that we were going to fit in a tiny house. Turns out it’s doable when you’re tall. We planned it, read all the books and watched the videos and came up with a design that we liked. Got some painters tape and taped it out on
the floor of a gym at our church. We could kind of get a feel for what it was
like. Got our trailer built. Got a company’s framing experience so that
helped out a lot and then I started framing in December which is a bad life,
bad choice because we had a pretty harsh winter that year, but we got through that. I had my brother who’s a cabinetmaker and others on the farm here who knows a
lot of electrical and that kind of thing. We have a few things we’d change, but are not really challenges, but
something you learn from this one and do different next time around. So this is our tiny house. It’s a
do-it-yourself build completed about six months ago we moved in. It’s a 28 foot
custom-built trailer, eight a half feet wide and within the legal limit for
transporting on the road so we kept it to 13.5 on the height. Board and batten siding and then we got custom barn boards from my brother, planed
those down and got those on there front and back. We have it hooked up here to
electrical internet and water supply. Two 40-50 amp coming in here with the
wireless cable. Water running inside this insulated pipe here and that’s got a
heater of cable wrap around it for the cold Ontario winters. The breakers are 50 amp. Heating is electric. Stove and oven it’s
all electric. It’s kind of our storage area. We have electrical panel on the
left there and in the back we have our water heater, our internet set up, and
then also our gray water drainage coming out there as well. Overhang on the back and the front we got
two feet so it makes the front to the back 32 feet and that gives us more
loft space in back and a big shelf in our bathroom which will we’ll see in a bit. We have our gray water drainage in here and we plan on putting in a garden back
here, a spot for a fireplace, our hammock set up and everything back in that
corner there. The prevailing winds here are from the south west so we have it all
skirted up on this side and we’ll work on doing the front as well. It helps keep
our floor nice and warm when the winds start blowing and so far it’s been, it’s been really great. Welcome to our little abode and come on
in. So this is the entryway to our little
house. We have our stairs going up to our loft which is our bedroom. We have our
closet up there as well as our queen-size bed. So it’s about four feet tall, works well
for Ruben and I that we’re able to sit up and not hit our heads. Took one of
these IKEA bookshelves and we turned it sideways and turned that into our main
clothes storage. Metal pipe that we turned into our hanging clothes closet. It’s really nice and warm we get lots of the heat that rises up. We have our
window here that actually looks out to the local airport which is awesome for
Ruben who is a pilot. So our stairs going up here we have them functioning as
storage as well as our little pantry space and our entryway closet. So this is our living room. We have a
perfect two seater couch. When we have friends over it fits them as well as Ruben and
myself. We have our desk here that Ruben made himself. It’s pretty
incredible if I do say so myself. We can sit and do most of our work
and stare out our window here. We get most of the morning light all
throughout the day so a pretty good spot to be in. We just have our Dyson heater
which pretty much warms up the whole place and it keeps it at a pretty good
temperature throughout the day. We are coming into the kitchen here so
this is mostly where I stay at so we got our wall oven as well as a four-burner
electric stovetop. We have the island which also turns into our breakfast bar
and then we come over here to our fridge. It’s a very tall fridge. It’s perfect for
Ruben and myself. It’s pretty narrow quite spacious for how narrow it is. Our ceiling fan that we have is a plane prop. It does work pretty well and we run it
mostly in summer. It helps cool down the place a little bit more. For our bathroom
it’s actually raised up about three feet. Underneath the bathroom is our storage
so that’s where we have our water tank and heater so we utilize the stairs as a
shoe storage as well. We have a fully functioning washroom. Our shower and our sink and we also have a composting separating toilet so it
separates solids from liquids. It’s kind of a weird concept and I wasn’t too sure
about it from the beginning but it works perfectly for us and then we have our
washing machine here and we run that a couple of times of a week and we have a
line outside where we dry most of our clothes when it’s good conditions but we
also have a little folding rack in here as well that we just use for clothes. Take your time to think through design,
plan it out, lay it out on the floor somewhere and you can stand in the space,
feel the space. We really like that we did that. When we did that we were able
to kind of rip off some of the tape, “okay maybe I don’t want a fridge that is 30
feet wide.” You know, just change things around. Challenging at times. You might hate it
at times but at the end more likely you’re gonna love it. It’s a great place to live and
when you built it yourself it’s that much better. Yeah feels like a big
accomplishment to be living in what you we’re working in just a year ago.

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