4th of July Guide πŸŽ‡ The Loud House | #TryThis

It’s summer time and the Loud’s
are getting ready for Independence Day, but July fourth takes a lot of work! Let’s find the perfect job
for each person with the Loud House Fourth of July Guide! There’s only one way to start
the fourth of July, that’s with the national anthem! Who could be our anthem administrator? Mom and dad? Heaven help us. We’re gonna have to flag that rendition,
that’s a no! Luna’s the obvious choice for this. [music playing] But we do need some delicious
July fourth barbecue food! Mom and dad can be in charge of that! Easy fix! Kids, dinner’s ready! Mmm-mmm, we’re cooking now! Next up we need the family
to be dressed in red, white and blue! Who should be our warden of wardrobe?
Lucy? Black and white are my favorite colors. Colors aren’t really her thing. Hmm, which Loud loves fashion? Look, I turned this night gown
into jeans! Oh wait, now I don’t have a night gown. Ooh, I can make one
out of these other jeans! There we go,
Leni’s the perfect sister for this! But what’s Lucy gonna do? I know, she can try and contact
our founding fathers through a patriotic séance! [blowing] Ancient Book of Spells… woah! Now we’re gonna need someone
to be in charge of pictures for the family photo album,
who can do that? Lori? Let’s do selfies instead! – Totes!
– No, wait, no– She’s better at selfies
than family photos. Lincoln should do it! He did a great job last time
they needed a family photo! Lili, where is your diaper? Guys, please,
can we all just settle down? Well, he did after a few tries. July fourth also means July fourth games! But what game should we play? I say we celebrate
with some Loud family football! Watch out, looks like star QB,
Lynn Loud is going for the TD! [screaming] LJ, are you OK? That’s still a TD! Yeah, she’s fine. OK, Lynn,
you’ll be our governor of games! Just wait until
we’re outta the car to play, OK? [screaming] How about something
a little less dangerous? All this football in the summer heat
will make us sweaty! We’ll need some pool time to cool off! – Marco!
– Marco! No, Leni, I’m Marco, you’re Polo! Then who’s Leni? Who’ll make sure
the pool’s ready to swim in? Lisa, no, what do you think you’re doing? Testing sanitation levels. I’ve concocted a special serum
that will detect and eliminate urine! A.K.A. Tinkle in H2O. I’m sure no one here would– [laughing] Hmm, unprecedented levels. Perfect!
Lisa, let us know when it’s er… safe! Speaking of safe, we’ll need a lifeguard! I know, Lori can bring Bobby
to the party! Oh, that’s fierce, babe. Cannonball! [ripping] No! [splashing] And if the pool is destroyed,
our Plan B can be a beach trip! Who will plan our fun in the sand? – Lincoln?
– We’re going to the beach tomorrow? Ooh, gosh, sorry son, not you. Someone could get attacked by a shark! Or caught in a rip tide! Or stung by a jellyfish! If that happens,
I call peeing on the wound! Come on, you guys, be reasonable! You’re bad luck, Lincoln! You can’t come! Well we don’t want
any of those things happening. I know, Lori’s the oldest,
so she’ll be the beach boss! [whistling] At ease. Just kidding! Nobody is to be at ease in my presence! After the cool down,
it’s time for a parade and you can’t have a parade
without a float. Lola, you are not in a parade,
get down here and help us push! Lola’s our princess of pageantry,
so she’ll lead the parade and Vanzilla will be our float, but we need someone
to make sure it’s running! See if she’ll turn over now! [engine revving] Lana to the rescue! And the whole family
can pitch in to decorate! [music playing] We can even have
a fourth of July dance in the parade! But who’ll be in charge of choreography? ♪ High tops, tube socks ♪ Oh, I literally love this song! Shut up, so do I! ♪ It’s just whatever ♪ Lili, those moves are great,
you’ll be our designated dancer! And finally, at night it’s the moment
we’ve all been waiting for! The fireworks! Who should be our
pyrotechnic professional? Lisa? Dang it. [explosion] – What was that?
– It’s science, you wouldn’t understand. She doesn’t have the best luck
with explosions. I know, Luan really knows
how to light up the dark! What does on light bulb say to the other? You’re glowing! – Oh, I already told you that one?
– No, dude, you are glowing! Hey, wow, I always knew
I was the light of your life. [laughing] Get it? She can be responsible
for fireworks! With her parents supervision, of course. That’s it, we did it! We’re ready for the fourth of July! Let’s take a look back at everything
we’ll need for the perfect celebration! Which Loud would you
wanna celebrate with? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time
on The Loud House Fourth of July Guide!


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