4 Mistakes Real Estate Pros Make on Social Media – Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategies 2019

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here to this video? I’m gonna break down the four big mistakes that real estate pros are making when it comes to their social media marketing right now Before we jump into these four big mistakes I just want to let you know about a free train that we’re holding later this week where I’ll be showing you Exactly the step by step strategy of how to get a consistent two to five leads per day For your real estate because so I’m gonna breaking down the Facebook ads the Instagram ads I’m gonna give you guys the templates the landing page templates the email templates everything that you need to be successful with your lead generation So all you got to do to get the link to that training is just give this video a thumbs up and comment real estate Marketing down below and I’ll share that link with you guys so you guys can jump on that training and I will show you exactly the whole breakdown give you the templates and it’s gonna be a lot of fun All right. So let’s jump into these four big mistakes now the first one is agents will go through they’ll make a Facebook post or they’ll make a Facebook app and then someone will comment on the Facebook post or because they see that Facebook post or that Facebook ad they’ll shoot them a message on their Facebook page and The agents just don’t respond. Okay, and it could be for a number of reasons it could be one because they don’t know how to respond or don’t you know wanted to respond don’t think about it or It could be because they’re not checking in their facebook Messenger or they’re not checking their Notifications on facebook to go through and respond to these people now, I don’t call these people typical leads I only call leads when you get someone’s name their phone number and email address. However These people are that first step before giving you their contact information honestly, if you go through and interact with these people You’re more likely to build a deeper relationship and create a much warmer lead as opposed to someone just that doesn’t Comment doesn’t message you and just opts in on your landing page So this is a huge mistake guys, whether it’s a positive comment or even a negative comment you need to be interacting with everyone on your Facebook page whether they’re coming on a post on a Facebook ad or Sending you a message Now the nice thing is Facebook’s made it so that you can get note vacations Anytime you get a new Facebook message or you get a notification on your Facebook page now Typically, I probably want to make it for every single notification because you could get skipped at bombarded with notifications throughout the day but make sure if somebody is sending you a Private message whether it’s on your personal profile or on your facebook business page make sure you guys are looking at that and responding to these people to help them to educate them and give the value they need and they deserve now the Second big mistake that I see a lot of agents making is just trying to do too much, right? So what I first got started with my business and I was starting to market and brand myself online I was trying to brand myself on Facebook on Instagram on Pinterest on Twitter on you to out all the different platforms and I just saw a mediocre result to me ocher success with pretty much everything and Then what I did is I took a step back and I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna focus on Facebook just the one platform. I’m gonna go all in I’m gonna become an expert I’m gonna really master this platform and learn how to go through and brand myself build this following and educate people on that platform And what happened is I saw my results and my success skyrocket, okay, and it wasn’t quickly, but I was able to then go through and grow to 30,000 plus followers and once I hit 30,000 followers, I started a YouTube channel So I started this YouTube channel probably about six months ago And because I already had that existing following I was able to grow this YouTube channel fairly quickly so in the last six months I’ve grown to about 9,000 subscribers and it’s because I focused just on that one platform and Then I started to go through and and it’s brand myself on other platforms and market myself on these different social networks So if you’re just starting now, and you’re brand new to social media Every single social media platform is completely different. Okay, don’t let that overwhelm You just find one whether it’s Facebook or its Instagram. And those are probably the two that I would recommend just starting out with Facebook or Instagram Pick one focus on that Become an expert really learn how to brand yourself and how to grow that Following and then once you’ve reached a decent sized falling for your community for your area Then you can start thinking about branding yourself on some of these different social media platforms So don’t make that mistake of trying to do too much Simplify. Okay, you’ve probably heard the saying less is more and it is dead on it’s a hundred percent true So less is more pick one Become a master and then go through and grow your brand and number three a big mistake that a lot of real estate pros are making on social media is That they’ll go through and post listings on their facebook page or on their Instagram profile Exclusively. Okay, so you go through their newsfeed and you’ll see that you know it’s just a listing and then the last post was a listing and then a listing and Guys people don’t necessarily like to see that. Okay, they want to be educated. They want some value from you They also social media. It’s a social network people go there to engage with other people so they want some Personality and they want to connect with you and know a little bit more about you. Maybe your family life Maybe the things that you’re into so things that are not just related to your business and that’s gonna draw on a lot more eyeballs as Opposed to you just always posting about the next saw for the next deal or the next thing that you’re going through and doing so What I like to do is post only about 20% Probably 10 to 20% of my posts about an offer about a promo or something like that, which would be you know A listing or an open house or something like that? Whereas all the other ones I just tried to post Educational content give value give some more personal brand so they get to know me on a more personal level and build that deeper relationship then number four guys a big mistake that I see a lot of Agents make and a lot of just business owners in general is they have a short-term mindset when it comes to social media marketing Okay, they think if they go through they run an ad and they sent it to a landing page and they get a lead that They should be able to close that lead within the next week or even the next month now the truth Is that really can happen and I’ve seen that happen time and time again? I’ve seen people close leads within 24 hours within 48 hours within a week all that stuff and it is great It’s really cool that happens. However, I would not rely on that What social media is great for is going through and leveraging your time? So you don’t have to spend hours every single day door knocking or cold calling or? Going through and doing direct mail you’re able to go through the leverage your time create an audience of Leads and people that follow you and people that maybe have watched a video of you on Facebook And then when the time is right, okay, you can’t force anyone to buy or sell their home Okay when the time is right for them Then if you’re staying top of mind If you’re educating if you’re giving value If you’re building that personal connection with these people Then when it comes time to buy a home or when it comes time to sell their home, they’re gonna think of you Okay, so don’t think of it as kind of this short-term game, you know the quick get rich quick type of thing It really is not. It’s more of the long-term branding it’s going through and you know establishing a presence building value Educating and yes, you might have some really quick wins and if you do awesome, congratulations I’m super excited for you because that’s going to give you the motivation and the commitment to keep pushing forward However with most of you it’s gonna take four to six to 8 to 12 to 16 weeks maybe before you go through and find a cold lead off of Facebook that you’re gonna go through and close the deal But the thing is why you should not be discouraged about that is you close one deal, right? And you are making five to fifteen thousand dollars in Commission on average, right? Like that’s pretty good commission if it takes you three to four months and let’s just say you’re spending a hundred dollars a month on Advertising. Okay. So let’s say it takes you five months. You’re spending $100 a month on advertising So that’s $500 total you close one deal in that five months with that $500 and let’s just say you make the low end of that case over the low end of the five to $15,000 you made five thousand dollars from spending five hundred dollars, and this is completely leveraged It’s automated you go and do a quick video once you go through and you’re setting up your ad campaign one You see the leads coming in? Very simple. It’s not like you’re having to go through indoor knock for ten hours a day to get that one deal, right? So you’re able to leverage your time leverage your money and you know You spend let’s say five hundred bucks. You get one deal at five thousand dollars That’s a 10x ROI. That is a pretty good return on your investment there into Facebook advertising So have that long-term mindset. I’m not saying that every deal is gonna take five months What I’ve seen typically is things start to snowball Okay, it might take one to two to three months to get that first deal But once you get that first deal things start to really roll in and pick up because leads that maybe you got that first month They’ve been seeing your content. They’ve been going through and getting your emails I’ve been being educated by you and getting that value seeing your personality and all that and They’re able to connect with you and I see a lot of times where it snowballs You start to close more and more deals if you stick with it, and you have that Long-term mindset, right? So anyway guys, hopefully those four big mistakes that most people are making helps you out If you’re making them Go ahead. I invite you to stop because it’s it’s not it’s only gonna harm you and your business right now I just want to remind you guys if you want to go through and attend my free training is happening later this week of how To go through and generate consistent two to five leads per day for your business Just give this video a thumbs up comment real estate marketing down below and I’ll share that link with you guys And if you guys are watching this in the future, don’t worry, you didn’t miss the training. I’ll be holding another one So make sure you guys just comment down below I’ll get that links shared with you all and With that said thanks so much for watching today if you guys are brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell because we go and launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So thanks so much for watching guys, and we’ll talk to y’all soon

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